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Written by Mark Dankof

November 25, 2022 at 10:04 am

Mark Dankof Responds to James Risen of The Intercept on Ukraine, Putin, and Christian Nationalism

Mark Dankof’s Open Letter to James Risen of The Intercept on Ukraine, Russia, and Christian nationalism:

Jim Risen
The Intercept



I sincerely enjoyed your article on the Mid-Terms and the GOP split on Ukraine funding and policies toward Putin and Russia.

With all due respect, there is a considerable group within the GOP that opposes our Ukrainian and Russian foreign policies on the basis of opposition to American involvement in an illegal coup d’etat in Kiev in February of 2014, and the NATO expansions and encirclement of Russia that violate the promises of George Bush and James Baker to Gorbachev in the wake of the fall of the Berlin Wall and the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

This includes people like Ron Paul, Rand Paul, David Stockman, Pat Buchanan, and Philip Giraldi. None of these individuals would be identified with Christian Theocracy, the Christian Reconstructionist movement, or what you refer to as Christian nationalism.

However, in their rejection of Neo-Conservative/Neo-Liberal/Globalist regime change wars, I do believe all of the aforementioned would acknowledge that using Pussy Riot, George Soros, Schwab’s World Economic Forum, and the global LGBTQ movement to undermine Russian Orthodox culture and the Russian government itself is both inherently illegitimate and dangerous. I believe all would concur that Jaime Raskin’s (D-MD) recent suggestion that continuing to conduct a regime change war with Russia using Zelensky as a surrogate because of the former’s “traditionalist values” is not only reckless but on the very verge of insanity.

Why? Because it risks World War III. Henry Kissinger sounded the alarm at Davos on this. He is hardly a Christian nationalist. But he knows future global catastrophe when he sees it on the visible horizon.

This impending apocalypse has reunited Russia and China as partners in a future conflict with the United States due to the latter’s insatiable desire to remake the globe in its image. Russia and China are both global nuclear superpowers with a larger manpower base than the United States. Russia is the acknowledged commodities king of the planet. China is now the leading manufacturing juggernaut on the face of the earth. With this in mind, what is the conceivable national security interest of the United States in supporting this idiocy in Ukraine, and to the tune of $65 billion dollars this year? With another $50 billion to follow before January if the Democratic Party loses control of Congress on November 8th?

It also bears repeating that Biden and the EU have brought about a feckless economic war of attrition against Putin which is sinking Europe and threatening the American dollar as the reserve currency of the world. The precipitous rise in energy and food prices in the West has only just begun. The subsequent anger of domestic European and American populations over all of this threatens to derail the political elites of both. It has already begun in Europe.

The future looks like one of Eurasia in the 21st century, not that of a post-World War II American order already in decay and whose demise is accelerated by the Obama-Biden-Clinton-Nuland Cabal which started in February of 2014 what it clearly cannot finish in 2022 and beyond. Perhaps this explains the level of criminal desperation that resulted in the Dugina Assassination in Moscow on August 20th. The latter event also begs the ultimate question: What else are these people capable of?

Thus, perhaps Christian nationalists in the United States may be forgiven for concluding that the globalist Cabal supporting this lunacy needs to go. And that Putin and Russia have plenty of good reasons for what has transpired since February of 2022 in Ukraine, reasons which have been deliberately and systematically concealed by Western mainstream media. But to suggest that burgeoning rebellion in the United States and Europe over what the Cabal has bequeathed to average citizens on both Continents is confined only to Christian nationalists on both sides of the Atlantic is short of the mark in an otherwise fine essay.

Maybe the ultimate truth is this: Putin’s Russia will win; Eurasia will replace the Western dominance of the 20th century; and nationalists in the United States and Europe, Christian and secular, will bury the Cabal’s hegemony in their own countries, in the aftermath of a great turning point in history with the endgame yet to be determined.

All of this assumes Armageddon can be avoided.

In that event, Christian nationalists have the Second Advent of Christ as an ace-in-the-hole. 🍺😉🍺😉


Mark Dankof
San Antonio, Texas

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RINO Gay Marriage to Zelensky and GloboHomo: Mark Dankof chats with Sputnik News

Sputnik News interviewed Mark Dankof on October 25th for the story, Ex-Senate Candidate: GOP Opposition to Kiev Aid Growing in U.S. Congress Despite RINO Resistance.”

Sputnik: We are working on the story about a split within the Republican party with regard to Ukraine aid. Liz Cheney has criticized Minority Leader of House of Representatives Kevin McCarthy for his idea to reconsider aid to Ukraine. Here are four (4) questions for Mark Dankof to consider this afternoon:

Sputnik: What future do you see for the Republican Party amid the disagreements on the financial and military assistance to Ukraine?

Mark Dankof: The Republican Party will flourish with more Americans at the polls when the Bush-Cheney-McCain War for Empire crowd of arms manufacturers, central bankers, Wall Street, Israeli lobbyists, and multinational commodity thieves is permanently read out of the party–or kicked out depending on what you prefer. This would restore a Republican Party of Charles Lindbergh, Burton Wheeler, Robert Taft, and Pat Buchanan. I would add Donald Trump except his marriage to Israel and the Zionist Lobby makes him look extremely suspicious as an “America First” candidate, along with Lobby Lackies like Mario Rubio.

This is a particularly terrific opportunity for the GOP in the wake of the development of what John V. Walsh terms The Democratic Party as a Party of War . This is entirely what it has become. These “Neo-Liberal Interventionists” are the flip side of the “Neo-Conservatives” in the Republican Party. Take your pick: both have handed the American people the largest defense budgets and national deficits in history, the printing and distribution of almost $6 trillion dollars in fiat money in the last two years, a foreign policy which has brought Russia-China-Iran into a furtherance of their cooperative relationship even as Saudi Arabia contemplates joining BRICS and food and energy prices skyrocket in the West.

I’ll be clear once again: the $65 billion the United States has spent on the Zelensky Cabal in 2022 almost matches the entire annual defense budget of Russia. Led by Joe Biden, and Liz Cheney as Cheerleader-in-Chief, the current Congress of the United States contemplates the authorization of ANOTHER $50 BILLION before the new Congress takes over in January.

What is this money for? Continuing to break promises to Russia on encircling her with NATO troops? Supporting an illegal coup d’etat in Kiev in February of 2014? Supporting Neo-Nazi organizations like the Azov Battalion and Right Sector in Ukraine, even as the CIA-MI6-NATO-EU-Kolomoisky-Zelensky Cabal killed some 14,000 Russian ethnics in Donbass? What about the Odessa Trade Union arson attack? American Bio-Labs throughout Ukraine? Reinforcing Zelensky in his public desire to have nuclear weapons for himself, or to have American and NATO nukes on his territory next door to Russia and Moscow? The Darya Dugina Assassination? What is the real risk of World War III?

Sputnik: The US is facing a record high inflation, rising prices for fuel and commodities, as well as a raging border crisis. When will the Americans tell the government “enough is enough”? Why is the g overnment funneling billions of dollars to the Kiev regime instead of focusing on pressing domestic woes? Is the war in Ukraine made in Washington, not Moscow, as Mike Whitney suggests?

