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Mark Dankof on TradCatKnight Traditional Catholic Radio: The Renouf Case, Iran, COVID-19, Dallas at 57, and the New World Order

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Lutheran Pastor Mark Dankof was Eric Gajewski’s guest on TradCatKnight Traditional Catholic Radio on November 23rd. Topics included the Lady Michèle Renouf victory for Free Speech; the implications of the Kennedy Assassination 57 years later; the worries of Pat Buchanan and Philip Giraldi about a Trump-launched war with Iran before January 20th; the COVID-19 Circus; the ongoing implications of the Mark Dankof essay of 2014 entitled, Why We’re Finished“; and a preview of the November 24th Dankof Report on the Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show for Rense Radio and EuroFolkRadio.

Excerpt on the Renouf Case from the Unz Review:

On November 5th German prosecutors and a district court judge in Dresden suddenly ended their 32-month criminal case against Lady Michèle Renouf just days before the trial was to begin. Lady Renouf was charged with “incitement” under the §130 Volksverhetzung law, which has been used for the wholesale imprisonment of German dissidents, including scientists, authors and even the lawyers who defend them.

What speech crime was she charged with? Expressing grief, sympathy, and repentance for the crimes her (British) government committed against German civilians during World War II, including the firebombing of Dresden. Lady Renouf’s impromptu remarks during the 2018 anniversary commemoration of the Dresden Holocaust were heartfelt and utterly reasonable. Yet the German government wanted to imprison her for, as she says in this interview, “stating the bleeding obvious.”

The Linear Progression from Dealey Plaza to 9-11 and War with Iran: Mark Dankof photo of Elm Street from the Grassy Knoll in Dallas, September 1st, 2010.

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Sputnik International Talks to Mark Dankof About 2020 Election Fraud Charges

Sputnik: Tucker Carlson showed lists of citizens who are dead but who somehow managed to vote in the general election, “presumably for Biden“, as he said. The issue, he explains, is that “You can’t really know who is voting“. Do you believe that the dead have been voting? If so, how did it become possible in this election?

Mark Dankof: This kind of voter fraud has existed in the United States in the past. A deeper look at the early electoral history of Lyndon Baines Johnson in Texas will underscore this, as will the history of the fraud involved in altering the results of the 1960 American Presidential Election between JFK and Richard Nixon. Your readers will be interested in past coverage of this in the Chicago Tribune and Politico as introductions to the subject. Anthony Summers’ book, “Not in Your Lifetime” discusses how Chicago crime syndicate chief Sam Giancana, who was involved in the 1960 election fraud, later turns up repeatedly in post-Warren Commission investigations of the Kennedy Assassination, as do the names Meyer Lansky, Santos Trafficante, and Johnny Roselli.

Sputnik: “Democrats have completely changed the way we’ve voted in this election. Our system has never been this disorganised and it’s never been more vulnerable to manipulation”, Carlson said. Do you agree with this statement?

Mark Dankof: Yes, I do. The massive Mail-In Ballot scheme, a product of deliberately manipulated COVID-19 hysteria by the media and its allies in the Democratic Party in 2020, dovetails with Election Day voter registration schemes, voting without government issued Voter IDs, non-citizens voting, and instances of postal workers now indicating they were ordered to backdate election ballots which arrived after deadlines for counting had passed.

Sputnik: In Nevada state ballots were sent to “every single registered voter” in the state, whether they requested one or not. How legal is that? What consequences can be seen from such an incident?

Mark Dankof: The obvious potential for massive fraud is obvious. In Texas, I received duplicate Mail-In Ballots although I had never requested one. It has also been amply demonstrated that in all the states with hastily concocted Mail-In Ballot schemes, the logistical manpower and verifiable procedures to insure legitimacy were absolutely (deliberately?) lacking. Ballot Harvesting is part of this illegitimate process. In Texas, one can read several revealing accounts at Texas Scorecard as background material. The individual caught and charged with 134 felonies was notably caught and charged in a Republican-dominant state. What about battleground states and urban areas in such states controlled by Democratic Party officials and machines, as in Illinois and Cook County/Chicago? One can draw his or her own conclusions.