Mark Dankof: Apparently, the desire for the imposition of GloboHomo and World Government with themselves at the apex of power is so overwhelming that the lives of innocent Americans are an irrelevancy. 2 million illegals crossing the southern border of America in the last year of Joe Biden? Pushing the envelope on a war which could easily go global and destroy humanity? Skyrocketing hyperinflation on the horizon? These are the ingredients of the Biden-Cheney Empire Pizza with plenty of racist Russophobia sprinkled on top. Add hatred of Palestinians and Iranians as ingredients and one has the making of an episode which could kill millions and end the existence of the planet.

Sputnik: Why are RINOs sacrificing the interests of Americans? How far can it go?

Mark Dankof: Mitt Romney, Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell, Liz Cheney, and Marco Rubio are as ruthless as their Democrat partners in crime. Perhaps they can all be entombed with the late John McCain after a State Funeral with Star Spangled colors and a few Israeli flags for good color contrast. There is no meaningful political contrast whatsoever, which begs the question of what Americans might be prepared to do if and when they and their families begin freezing and starving.

Sputnik: If the GOP ends up taking over both the House and Senate in the midterms, what are the chances that the “blank check” for Ukraine would be reconsidered?

Mark Dankof: I believe the size of the package will be downsized. What is disheartening is that Zelensky and all of his War Party supporters in the United States and Europe should be invited to a once-size-fits-all Necktie Party. I don’t foresee that unless the economic and political collapse becomes totally cataclysmic. If it does, get ready for some fireworks not seen since 1865.

Written by Mark Dankof

October 25, 2022 at 1:41 pm

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Mark Dankof for Sputnik: The Biden Debacle and Apocalyptic Quicksand in Ukraine

Sputnik interviewed Mark Dankof for the story entitled, “What is Behind Washington’s Insistence in Funding Ukraine Despite Public Sentiment?” The full text of the conversation between Moscow and San Antonio is published below.

Sputnik: It is being reported that the US would provide additional 1.1 billion of aid to Ukraine, whereas more than half of Americans urge Washington to resume communications with the Russian side for negotiations and resolution of the conflict in the Donbass. What does this mood among US citizens tell us about their attitude towards the federal government’s policies?

Mark Dankof: American citizens were asleep at the wheel when the Obama-Clinton-Biden-Nuland-Pyatt-Yovanovich engineered the criminally oriented coup d’etat in Kiev in February of 2014 subsequent to the earlier “Orange Revolution” of 2004-5. They paid no attention to the 8 years of ethnic cleansing in the Donbass and the 14,000 deaths of ethnic Russians there that followed, courtesy of the American-installed regime. American citizens were then mesmerized by a massive amount of pro-Zelensky propaganda after the 24th of February invasion of the Donbass by Russia.

Philip Giraldi asks “How Jewish is the War on Russia?

But three (3) things have now begun to erode the GroupThink on Ukraine while heightening worries among Americans in more recent months about Neo-Conservative and Neo-Interventionist policies toward Putin and Russia:

First, the idiotically calamitous economic war of attrition waged by the United States and the EU has backfired on both in terms of precipitous increases in consumer prices, especially in energy and food.

Second, Biden’s refusal to do anything to stem the tide of people illegally crossing into the United States (2 million just since October) has exacerbated political, demographic, and economic fault lines entering the November off-year elections. This is nothing more than a massive foreign invasion of the continental United States and the establishment of the presence of the Mexican drug cartels in every major city in the country, not simply those in California and the American Southwest.

Thirdly, at least some of the American public has begun to register concern over the possibility of a global war with a nuclear power over a country and situation not directly relevant in any sense of the word to the national security of the United States. This war might add China, Iran, and possibly India to the considerable might of the Russian military itself. David Stockman tags all this as “Washington’s Pointless War for a Fake Nation.” I totally concur.

Sputnik: Why is Washington now engaging further and further into yet another unpopular military conflict overseas?

Mark Dankof: It is important to understand that a Globalist, Zionist Cabal comprises the American political elite, the American national security establishment, the multinational corporations, the central banking establishment, and the mainstream media in the United States. I agree with Alexander Dugin that Russia has been targeted by this monolith for destruction as a sovereign nation-state. Mr. Dugin identified the ideology of those bringing us “To the Brink of World War III”:

“Russia is in a state of ideological warfare. The values defended by the globalist West – LGBT, legalisation of perversion, drugs, the fusion of man and machine, total mixing through uncontrolled migration, etc. – are inextricably linked to its ideological front. – are inextricably linked to its politico-military hegemony and its unipolar system. Western liberalism and the global politico-military and economic dominance of the US and NATO are one and the same. It is absurd to fight the West and accept (even partially) its values, in the name of which it is waging a war against us, a war of annihilation.

Joe Biden is the Poster Boy for the Russophobic, Globalist, LGBTQ, and Demographic Revolution in the process of hijacking the United States, and so is his political party. John V. Walsh notes the overwhelming support of the Democratic Party and its “progressive” wing for every dime of expenditure this year on Zelensky and the surrogate war the United States, NATO, and the EU are waging against Russia since the illegal February 2014 coup d’etat. When this latest $12 billion dollar appropriation for Ukraine passes, it will bring the total American dollar amount to $65.6 billion. If you add $2 billion for energy subsidies because of sanctions, the total climbs to 67.6 billion. The entire Russian military budget for 2021 was only $65.9 billion.

All this is transpiring in the midst of a $32 trillion dollar national debt, a $6 trillion dollar increase in money supply (M2) in the last two years which has ignited inflation, coming increases in interest rates which now threaten economic recession, the war-zone violence enshrouding American cities, and ongoing chronic problems with American infrastructure and crises in the educational and health realms. Put another way, how does bankrolling Zelensky help average American citizens in crisis in their own communities? It doesn’t–unless conscripting American kids to fight in World War III is considered a viable policy.

What is most worrisome to me is the evidence that the criminally oriented American GloboHomo cabal has raised the stakes in new levels of criminality. The Odessa Trade Union fire of 2014 was evil enough. But now we see new lethal attacks on civilians in Donbass by Zelensky’s forces, the Dugina Assassination in Moscow, and what may well prove to be direct American involvement in sabotaging the Nord Stream pipelines. How much further will the Cabal go to achieve its vision of a monolithic control of a world government? That is the compelling question of the hour.

Sputnik: How badly could it backfire on the American government approaching the upcoming mid-term elections?

Mark Dankof:

The conventional wisdom is that the Republicans will regain control of the House of Representatives with the final composition of the Senate a toss-up. It is too early to tell what this will mean in the Presidential primaries of both major parties in 2024.

If the Republicans rebound in 2022, my question is this: How many of these incoming Republicans will represent the Globalist Bush-Cheney-McCain wing of the party, and how many the Taft-Wheeler-Buchanan-Ron Paul wing? That is unclear. The accompanying problem is this: Why should we be sanguine about sounder fiscal and monetary policy, and non-interventionism abroad when the GOP has proven little different from the Democratic Party in my lifetime? In my reading of things, the primary difference in the major parties has been in the arena of social and cultural issues, and on the demographic revolution in the country, with the GOP receiving low grades for fighting in even these latter arenas without compromise.

If given the Biden performance since January of 2021, the GOP makes only marginal gains or none at all this November, it may be headed in the same section of the American history museum as the Whigs.

Sputnik: How high are the chances that the US government would listen to the sentiments of its citizens? What about the democracy and ‘we the people’? Why is Washington pursuing its geopolitical goals at the expense of its citizens?

Mark Dankof:

The United States Government doesn’t really give a damn about its citizens, their sentiments, or “Democracy.” It will only care when lack of food, potable water, and affordable housing and energy produce a level of fury in the populous that brings a confrontation between those who govern and those enslaved that can only produce one winner, the same dichotomy Mr. Dugin outlines between the West and Russia. In this latter context, violence is virtually guaranteed, with only one party left standing in the aftermath, if that is truly possible between antagonists whose goals and ideologies are irreconcilable in a nuclear age.

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Mark Dankof and Patrick Slattery on ACH: The Turning Point in the Ukraine Conflict

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Giorgia Meloni at a Second’s Glance

Mark Dankof: The Dugina Assassination and the Zio-Anglo-American Empire’s Descent Into Hell

Hours Before the Assassination of Darya Dugina (right). Alexander Dugin, Russian Philosopher and Eurasian Ideologist (left). Vkontakte, Sputnik, RT photo.

Dad, I feel like a warrior, I feel like a hero, I want to be like this, I don’t want any other destiny, I want to be with my people, with my country, I want to be on the side of the forces of light, this is the most important thing.

Darya Dugin in her last conversation with her father at the Tradition Festival in Moscow, just before her death.

There are two main Civilizational rivals in this world: the land-based Eurasian countries (historically within the “great space” of the Russian Empire and former Soviet Union) and sea-based America (the undisputed champion of liberal Anglo-Saxon civilization); while the former represents everything which is Traditional and yet also Progressive, pre-modern and futurist, multipolar and just – the latter represents everything which is anti-Traditional, modern, Liberal, Capitalist, unipolar, exploitative, backward and decadent.

The entire historical record can be summed up as a giant geopolitical struggle and all major wars of international scope have always and forever been waged over conflicting geopolitical-cultural values – which is to say between telluric (land-based) powers and thalassocratic (sea-based) powers – and not over race, religion or creed, all of which have only served as “covers” or false fronts for the actual geopolitical/cultural goals of the combatants in order to effectively rouse the emotions of the docile masses and thus mobilize them for war.


The Jews who started this war—Nuland, Blinken, Zelensky, Kholomoisky—killed Dugina no matter who pulled the trigger.

Dr. E Michael Jones in “Who Killed Daria Dugina?” for the Unz Review.

Mark Dankof in reading and research in San Antonio 3 days after the Dugina Assassination in Moscow.

The desperation of the Zio-Anglo-American New World Order has skyrocketed in the wake of the most recent military, economic, and political events unfolding in the Russian-Ukrainian War.

Despite the best attempts of Western Mainstream Media to suggest otherwise, this war is going exactly according to the Putin-Shoigu plan and has been since the February 24th invasion. On the military front, the Russian victories at Popasnaya and Mariupol have led to fall of the Lisichansk-Severodonetsk salient. The Allied Forces of Russia, the DPR and LPR militias, the Wagner Group, and Ramzan Kadyrov’s Chechens, continue to chip away at Ukranian positions in Donetsk City and Soledar-Bakhmut. When this latter salient falls, the Slaviansk-Kramatorsk salient will follow, even as the Russians begin a move in Kharkiv and advance in the south to within 15-20 kilometers of Nykolaiv from their vantage point in Kherson. The fall of Odessa to the Russians will be assured after Nykolaiv is taken, giving Moscow strategic control over the entire Black Sea coast. The Jewish Drag Queen Comedian in Kiev will then be given an ultimatum to settle. If that ultimatum is rejected, Zelensky, Biden, Stoltenberg, Blinken, Nuland, Sherman, Obama, Clinton, Soros and his Open Society Foundation, Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum, the Atlantic Council, the EU heads of state, and American Mainstream Media and Social Media Conglomerates will awaken one morning or night to a Russian occupation of all of Ukraine including Kiev and Lviv. The LGBTQ flag will have to be lowered, as it was in Kabul when the Afghan National Army and their Zio-Con backers had to get out of Dodge. South Front, Alexander Mercouris and Alex Christoforou of The Duran, and the Military Summary Channel on Telegram will continue to convey the incessant, grinding character of the Russian military advance, which will reach a point where the undeniable will have arrived at the doorstep of those who began this war and whose chosen media acolytes and sycophants have been promoting the Victoria Nuland-Robert Kagan Institute for the Study of War script since the illegal Western coup d’etat in Kiev in February of 2014.

The political and economic fronts are no better for the Zio-Anglo-American New World Order than the military one. Tens of billions of dollars in military aid to Kiev are having no ultimate impact on the inevitable outcome of the war. CBS News was forced to retract a credible report that only 30% of such aid is actually reaching the front lines. Amnesty International tellingly apologized for its own credible report on Ukrainian war crimes in the Donbass, even as it stood by the accuracy of what it said in classic Orwellian Doublespeak. The economic war of attrition against Putin has clearly backfired for both the United States and the EU, as the advocates of this moronic, suicidal methodology have clearly advanced the obvious development of the Eurasian strategy of an increasingly prophetic Alexander Dugin, a strategy which has resulted in a reestablishment of the Russian-Chinese economic, political, and military alliance to the distress of Henry Kissinger in his final days. Add Iran as the focal point and asset of this Eurasian juggernaut in the Middle East, and only a fool would fail to see that the American Century is long past with postmortems soon to be the subject of historical and political analysis. My interview with the Tehran Times on Biden’s recent Tragi-Comedic trip to Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Riyadh will be only a small portion of the millions of pages soon to be penned.

The list of such fools is seemingly endless. The first political fatalities are Draghi in Italy and Boris Johnson in Britain. Scholz, Macron, and Biden will fall as inexorably as Odessa and Kharkiv. Scholz and his GloboHomo Green Party have bet their political survivability in Germany on the forcible deindustrialization of Germany and ongoing subservience to NATO and the post-World War II economic and political order run by the United States. Mike Whitney demonstrates the myopia of this strategy for the Unz Review and Lew Rockwell in “The Crisis in Ukraine is Not About Ukraine: It’s About Germany.” As average Germans experience a chilly winter awakening to what their simian leadership has done to them, the ramifications for the future of Germany and its relationship to the post-war Western order may transcend any questions about Scholz. What happens if a German Nationalist movement emerges that dumps NATO and American governance for the Eurasian Continental Express? One can bet that Ursula von der Leyen would join Scholz in the ranks of the permanently disemployed, among others. Watch and wait.

It is only a question of time. Ramon Marks’ essay for The National Interest entitled, “No Matter Who Wins Ukraine, America Has Already Lost” is to the point with only one exception. Marks hedges his bets on what the military outcome of the war will be, for whatever reason. Make no mistake about it, a Russian victory is on the distinctly visible horizon.

Mark Dankof photography at sunset looking south before the arrival of a major storm in San Antonio on August 23, 2022.

In contemporary Geo-Political developments, the two most critical in recent times are the apparent developing reapproachment of Assad and Erdogan over Syria which would finish the Zio-Con/Jihadic intervention in that country, and the Chinese President’s visit to Riyadh. If Saudi Arabia joins BRICS as it reportedly is interested in, the American Petrodollar as the global reserve currency is toast. If that happens, kiss the Zio-Anglo-American-New World Order goodbye. I say “Good Riddance.” May the Old American Republic arise from the dead. Perhaps the most incredible gift of the life and death of Darya Dugina will prove to be a renaissance of the Constitution of the United States within American borders along with a return to Old American Right respect for the rights of citizens elsewhere. George Washington defeats Zelensky. I like that futuristic headline.

San Antonio’s Sts. Joachim and Anna Russian Orthodox Church. Mark Dankof photograph.