Sputnik: President Trump declared that “Nobody wants to report that Pennsylvania and Michigan didn’t allow our poll watchers and/or vote observers to watch or observe. This is responsible for hundreds of thousands of votes that should not be allowed to count. Therefore, I easily win both states.” Why, in your opinion, did these states not allow the Trump headquarters observers to attend the elections?

Mark Dankof: Wayne County/Detroit in Michigan and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania are run by the same Democratic machines that control Cook County, Chicago. The denial of poll watcher access to the process provides prima facie evidence of fraud, with the mainstream media as a collaborator in the unfolding of the travesty. It is noteworthy that 1) Trump held tangible leads in these battleground states when vote counting was inexplicably halted in these areas late on Election Night, only to have miraculous numbers of ballots for Biden turning up between 3 and 4 am in these same locations; Secondly 2), the same people who perpetrated the Clinton-Fusion GPS-Steele Dossier-CNN-MSNBC-Rachel Maddow line on “Russian Interference “ in 2016 with no evidence, and none produced by the $32 million dollar Mueller Investigation travesty, are now asking the American public to trust an election process where overt evidence of fraud and incompetence are clearly evident.

Sputnik: How can we talk about American media as being objective when they are silent about the massive fraud and the voting of dead people, but declared Biden’s victory before the electoral vote had been properly announced?

Dankof: The role of the mainstream media in covering for this fraud is as obvious as its complicity in burying the truth about FDR and Pearl Harbor, the 1960 Presidential Election, the Kennedy and King Assassinations, the shooting of George Wallace, the USS Liberty attack, 9-11, the long criminal history of the Clinton Empire, the fraudulent claims about Saddam and WMDs before Bush’s invasion of Iraq, the 2016 fabrication of the Russiagate myth, and concealing as best as possible Biden’s decreased mental capacity and his criminal involvements for cash in the Burisma/Ukraine and China trade deals.

Sputnik: Most recently, Georgia has agreed to perform a full manual recount of ballots cast in the presidential election because of how close the results were. What other states, do you think, will grant Trump’s request to recount their ballots?

Mark Dankof: The recount should occur in every battleground state in serious question regarding the integrity of the process, but I suspect Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Nevada will deny the request.

See the Breitbart News story entitled, “Marc Elias, Democrat Lawyer Who Pushed Vote-by-Mail in 2020, Also Behind ‘Russia Dossier’ in 2016 .” It will underscore how stacked the deck is where the 2020 American “Election” is concerned. I’m afraid that the likelihood of major recount undertakings and legitimate court examinations of evidence of massive fraud are going to prove to be as dead as Vince Foster and Ron Brown.

Election Day 2020: Sputnik International Talks to Mark Dankof

Sputnik International: Today is the Election Day and Americans are choosing between Republican President Donald Trump and his Democrat rival Joe Biden. What are your predictions? When can we expect the results?

Mark Dankof: I predict a contested election over the results in several key battleground states, due in large part to the mail-in ballot scheme concocted by the Democratic Party in league with the Mainstream Media falsification of COVID-19 statistics which have blown the risks of in-person voting totally out of proportion. Pennsylvania is a classic case in point. The State Board of Elections there issued 90,000 mail-in ballots in Westchester and Allegheny Counties that were provably flawed, including massive numbers sent as duplicates to the same person, or to persons deceased, or to non-registered individuals whose bona fides could not possibly be examined and verified. This mess was magnified by the SCOTUS ruling that ballots received after Election Day and WITHOUT POSTMARKS may be counted. This scenario, the Democratic Party controlled Postal Workers Unions, and legislation in several key states making it legal for convicted felons to vote, or to cast ballots without government issued Picture IDs, underscore the potential magnitude of the problem. In 2016, Trump only won Pennsylvania by a 45,000 vote margin. This puts into perspective the risks posed to the legitimacy of an electoral process in an election year of unprecedented polarization and tension. Franklin County, Ohio is another place to watch for shenanigans, along with North Carolina where ballots may be tabulated up to NINE days after Election Day.