My remarks to the Tasnim News Agency and the Fars News Agency about the pivotal Zionist role in the Trump-Pompeo criminal assassination of General Soleimani of Iran in early 2020 seem now like ancient history albeit painfully relevant ongoingly. The current level of desperation and criminality for the Zio-Anglo-American-New World Order has now culminated horrific assassination of Darya Dugina witnessed by her own father, Alexander Dugin, after the Tradition Cultural Festival.

Natalia Vovk: Was she the assassin of Darya as alleged by the Moscow FSB? E. Michael Jones of Culture Wars observes that The Jews who started this war—Nuland, Blinken, Zelensky, Kholomoisky—killed Dugina no matter who pulled the trigger.

In regard to this heinous crime, the following can be observed: First, the controlled media of the Zio-Anglo-American-New World Order has reached new lows in its palpable lies about the killing and the credibility of the Russian FSB in regard to who is to blame. On August 21st, the UK Guardian declared that “Russian hawks without evidence blame Kyiv for death of Darya Dugina and demand Kremlin response.” Without evidence? Evaluate what we are told by South Front about the evidence. One thing is absolutely clear: None of the Western governments who claim to be governed by the international rules of law will abide by an extradition of Natalia Vovk to face trial in Moscow.

Second, Putin and Shoigu will not be goaded by Zelensky and his Criminal Cabal in Kiev, Washington, Tel Aviv, London, Berlin, and Brussels in regard to their tactics in the Special Military Operation launched on February 24th according to Lyuba Lulko of Pravda on August 23rd in “Putin will not strike Kyiv. He will strangle Ukraine slowly instead.”

Why? The Russia President and his General Staff know that they are currently winning the conflict at every level. Zelensky’s desperation in bombing the Zaporhizhia Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) and the murder of Dugina in Moscow will fail to provoke Putin and Shoigu into actions which would provide NATO and Biden a convenient but transparent excuse to intervene militarily in Ukraine and in Western Poland. This latter lunacy is Zelensky’s last card to play. He may not even have that card left if former Ukranian MP Ilya Kiva is correct. Pravda on August 25th reports Kiva as saying that Zelensky’s “toxicity” has escalated to a point where the West is in the process of dumping the latter for an alternative. Kiva names names. Watch and wait.

Third, a generally uninformed public in Western Europe and the United States will now have the opportunity to evaluate the ideas and persona of Alexander Dugin for themselves, as the murder of Darya on August 20th brings her father and his writings into wider public circulation. Military and economic blowback for the West are now joined by political blowback and the issue of freedom of speech and the free exchange of ideas in the public marketplace of the Arena of Ideas.

I have been pursuing the distribution of the Arena of Ideas in Alt-Media since September of 2001 as a broadcaster, foreign TV guest, and print journalist. On August 24th on the Republic Broadcasting Network as a guest, I promised their listeners a copy of this brief dissertation, chiefly to have immediate access to what may be read about Mr. Dugin in the English language through a simple Internet search and a subsequent personal resolution to read the man’s writing for itself and to evaluate him and his ideological perspective on its own merits. That is what the “Free World” is supposedly and allegedly all about. If one has jettisoned the Mythologies of the American Empire, it is concluded that this is not what the Zio-Anglo-American-New World Order is about whatsoever. The immortal words of the late Frederick Tobin continue to reverberate in the wake of August 20th: “In the Western World, we have the freedom to go shopping.”

These are but the beginning of a long journey for anyone interested in learning more. Begin with the Alexander Dugin biographical overview at RT. Continue with Mr. Dugin’s listings for Charles Bausman’s Russia Insider. Compare and contrast the perspective of The Occidental Observer in “Dugin Viewed from the Right” with Chace A. Nelson’s “Putin’s Playbook: #Reviewing Dugin’s Foundations of Geopolitics for The Strategy Bridge. Follow Geopolitika in English, especially in reading THE IDEOLOGICAL PLATFORM OF THE EURASIAN MOVEMENT. And follow the dictums of Francis Bacon and Erasmus: “Read not to believe and take for granted, nor to contradict and confute, but to weigh and consider” and “To The Sources!

You can’t do that at CNN. . . .

The suffering of the Son of God on the Cross for his People. Orthodox, Roman, Lutheran, and Reformed Christians alike are the New Testament Israel of God. Jesus Christ Descended Into Hell.

Mark Dankof on Standing Room Only: The Biden Comedy Act Wows the World in the Middle East

Mark Dankof’s recent conversation with the Tehran Times is also available at Don Wassall’s American Freedom News.

Tehran Times: How do you evaluate Biden’s trip to the Middle East? Could he gain achievements? 

Mark Dankof: Biden’s trip to the Middle East, like his entire Presidency, is an unmitigated disaster. His sycophantic performance with the Israelis underscores not only that his Administration will support the Zionist enterprise under any and all circumstances, but clearly paves the way for an illegitimate and catastrophic American Zio-War with Iran, at the same time Putin is winning the war in Ukraine on the battlefield and in the economic war of attrition launched by the United States and the EU against Russia. If you add Mr. Biden’s bungling of American policy toward China over Taiwan, one can see the potential for an eclipse of both the United States and the West in what should have been an entirely preventable World War III.

Biden’s outlandish statements on the JCPOA treaty with Iran while in Israel might as well have been prepared for him by Netanyahu and John Bolton. His statements in the 2020 American Presidential Election that he would revive American participation in JCPOA have proven to be a complete falsehood. His Zio-Team of Blinken, Nuland, and Sherman has clearly attached so many illegitimate conditions to the revival of JCPOA as originally agreed upon as to make American-Iranian rapprochement impossible. The bellicosity of the President’s rhetoric aimed at Iran was as ominous as it was irresponsible. I agree with Alexander Mercouris of The Duran that Biden’s statements in Israel on this subject pave the way for war.

Biden’s performance in Saudi Arabia was equally rank in its sheer public stench. His sermonizing on the Khashoggi murder with Saudi leadership invited legitimate rebuttal from MBS on questions of American crimes in Iraq, Afghanistan, Guantanamo, and the silence of Biden in Israel on the murder of Palestinian journalist Shireen Abu Akleh. The President achieved nothing in terms of substantive changes in Saudi oil production or Saudi oil purchases from Putin that would support Biden’s simian war of economic attrition against commodity-rich Russia. Last but not least, Russian oil sales in the Middle East have increased to their highest level in 6 years, even as sales to Europe have declined by 30%.

Most telltale was what happened at the end of the Presidential trip to Saudi and the Gulf region. In meeting with the leaders of nine countries at the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) +3 Summit in Saudi Arabia before heading back to Washington, one notes that not a single one of these countries supports American-EU sanctions on Russia over Ukraine. Even worse, Saudi Arabia has indicated its desire to consider membership in BRICS! This clearly indicates that the American Petrodollar as Reserve Currency agreement reached by Nixon and Kissinger with the Saudis in 1971 could collapse. If it does, the American Empire and Biden can be mercifully buried together in the desert sand.

Tehran Times: Biden said in Saudi Arabia that America would not “walk away and leave a vacuum to be filled by China, Russia or Iran,” while his predecessor Trump was planning to withdraw U.S. forces from the Middle East. What is your take?

Mark Dankof: The vacuum exists in Biden’s cerebral region, and that of European leaders who followed American “leadership” into the morass of supporting the illegal coup d’etat in Kiev, NATO expansions since 1997, and Zelensky’s puppet regime. This, and American policies in the Middle East which have taken the lives of at least one million people and have displaced another 38 million in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Libya with trillions spent in borrowed and fiat money, illustrates the catastrophe the United States has made in the Middle East.

Trump had figured out years ago that all of this is simply unsustainable. But then he proceeded to surround himself with Neo-Con advisers like John Bolton and Mike Pompeo who undermined Trump’s credibility on an America-First campaign platform that would have gotten the United States out of these Zio-Globalist wars, and rebuilt American domestic infrastructure and previously unmatched manufacturing and industrial capabilities at home if honestly adhered to.

But Biden seems not to notice America’s $32 trillion national debt, even as he has spearheaded the movement for the $73 billion already spent for Zelensky, on top of the $5 billion the United States spent on the illegal 2014 coup d’etat in Kiev. Now he and the Democratic controlled Congress are proposing a $650 billion IMF draw-down account clearly designed to prolong the life of Zelensky before the latter’s inevitable collapse finally comes. When you add a Russian-Iranian-Chinese alliance coalescing in self-defense against this Zio-Globalist roadmap for the future, one can see how unsustainable the American Empire really is and a European Union designed to collapse with it. Biden and these other EU leaders will follow Boris Johnson into political oblivion. At the same time, their respective domestic populations’ futures are in similar doubt. The damage may well be irrevocable.

Tehran Times: Biden had said before that Saudi Arabia is a pariah country. So what happened or what has changed now?

Mark Dankof: Those statements were obvious political rhetoric from a politician clearly financed and controlled by the Zionist cabal, Wall Street, and the military-industrial complex.

Among many other things, the President and MBS both stayed very silent in this latest meeting in Saudi Arabia about their mutual partnership in genocidal mass murder in Yemen. This underscores how much principle the 46th President of the United States actually has. He has absolutely none. Hunter Biden simply follows in Dear Old Dad’s footsteps, along with the Deep State which suppressed the New York Post exposé on Hunter Biden’s laptop just weeks before the 2020 American Presidential Election.

The bottom line for your readers is this: The American Empire has 5th Stage terminal cancer. This is clearly the good news. The bad news is that its political elite is panicking, and may well do something in absolute panic that could end the lives of millions of additional people, and perhaps Earth’s very existence. This is not an idle state on my part. Former Democratic Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii warns us that Biden is leading all of us toward a global nuclear conflict. I agree with her. It is that grim.

Tehran Times: What is the political fallout of Biden meeting with Bin Salman? Do you think the U.S. president has legitimized MBS by visiting Riyadh?

Mark Dankof: These leaders and the political corruption in both Washington and Riyadh over decades has been deemed illegitimate by thinking people for a long time. I don’t think the Biden visit achieved anything other than increasing international and domestic perceptions of the illegitimate character of his own Presidency and of MBS. But in the case of the latter, he is at least smart enough to see that continuing to bet on an alliance with the American horse saddled with Joe Biden as the jockey, is possibly fatal for his own longevity, which has him now hedging his bets. Who among us would bet on Biden against Putin and Russia? Not me for sure.

Tehran Times: Do you think Biden is able to convince Arab leaders to increase oil production in or to curb oil prices? Could you update us about the fallouts of Ukraine war and ramping up of oil prices inside the U.S.?

Mark Dankof: Biden produced nothing of substance for the United States and the West in changing Arab oil policies. These Arab leaders clearly see that Putin and Russia are winning in Ukraine militarily, and in the economic war of attrition foolishly launched by the United States and the West against them.

My scenario is as follows: Russia will secure the Donbass completely after the Slaviansk-Kramatorsk salient is secured. I believe this will likely conclude by the end of September.

Putin will make a final offer for peace with Zelensky and his Zio-Globalist handlers in the United States and in Europe. I believe the latter will be foolish enough not to settle, but to escalate. I hope I am wrong.

Russia will then take Odessa, Kherson Region, Kharkiv, Kiev, Lviv in a much faster tempo than was the case in their expertly-executed Carl von Clausewitz strategy for pounding the best of the Ukrainian army in the urban areas of the Donbass.

Then a senile President of the United States and his lapdogs in European capitals will have to make a choice: War with Putin, Iran, and China, or finally retreat from a Zio-Globalist strategy designed to produce “Hell on Earth” as President Vucic of Serbia and Dmitry Medvedev warn of?

Time tells. We may be at history’s endgame.

Best to all of my wonderful friends over many years in Tehran.

Sputnik Speaks to Mark Dankof: Too Little, Too Late? Governor Abbott, the Texas-Mexico Border, and the Invasion of America

Don Wassall’s American Freedom News and the Republic Broadcasting Network have both published the full text of Mark Dankof’s remarks to Sputnik News of Russia on Governor Greg Abbott of Texas and the border crisis.

Sputnik: Gov. Greg Abbott has issued an executive order authorizing his state’s National Guard and the Texas Department of Public Safety to arrest immigrants who illegally cross the border between ports of entry and return them to Mexico, according to the New York Post.

Sputnik: What do you make of Gov. Abbott’s decision?

Mark Dankof: “I agree with Abbott’s decision to attempt to stem the tide of some 250,000 illegals crossing Mexico into the United States monthly. The problem is that for both the United States and the Republican Party, it is too little, too late, somewhat like closing the barn door after the horses are already loose and a mile down the road. This destructive farce began in 1986 when Ronald Reagan signed the ‘Immigration Reform and Control Act.’ At the time, Reagan sold it to the public as a one-time amnesty for some 3 million illegals in the United States prior to 1982. What went unnoticed by much of the public and Reagan’s grassroots GOP supporters, is that the strict sanctions on employers who hired illegals were stripped from the bill to insure its passage. That fact, and ‘border security’ fraud, guaranteed a situation where now the illegal immigration population in the United States is thought to run close to 20 million people. The Establishment Right in the United States has always secretly supported this policy because of the availability of cheap labor created from this population for Corporate America. The American Left supports non-action on illegals because it wants to demographically flip key battleground states in elections where this influx of illegals at the polls would guarantee future monolithic control of the American political process by the Democratic Party.

There is another issue: The 1965 ‘Immigration and Nationality Act’ passed by a Democratic Congress and signed by Lyndon Johnson. It deliberately undermined a solid American policy of facilitating immigration primarily from Western and Northern Europeans, and moved in the direction of a policy designed to create a demographic revolution over decades designed to promote multiculturalism and globalism. In this regard, Jewish groups and organizations played a disproportionate role in making this happen, as they have with what has been a sea change in American cultural and moral attitudes in the last half a century on Gay Rights, feminism, abortion, and the like. It is noteworthy that Biden has stated this publicly and with an absolute approval. Republicans who decry these radical political, demographic, and cultural changes in my lifetime never mention the Jewish angle in all of this, given the strong representation of an ideological Christian Zionism in the GOP which has merged with its support for the policies of multinational American capitalism rooted in globalist ideology. Take a look at the Texas State Republican Party platform over many years, which is absolutely wedded to the Zionist State and embracing things like the Texas-Israel Chamber of Commerce. It will tell you why Greg Abbott will never breathe a word of this in public.”

Sputnik: Is it too tough or too soft from your perspective?