Mark Dankof’s Most Embarrassing Photo: With George W. Bush in 1994 in Gubernatorial Politics: Helping Defeat Ann Richards in Texas for the NRA and Christian Schools.

If the election is reasonably legitimate, I believe Trump will barely pull it out by holding on to Texas and Florida, and coming from behind in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and possibly Michigan. But time tells. A possible dispute over several months and involving a blizzard of legal challenges, could have long-term implications for the entire political process in this country, with delegitimization of results accompanied by violence and destabilization in American communities nationally, especially in urban areas.

Another prediction: Regardless of outcome, the election will not solve any of this nation’s systemic problems, including unprecedented political and cultural division; the national debt; the overextension of American military operations globally; the toxic influence of Neo-Conservatism, Neo-Liberal Interventionism, and the Israeli Lobby in controlling American foreign and national security policy; urban violence; the ongoing militarization of police departments; the continued expansion of the American Surveillance State; the issue of Open Borders and immigration assimilation; trade deficits; and the loss of the country’s once formidable manufacturing sector. It is undeniably grim.

Pat Buchanan and Mark Dankof: September 1995 in San Antonio.

Sputnik International: We’re seeing support for the incumbent president increasing in key swing states – such as Florida, Michigan and Pennsylvania. During Trump’s recent rally in Pennsylvania, we saw really huge crowds of Trump supporters. How would you assess Donald Trump’s chances of taking crucial battleground states?

Mark Dankof: Better than 50-50 minus fraud. Even money if there are significant attempts at massive voter fraud. The President’s surge may well be due to COVID-19 shutdown fatigue with more of the populous, an increasing awareness of Mr. Biden’s reduced physical and mental capabilities, and most significantly, more public alarm over the violence and anarchy which has consumed Democratic cities since the May 25th Floyd tragedy in Minneapolis.

Sputnik International: How do the Republicans still manage to maintain their base and win elections, despite having less media power that the Democrats, as we know that most of the mainstream media can be described as ‘Democrat-leaning’?

Mark Dankof: The GOP base must depend on a significant number of independent voters voting for Trump over Biden, as was the case in the independent voter disenchantment with Hillary Clinton in 2016. In the latter situation, the Democratic Party nominated the one candidate Trump had the best chance of beating. This is also true in 2020, where Biden’s boost by the Clinton wing of the Democratic Party could again prove fatal. I’m convinced that several other Democratic contenders would have run a stronger race against the President. If Biden loses, look for more nonsensical allegations of Russian influence, as opposed to the obvious corruption and myopia endemic to a DNC establishment that does whatever is necessary to deny a Sanders or Gabbard the opportunity to run a much stronger national campaign.

Ironically enough, it is precisely the blatant leftist partisanship in mainstream media and among social media and high tech oligarchs that does provide the GOP with some benefit in regard to the resentment felt by many Americans about the defoliation of MSM journalism by Political Correctness. The rise of Alt Media in the United States after 9-11 is a direct result of this alienation from establishment media arrogance and its marriage to the globalist American political elite. The months of media distortion of the truth about the George Floyd incident in Minneapolis, and the tacit media support for Black Lives Matter and Antifa violence and anarchy in American cities thereafter, have only heightened these concerns. Independent American voters disenchanted with Mr. Trump’s personality and COVID-19 controversies have become alarmed over this collapse of social order as well. If enough of them decide to risk Trump again out of fear that the urban unrest could begin impacting the suburbs as well, that might be the razor thin margin of victory for Trump in the contested battleground states. Time will tell.

Sputnik International: US city business-owners are currently preparing for the riots and clashes on election day, covering their shops, stores and offices with plywood. In your view, how we will see the streets react to the election results?

Mark Dankof: There will be violence and unrest if Trump wins. If the situations in Minneapolis, Washington, Chicago, Seattle, Kenosha, and Portland reach the suburbs, the gloves will be off and the Marxist and racial revolutionaries in the streets will face an armed civilian population that will not stand down as the Democratic Mayors have. I believe that the key to a Trump victory will be a reaction of resentment over Fauci-CDC COVID-19 policies that have killed the economy in 2020, and a rising reaction of fear and resistance to what has been allowed to go on in American cities in 2020.

Perhaps more significantly, I agree with Pat Buchanan that if there is a Biden-Harris victory with Democratic Party flips in Red States and in the American Congress and Senate, 2022 will see a backlash when the next two years prove to be a managerial and political nightmare for the Democrats in America’s version of the Weimar Republic.

“Catholic”Joe Biden celebrates the Jewish Role in Bringing Cultural Marxism To America.

Sputnik Radio Talks to Mark Dankof on California Gun Sales and Violence in America

Sputnik: About 110,000 Californians have bought a gun since the coronavirus arrived, a study says

Sputnik: The survey detected shifts in gun ownership trends. By mid-July, the pandemic was cited as a factor in the purchase of an estimated 110,000 new firearms in the state. What do you associate with this surge in arms purchases?

If only Vince Foster had owned a .38. He’d still be alive. Ron Brown should have flown commercial in the 1996 Shakedown. …

Mark Dankof: The recent Forbes article cites “lawlessness” as the biggest factor in the surge in gun sales in California (76% of poll respondents. See

I absolutely believe this to be the case since the urban riots and chaos in the United States subsequent to the George Floyd case. Minneapolis, Chicago, Washington, St. Louis, Seattle, Portland, Kenosha, Los Angeles, and San Francisco are all cases in point. To the extent that COVID-19 is cited as a factor, it merely dovetails with the lawlessness issue in terms of the fears of the public about food shortages and the economic downturn producing more mass criminal behavior.

This problem is exacerbated by the fact that the Democratic administration of these cities has been largely AWOL in using state and local law enforcement and the State National Guard units to put down the rioters, looters, and arsonists. In that environment, along with the Defund the Police movement, more average citizens have come to believe that their only protection in this increasingly anarchistic milieu is to arm themselves as a last line of defense in protecting themselves, their families, and their property.

Sputnik: According to gun retailers, the overwhelming majority of buyers (57%) were people who already owned at least one gun. Why are people suddenly feeling like they need more and more firearms? 

Mark Dankof : The increasing fear of people around the country since May 25th has more folks turning to weaponry that would be effective in urban and suburban situations where armed mobs are operational in circumstances where law enforcement is either outgunned and outnumbered, or where authorities are refusing to deploy the manpower and the weaponry necessary to stop what are essentially groups of Marxist revolutionaries operating under the Black Lives Matter and Antifa organizations.

I haven’t seen statistics on the types of weapons being procured in unprecedented numbers, but am assuming they include AR-15s (the civilian version of the U.S. Army M-16 rifle), AK-47s, 10 and 12 gauge shotguns chambered for 3 inch magnum 00 and 000 buckshot, and high capacity magazine 9 mm, .45 ACP, and .40 SW semi-automatic pistols.

Sputnik: What can be done by local authorities to ensure public safety in this situation?

Mark Dankof: The first business at hand is to use whatever level of force necessary to put down arsonists, looters, and window smashers of any political persuasion. In this particular situation, that is predominantly the Marxist revolutionary left operating in this fashion in cities and states with Democratic Party city and state administrations.


The second order of business is to stop a revolving door justice system that continues to place violent felons back on the street after multiple convictions for weaponry-related offenses and assaults.