Mark Dankof: “As I indicated earlier, it is too little, too late. The apprehension of illegals in Texas and the recycling of them to Mexico will make only a dent in the situation, as long as the Biden Administration refuses to enforce Trump’s Title 42 policy and the American Federal Government is more committed to supplying Zelensky and Ukraine some $65 billion in American taxpayer funds for a war the United States does not belong in, than in securing the American border with Mexico and insuring a vetted and sane immigration process. There is presently no immigration policy consistent with a sovereign nation-state, since some 2 million illegals have entered the United States just since Biden became President. Pat Buchanan and others now tell us that over 250,000 illegals are entering the United States each month via that border. This is apparently fine with people like Joe Biden, George Soros, and Biden’s largely globalist policy advisers who embrace massive illegal immigration, fiat money, a $32 trillion dollar national debt, LGBTQ cultural coercion, and an immoral and idiotic American and EU involvement in the February 2014 coup d’etat in Kiev along with the ongoing NATO expansions since 1997.”

Sputnik: Why didn’t Abbott declare an invasion to take more proactive action? Will the governor go for it, to have the full authority to defend the state?

Mark Dankof: “The record of the Republican Party since Reagan’s 1986 farce suggests that he won’t. On the other hand, the New York Post article you cite underscores that Abbott’s poll numbers have suffered since Uvalde and the Roe v Wade reversal of the SCOTUS.

“My advice to the Governor is to declare an invasion, and to tie this decision to the shipwrecking of the American economy courtesy of the $5.9 trillion increase in fiat money circulation in the last two years, a 38% increase; the COVID-19 shutdown of American oil refineries; and the lunacy of the Biden-led economic war of attrition with Putin which has seen the United States and the West getting their hind ends deservedly kicked.

“The problem with raising this last legitimate point with Texas voters is that both GOP U. S. Senators from Texas support handing Zelensky the billions and zillions of dollars. That underscores the problem with GOP credibility at a macrocosmic level. The RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) in the Bush-McCain Empire wing of the GOP still have tremendous control over the Party and its actual policies, all rhetoric aside cynically used with average voters in each election cycle to assure the ‘conservative‘ and ‘America First‘ policies of the Elephants.

“The Pat Buchanan-Ron Paul wing of the Party articulates all of what I believe to be comprehensively correct policies on immigration and virtually everything else, but its policy making influence and power at the ballot box and in Congressional seats has obviously been limited up to now. The American economic crisis may tip the balance in the latter’s favor, but only time tells.

“There is one ominous sign emanating from the Biden Administration as it evaluates the potential fury of Americans in all of this: The President has directed his Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and his Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to buy up gun ammunition legally available in the domestic retail outlets. One may legitimately ask why.”

Sputnik: Why do border states find themselves in the situation where they must take action tackling the problem at the state level, rather than relying on the federal government? What does this tell us about the Biden administration’s ability to simply govern and react?

Mark Dankof: “Federal governments have been actively destroying the stability and tranquility of the domestic American scene since 1965 via both illegal immigration and excessive legal immigration not given proper time to assimilate into the economic and political life of the country. The Democratic Party has been in the vanguard of this nefarious development. But the Republican Party has provided no effective counter to this disastrous direction.

“Temperatures are now reaching the boiling point given the economic downturn of the last two years. Time tells, but President Putin has tactfully observed that the West is losing–not simply in its Ukraine policies and in its ill-fated and ill-advised economic war of attrition with Russia, but in domestic developments that seem to have forever changed both America and Western Europe. I agree with this, and suspect that the end of these countries as previously known is virtually and sadly assured.”

Mark Dankof to the NRA and Senator John Cornyn: Supporting Zelensky’s Failing Penis is Failing

June 23, 2022

Windcrest, Texas



United States Senator (R-TX)

517 Hart Senate Office Building

Washington, DC 20510

Tel: (202) 224-2934

Fax: (202) 228-2856

Senator Cornyn:

As a follow-up to our conversation on the Senate gun legislation, I strongly suggest we pull the plug on Zelensky, the idiotic American involvement in a Russian-Ukrainian military conflict we are largely responsible for igniting, and this moronic economic war of attrition with Putin.

My letter to the NRA’s American Rifleman is posted below FYI:

English-German-Russian-Spanish translation

June 22, 2022

Windcrest, Texas

American Rifleman


Your article in the July 2022 issue entitled “Sniping in Ukraine” has an obvious pro-Zelensky, pro-Ukrainian slant to it. Quoting General David Petraeus is even worse. His most notable military victory was scoring with his Bimbo while handing her classified American military secrets for publication. I join Pat Buchanan, David Stockman, and Philip Giraldi in underscoring that the United States has had absolutely no national security interest at all in intervening in this conflict. Worse yet, this conflict is all about the imposition of World Government on people who rightly reject it.

Finally, if you haven’t noticed, the United States, Zelensky, the EU, and NATO are getting their butts kicked in Ukraine and in this moronic economic war of attrition with Russia the West cannot win, even as this idiocy risks escalation into World War III. And the most impressive thing about the Ukrainian military as of late, aside from its incorporation of the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion into its ranks, has been either surrendering or deserting.

My recent discussion with The Tehran Times defends our 2A position, but has links on Ukraine the leadership and staff of the American Rifleman and the NRA should peruse. Finally, as a Patron Member of the NRA and a Life Member of the Texas State Rifle Association, please try to keep Zelensky’s drag queen act out of future publications, even though he admittedly is quite adept at playing the piano with his penis.

Pastor Mark Dankof

NRA Patron/TSRA Life

San Antonio, Texas

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BONUS: Mark Dankof remembers Dr. Harold O. J. Brown on June 24, 2022, the day SCOTUS reversed Roe v Wade.

Mark Dankof speaks to Sputnik News: American Polarization and the Kavanaugh Incident

Sputnik News to Mark Dankof: The House passed a bill 396-27 to increase security for Supreme Court justices’ immediate families on Tuesday, approving a measure that had already been passed by unanimous consent in the Senate. The bill comes after one man was arrested for allegedly plotting to kill Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Sputnik: Is addressing the problem of security for justices and their families amid death threats really what the administration should do in the current situation, since it doesn’t address the issue of polarization in American society?

Mark Dankof: The Supreme Court protection bill is only an essential beginning in a most dangerous situation in a country more polarized than at any time since the American Civil War in the 19th century.

Sputnik: Joe Biden promised to unite the US. Why do we see the continuous growth of social polarization? How far it can go? What can the Biden administration do to ease the tensions and can it address the problem effectively?

Mark Dankof: In my view, Joe Biden and his Administration have done more to polarize Americans than any previous Administration in history. Biden cannot ease tensions and address the problems involved in the domestic American scene any more than he is a credible broker for peace in the Middle East or in Ukraine. He is absolutely owned by the Cultural Marxists; the Israeli Lobby; the American arms manufacturers and military-industrial complex; the globalist crowd at Facebook, Twitter, and You Tube; George Soros and Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum; the American Deep State; and the Russophobes who permeate the Democratic Party and were criminally involved both in the Steele Dossier/Russiagate fraud and the ignition of the illegitimate proxy war against Russia using Zelensky and Ukraine to continue the NATO encirclement of Russia. As for the Cultural Marxist fan base the President enjoys, see the official White House statement issued on June 15th entitled, “President Biden to Sign Historic Executive Order Advancing LGBTQI+Equality During Pride Month.”

In Ukraine, the February 2014 coup d’etat in Kiev courtesy of the Obama-Clinton-Biden-Nuland Cabal, the scandal of Hunter Biden’s Burisma payoff, Joe Biden’s subsequent intimidation of the Ukrainian attorney general investigating this nepotism, and the suppression of the New York Post exposé on Hunter Biden’s laptop and the global activities of the Biden Crew before the 2020 American Presidential Election, underscore that the American Deep State and MSM will protect the 46th President at any cost. They are betting on a losing horse. Panic is starting to set in.

The Biden Base Against Putin in Ukraine: Kiev Pride Meets the Azov Battalion

In regard to the Kavanaugh situation itself, I would ask Sputnik readers to consider three (3) articles from Don Wassall’s American Freedom News. These are entitled, “Was the Kavanaugh Assassination Plot a Democrat Inside Job?“; “When Democrats Choose Name Calling Over Debate, Violence is Inevitable” by J. B. Shurk; and the publication by American Freedom News today of Steve Watson’s “Communism Watch: Kavanaugh’s Neighbor Claims Pro-Abortion Protestors are Threatening Homeowners.”

These articles all underscore the complete breakdown in American society in terms of trust, decency, respect for human life and property, and commitment to civil discourse. I believe the beginning of all of this began in earnest with the sexual and drug revolutions of the 1960s, and the accompanying progressive jettisoning of any semblance of the older Christian culture which had undergirded previous generations of Americans up until that time. Joe Biden himself is now the 2022 Poster Boy for the Stonewall Inn Revolt and Gloria Steinem’s War on the Unborn. He is an anti-Christian bigot, operative and profiteer, decked out in Drag as a believing Roman Catholic.

Mark Dankof’s New Neighborhood Flag for Pride Week and Pride Month in San Antonio.

The result of this debacle over decades is a degenerate culture which has increasingly embraced the LGBTQ agenda and the abortion-on-demand lobby, right down to the Drag Queens in elementary schools and child dismemberment through the 9th month of pregnancy. Joe Biden and his Democratic Party absolutely embrace these practices and their advocates, just as they embraced massive Antifa and Black Lives Matter violence and anarchy in the streets of American cities in the wake of the George Floyd incident in Minneapolis. He and they at a bare minimum deliberately facilitated the climate to inspire a lone nut to attempt to kill Judge Cavanaugh. Or was there a conspiracy involved and a Manchurian Candidate recruited? Readers can weigh and consider after reading the pieces I site from American Freedom News.

The good news however, is this. Our senile and crooked Commander in Chief and his lapdog counterparts in the European Union are collectively losing their grip on power. Putin will prevail in the Donbass militarily as he is in the economic war of attrition launched against Russia by New World Order elites who have no understanding up to now of the issue of Russian Commodities and alternative trading partners and customers in the Indian Subcontinent and Asia. Accordingly these elites have no grasp of the development of an alternative banking system and competing alternative to SWIFT for international financial transactions.

June 26th, 2015: Dankof v Biden on SCOTUS and Obergefell in a Jewish Media Bash.

Putin will also prevail in the protection of Russian Orthodox national culture from Pussy Riot, George Soros, the Jewish Drag Queen comedian masquerading as the legitimate President of Ukraine, and the LGBTQ flag bearer currently serving as the American Ambassador to Russia in Moscow.

His victory will be the victory of American nationalists sick of foreign wars for Israel and fiat money, Cultural Marxism, rigged elections, massive illegal immigration, the exportation of a previously vibrant American manufacturing sector, and the illegal and un-Constitutional character of the attack on the First, Second, and Fourth Amendments among the entirety of the Bill of Rights.

Biden, Clinton, Boris Johnson, George Soros, Zelensky, and Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum members will collectively tank.

The Darling of the Globalist West: His Act is Beginning to Wear Thin Even Among Drag Queens:

Biden and Zelensky’s present forums will evaporate according. They will be reduced to piano duets together in Miami, New York, and Tel Aviv.

And then American nationalists will make their move.

BONUS: The Dankof Report resumes for ACH in London, Rense Radio, and now the Republic Broadcasting Network (RBN).

The Uvalde School Massacre as Diversion: The Tehran Times Speaks to Mark Dankof

The original post of this conversation with the Tehran Times is here.

Tehran Times: What are the implications of the Uvalde School Massacre for America and the world?

Mark Dankof with an AR-15 in Idaho

Mark Dankof: Andrew Anglin of the Unz Review has the correct analysis in my opinion of the implications of this latest tragedy involving a mass shooting in the United States in an article entitled, “Just Answer the Question, Ted: Why Do These Mass Shootings Only Happen in America.”

He reminds us of the following:

  • America is the most “progressive” and “liberal” country in the world
  • America has the world’s highest rate of prescription psychotropic drug use
  • America has the world’s highest rate of untreated mental illness
  • America has the ugliest manmade structures in the world, creating urban environments that are alienating and dehumanizing
  • America is one of the most pornography-riddled countries, and also one of the most sexually active countries
  • America has one of the highest divorce rates in the world
  • America has one of the lowest marriage rates in the world
  • America has the highest rate of children living in single-parent homes
  • America has the least social cohesiveness as a result of being the most diverse country in the world
  • Perhaps most importantly: America has a mass intelligence apparatus with a well-documented history of running utterly amoral psychological operations against their own population

It is Anglin’s last point that is the most critical for our current consideration. I absolutely agree with his analysis that, “Right now, in May of 2022, we have a pretty clear picture of what is happening on the macro scale: we have a group of Jews, pederasts, and transhumanists who are working together to create a unified world government where a tiny elite minority rule over a huddled mass of landless peasants. They have infiltrated the overwhelming majority of governments. This agenda used to exist in semi-secret organizations, being published in dense texts that were not discussed in the mainstream media, but in recent years, it has for the most part come out of the shadows, largely through the World Economic Forum.”

World Government, War, Central Banking, Fiat Money, Surveillance, Shortages

I will elaborate on this overwhelmingly Jewish operation to establish a New World Order based upon the successful achievement of world government via a combination of a brand of multinational corporate capitalism known as fascism, which depends on an elite controlling central banking and commodities of every conceivable description on a global basis. The methodology employed is a combination of economic subversion and sanctions, cultural subversion via Cultural Marxism in matters of radical feminism, the destruction of the traditional family unit, the adoption of LGBTQ ideology, the destruction of the influence of Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Lutheran, and Protestant Reformed teaching historically on these subjects from a Christian perspective, and support for ruthless abortion policies involving the killing of the unborn up to and including the 9th month of pregnancy and the utilization of the heinous procedure known as “Partial Birth Abortion.” This is indeed, the ideology and the game plan of the World Economic Forum and its most public luminaries, including Klaus Schwab, George Soros, Bill Gates, and their allies in Western mainstream media, NGOs, Silicon Valley social media moguls, Hollywood, and an American Deep State represented by Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Victoria Nuland, Mitt Romney, Beto O’Rourke, and many others.

I document the bigger picture and the players involved in “Mark Dankof’s Open Letter to the Russian People: Growing Older but Wiser in the Mythologies of the American Empire.” My conversation with you folks on March 22nd in the Tehran Times also covers some of this history involving Ukraine and Russia specifically in “Ukraine Crisis is Due to the Fault of the United States Since the End of the Cold War.” It is in Ukraine since February 24th that we see how things are approaching a critical mass in an essay by Thomas Dalton entitled, “The Jewish Hand in World War III.”

This critical mass brings us to Anglin’s most critical point once more: America has a mass intelligence apparatus with a well-documented history of running utterly amoral psychological operations against their own population.