The third order of business, longer term, is to understand what has produced this level of lawlessness and anarchistic violence in America and how to reverse these trends. The political Left and Right in the United States are both silent on the implications of living in an Empire increasingly devoid of respect for human life. This is evidenced not only in the embrace of Cultural Marxism and abortion-on-demand in this country in recent decades, but in a militarized and interventionistic foreign policy entirely comfortable with pushing discretionary wars and regime change methodologies around the globe regardless of risk and massive destruction and loss of life. In this regard, the Neo-Conservative Right and the Neo-Liberal Left types who love the Atlantic Council and other organizations of similar ilk are equally guilty. 

Additionally, the sexual and drug revolutions of the United States have produced an epidemic of illegitimate births, nuclear family eclipse, and the demise of religious teaching and discipline in the home, and within a state educational system increasingly comfortable with Marxist PC and atheistic presuppositions. This has produced a present generation whose narcissistic ideology has been wedded to the employment of violence for personal and political purposes devoid of order or transcendent and eternal purpose. 

All of these trends add up to the demise of American culture, spirituality, and commonly shared political and cultural vision. The endgame is a Culture of Death, which expresses itself equally in the abortuary, the decrepit nursing home scene, the military theatres of operation in worthless discretionary wars, and the violence on American urban streets soon to reach the increasingly armed suburbs.

Washington, D. C. arson threatens St. John Church and the White House.

Sputnik: According to a comparative study of “gun” regulations in various US states, the most stringent rules are in Massachusetts and Hawaii, but six other states, including California, have a second category of severity regarding firearm possession. Why are we seeing such a surge in the acquisition of weapons, particularly in California, given the fact that the general population of the state  is not so supportive of carrying weapons?

Mark Dankof: I believe it has dawned on more Californians that mob violence and the inertia of authorities in deploying the police and the State Guard to protect the innocent, have necessitated more armed citizens in that state and elsewhere. The present situation in the United States is not unlike that which existed in Russia in the run-up to the Bolshevik Revolution. How this dreadful situation is resolved is anyone’s guess. It will be a tumultuous ride.

Sputnik International talks to Mark Dankof about Trump’s COVID-19 and the Implications in 2020

Sputnik International: “With today’s announcement of President and Mrs. Trump contracting the COVID-19 virus, we’re wondering to what extent this will influence his re-election campaign and to what extent this will lead to further chaos in Trump’s reelection bid. What about the mainstream media narrative around this?

Mark Dankof: “The diagnosis of Trump with COVID-19 has given CNN and other MSM outlets a good case of histrionics being heightened to assist the Biden candidacy by ignoring the latter’s dementia and political vulnerabilities.

CNN actually had the audacity to post that this was an unprecedented crisis in the health of a Chief Executive of the United States. This brand of ignorance ignores the Ike Eisenhower heart attack in 1955, and the shooting of President Reagan by Jon Hinckley. Both men recovered.

Prediction: Trump will recover. When he does, he will harp on the fact that at 73, he recovered his health as 99%+ Americans have who contracted the virus, and emphasize that only 10,000 deaths due to COVID-19 are due to the virus alone, as opposed to deaths of the extremely elderly and those already impacted by 2-3 life threatening conditions before contracting the virus. He will then go on the attack on the COVID-19 Shutdown as an attempt to destroy the economy as a means of destroying the Trump Presidency.

The bad news is this: The American nation has a political, economic, moral, and spiritual virus far more dangerous than COVID-19. It will not be cured by either another term for Trump or the election of Biden.

The symptoms include the Fed’s fiat money destroying the American dollar through fueling the printing press and long term inflation; the overextension of the American military abroad; Israel’s control of American foreign policy and direction of the Empire’s discretionary wars; an escalating national debt; trillion dollar yearly budget deficits; and an American culture descending into the hell of urban crime, racial unrest, and a Cultural Marxism underscored by Roe v Wade, Obergefell v Hodges, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and the proliferation of an increasingly militant LGBTQ industry. The American Empire is on a respirator. Unlike Mr. Trump, it will not recover.