June 1968, The Ambassador Hotel, LA

These operations require the use of diversion when world events and developments begin to move in a direction adverse to the game plan of the architects of the New World Order and the World Economic Forum as the most obvious public face of such an Order. False Flags abroad or domestically and the occasional utilization of an orchestrated event via a Manchurian Candidate are well known methods of these architects.

Arthur Bremer: May 1972, the Wallace Shooting in Laurel

Thus I believe, but admittedly cannot prove, that the Uvalde tragedy is a deliberate attempt to divert American domestic public attention and the focus of the international public from the reality of the inevitable direction of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and the completely criminal incompetence of the Biden Administration, the EU, and NATO in failing to achieve the stated goals of the World Economic Forum. In my recent article for the American Freedom News entitled, “Kissinger, Zelensky, Davos, and the New World Order,” I observed that:

Does anyone still believe what these newspapers fed Mark Dankof at Age 8 in the Third Grade?

Alexander Mercouris of The Duran recounts as only he can what is really going on at Davos with Henry Kissinger’s statements on Ukraine and Russia. It is clear that Joe Biden, Zelensky, George Soros, Klaus Schwab, the governments of the UK and the EU, and the Zio-Cons are close to being on the ropes in their panicked attempts to bring Russia into GloboHomo and the New World Order. Kissinger now urges Ukraine to “negotiate” with Russia, especially since “the stability of Europe” is at stake.

Mark Dankof for Don Wassall’s The Freedom Times (now) and the American Freedom News.

In Kissinger-speak, this really means that the survivability of the New World Order and GloboHomo is at stake.

For the record, the time for talking should be over. Putin and Russia should deal the knock-out blow to this Satanic system and all of its advocates in both the United States and the West generally. Kissinger knows that the jig is up if President Putin presses on as he should. A Russian victory would also free up the American, British, and European nationalists to run the table on these career criminals by expunging them from their respective countries governments and media in a backlash of mass rage at a global political elite playing around with the lives of millions of people in their insatiable desire for a supernatural power lust.

With Putin winning the military conflict in Ukraine, the economic war of attrition with the United States and the EU, and demonstrating that Russia can defeat the forces of moral and cultural subversion in an open contest, the New World Order and the World Economic Forum are indeed in a panic. The Ruble and the Russian Central Bank have withstood their machinations. The Russian Orthodox Church and its traditional stances on Christian morality stand proud and tall against Soros and Company. China, Russia, and Iran have solidified economic and military strategies against the enemy. The Biden Administration has brought energy and food prices to new heights in America and a obeisant UK and EU. The Democratic Party is facing disaster in the fall 2022 elections and Biden in 2024. In such a scenario, diversion is an absolute must. We have seen it twice recently: Once in the illegally leaked Supreme Court memo on the abortion-related Roe v Wade case and the prospect of the 1973 decision being overturned.

Here’s a Houston Convention Biden and the World Economic Forum Love: The National Education Association introduces children to LGBTQ Perversion.

And now we have the second diversion in the Uvalde mass shooting in Texas, just before the NRA National Convention in Houston, just before Memorial Day weekend in the United States, and in a political climate where the Biden Administration and the World Economic Forum may face catastrophic setbacks, even as the Russiagate Fraud and the Steele Dossier Fraud continue to unravel, threatening the exposure of Hillary Clinton, the DNC, Fusion GPS, and the late John McCain in a narrative that has now brought the United States to the brink of collapse in a possible war with Russia, China, and Iran it cannot possibly win.

The final and most critical point I can make is this: The Biden Administration and the World Economic Forum sense burgeoning outrage over their increasing public exposure and evil agenda. In Europe, the ability of people to resist the hijacking of their countries, their governments, and their livelihoods is open to question. But in the United States, Biden, Soros, Schwab and Company know that the public presently has the ability to fight back in an open revolt. They are trying to remove this capability in any way they can. They will discover they cannot, any more than Vladimir Putin and the Russian people are going to allow a Jewish Drag Queen Comedian in Kiev, or the World Economic Forum elites to destroy their lives and the sovereignty of their Motherland. This is why I firmly support Putin’s decision to invade the Donbass as a legitimate protection of his nation’s national security, even as his victory would give new impetus to American and European nationalist resistance to The Cabal. I stated this clearly in my recent op-ed entitled, “The Chicago Way is the ONLY Way to Defeat the New World Order.”

This critical mass brings us to Anglin’s most critical point one more time: America has a mass intelligence apparatus with a well-documented history of running utterly amoral psychological operations against their own population.

Is Uvalde that operation? Is it another Operation Northwoods? Oklahoma City? 9-11 as I discussed years ago with Kourosh Ziabari? Anglin can’t prove it. Neither can I. But we smell the usual stench coming out from underneath the well-worn carpet.

Tehran Times: Criticism has deepened over the protracted police response, and the failure of officials to adequately explain their actions. What is your comment?

Mark Dankof: It is apparently the case that the Response Commander made a terrible error in judgment and a bad decision based on that misjudgment. He believed that the situation had moved from that of an Active Shooting scenario to that of a Barricaded Suspect. Hence he waited for more backup, believing the shooting phase had concluded. It hadn’t. More children were killed as a result of the failure to storm the gunman and to perforate him with massive police gunfire. Andrew Anglin raises another disturbing point: There are credible reports that the FBI knew of this gunman, his profile, and the threat posed by this mentally disturbed individual and did not act on the information. I have seen a disturbing but unconfirmed allegation on Vkontakte that the 18 year old suspect had 2 new AR-15 rifles worth almost $5000, plus ammunition, optics with body armor, and a $70,000 Ford F-250 pickup truck while under psychiatric care. Where is the mainstream media in investigating everything about this gunman and asking the most pressing questions? Or is repeating the gun confiscation mantras of the Zio-GloboHomo Left their only mission on television and in print?

Tehran Times: Republicans like Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) blame many societal factors — but not guns — for the wave of mass shootings in the U.S. Are they on the right side?

Mark Dankof: Cruz is absolutely correct on this point. But if I were he, I’d be in hiding. He voted for the $40 billion dollar aid/loan package fraud to Zelensky and Ukraine. Ex-CIA analyst Larry Johnson gives us the real story on this nonsense in an article on May 24th entitled, “The Truth About the $40 Billion Ostensibly Being Spent to Arm Ukraine.”

Tehran Times: Despite promises and mottos by Democrats, it seems that there is no real move to control gun bearing in the U.S. What are the main causes of such a failure?

Mark Dankof: The majority of the public does not want the radical gun control and confiscation agenda posed by an increasingly Marxist Democratic Party and the GloboHomo elites of the World Economic Forum. They want common sense policies on involuntary incarceration of known violent psychiatric threats to the community, life imprisonment without parole and capital punishment of those who have taken human life unlawfully, and for a government that gave them 9-11, Bush’s War on Terror, the illegitimate invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, COVID-19 Shutdowns, and the War on Putin to get lost and to get out of their daily lives. I concur.

Tehran Times: How do American people see the decisions and policies followed by the authorities? Do they seem rational to American public?

Mark Dankof: I believe there is more mistrust of American governmental authorities now than at any time in my life and with complete justification. And in regard to our policies toward Iran driven by Israel, our government’s criminal history in Ukraine, and our reckless policies toward Putin’s Russia and China, if the American public finds their leadership to be rational, it will be the absolute sign that I will get out of this insane asylum for another home in the next several years, if God and events allow it.

Find Mark Dankof: Cathedral of the Assumption in Moscow, 1992