Three articles will underscore this truth. Sputnik readers will be interested in my own essay of some years ago entitled, “Why We’re Finished.” The second piece is authored recently by John W. Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute and entitled, “The Election Has Already Been Hijacked and the Winner Decided. ‘We the People’ Lose.” The third essay is authored by Pedro Gonzalez, entitled “MAGA, Inc.

So I believe Mr. Trump will recover from COVID-19. He may well get re-elected. Whether he does or not becomes irrelevant to the ultimate demise of the American Experiment since 1776.

(Mark Dankof on RBN Live on October 2nd before the Sputnik International interview on the same day.)

Written by Mark Dankof

October 2, 2020 at 7:57 pm

Mark Dankof’s Open Letter To the Supreme Leader of Iran: Equating Palestinian Rights and Black Lives Matter is a Mistake



Mark Dankof encourages Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Khamenei, to reconsider his support of Black Lives Matter (BLM), a pro-Marxist, pro-LGBTQ, pro-violence organization as reprehensible as the terrorist MEK-MKO organization being used by Zionist Neo-Conservatives in the United States against the Iranian government and people.


The Democratic Party Globalists and Zionists: Supporting Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and Greater Israel Against Iran. 


Kamala Harris and Bibi at AIPAC: Harris loves BLM, Antifa, LGBTQ, Abortion, and  Israel. 

To the Supreme Leader of Iran:


I would be careful about equating Palestinian rights with the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, which is explicitly Marxist, which proclaims its links to the LGBTQ movement both in the United States and globally, and which justifies the employment of violence for revolutionary purposes. Not insignificantly, Black Lives Matter (BLM) is heavily linked to the Zionist machine in the United States.

With all due respect, your apparent support for Black Lives Matter (BLM) is no different from American Zionists and Neo-Conservatives using the MEK-MKO terrorists against your own government and the Iranian people generally. I understand your legitimate animosity toward the American government, but please reconsider supporting a Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement your government would quite rightly never tolerate in Iran.

You will recall that in 2015, I wrote a published letter on your behalf to the young people of Iran, supporting you in your appeal to your youth about vigilance in the wake of internal subversion against Iranian culture, religion, and national autonomy. I emphasized then who and what was behind this insidious attack in what Tasnim News Agency entitled “Mark Dankof: Supreme Leader’s Letter Urges Youth to Ponder West’s Duplicity.”

I was smeared in significant places in the United States and in Zionist media for penning that letter. I still stand by everything I said 5 years ago. I’m proud of that effort. Nonetheless you must understand that the Globalists and Zionists who have Iran in their gun sights are the same forces who now seek to bring the United States into a world government under their insidious and absolute control by destroying this country as well via Black Lives Matter, Antifa, Sexual Subversion, and the Abortion Industry.

My public record of support for Palestinian statehood and opposition to Zionist aggression and subversion against Iran is long-standing and unassailable. At the same time, I oppose the agenda of Black Lives Matter (BLM) for reasons already stated, and suggest your looking at some of the links provided to you for prayerful and thoughtful consideration.


Chauvin, Lane, Kueng, and Thao: The George Floyd Fall Guys

George Floyd Was Not Killed By Police

‘I Stand with Israel’: Kamala Harris in Her Own Words (FULL SPEECH)

Sincerest best wishes,

Mark Dankof


Sputnik International Talks to Mark Dankof on the 2020 Democrats and “It’s the Russians Again!”

(Sputnik International spoke with Mark Dankof on Democratic apoplexy over the Trump Administration’s scaling back of security briefings as reported by POLITICO on August 29th, 2020.)


It Isn’t the Russians. 

Sputnik International: The Office of the Director of National Intelligence is scaling back its election security briefings to Congress, according to two sources familiar with the matter and documents reviewed by POLITICO. The move has enraged congressional Democrats, who have long charged the Trump administration with downplaying threats to U.S. elections from foreign actors, especially Russia. How reasonable and substantiated are the claims and fears of the Democrats in this regard? Do you think the Democrats will be able to accuse Russia of interfering in the elections again? What else can we expect from the Democrats in this regard?


George Soros would like for history to be repeated in the United States.

Mark Dankof: As I said to Press TV Iran some days ago, the Democratic Party lost in 2016 because they ran a flawed campaign with a lousy candidate. I predict they will lose again to Trump, because once more they have nominated a terrible candidate who does not need Russian help to beat himself in what I believe will be an electoral landslide.

After blowing $32 million dollars on the Mueller Russia Gate investigation, the Democrats came up with absolutely nothing.


Enter a caption

The real story is the criminal actions of Hillary Clinton, the DNC-linked Fusion GPS group, and John McCain in using Christopher Steele in the UK to produce the so-called Steele Dossier and to employ McCain as the conduit of the dossier to the FBI which subsequently went to the FISA court to obtain extraordinary powers of investigation and surveillance of the alleged Trump-Russia collusion while concealing who and what was behind the production of the document.


McCain’s Long Career as a Criminal and Warmonger is Accentuated in Syria with Al-Qaeda Allies.

The August 14th story in the New York Times of Adam Goldman, entitled “Ex-FBI Agent Expected to Plead Guilty in Review of Russia Probe,” suggests the tip of the iceberg the Democrats want to conceal:

The lawyer, Kevin Clinesmith, 38, who was assigned to the Russia investigation, plans to admit that he altered an email from the C.I.A. that investigators relied on to seek renewed court permission in 2017 for a secret wiretap on the former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page, who had at times provided information to the spy agency.


The Chief Foreign Force in American Elections, Manipulation, and Interference.

The second point to be made is the ridiculous character of charging Russia as being the chief pariah in foreign interference in American elections, when it is obvious that the Zionist entity and the Israeli Lobby in the United States routinely buys elections for favored assets in both the Democratic Party and the GOP. AIPAC and its fellow travelers should be brought under the jurisdiction of the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA). But it will never happen. John and Robert Kennedy attempted to have the American Zionist Council (AZC), the forerunner of AIPAC, registered as the lobby of a foreign country. That, and the attempts of JFK to have the Israeli Dimona Nuclear Plant brought under international and American regulation and inspection had more than a little to do, I believe, with the events of November 1963 and June of 1968. See Laurent Guyénot in the Unz Review on this sordid subject.


Finally, the Democratic Party’s obsession with Russia is not simply rooted in the scapegoating of the latter for the former’s unassisted and considerable talent for blowing national elections, but in their hatred of a resurrection of Russian national fortunes under Putin and undergirded by a renewal of Russian Orthodox culture as the ideological foundation for this. This not only is an affront to the world view of a Globalist Democratic elite which desires a world government under the control of World Zionism and Western Central Bankers (identical to the McCain elite in the GOP), but an affront to the advance globally of the Democratic Gospel of Cultural Marxism as expressed in their infatuation with abortion-on-demand, Planned Parenthood, and the most militant elements in the LGBTQ leviathan in the United States.


The Black Lives Matter-Queer Alliance is a Democratic Party Power Broker and the Enemy of Putin’s Russian Orthodox Culture Revival.


Democratic Party Hatred of Putin and Russia is Democratic Party Hatred of Orthodox Christianity and Christian Morality. 

But again, the Democrats will lose this election in November. They have a terrible and flawed candidate, and are losing poll points ongoingly for their embrace of BLM and Antifa revolutionaries who are engaging in violent pillaging, arson, and looting of some of America’s most significant cities. As this continues, it will not be lost on independent and presently uncommitted voters that without exception, these cities have Democratic mayors and are located in states with Democratic governors. Appeasing these Marxist revolutionaries, allowing their own territories to be pillaged, supporting a revolving door criminal justice system for violent felons, and assailing Americans who lawfully defend themselves with weapons and belong to the NRA, is a great way to blow another election. And after they do, it will be because of “The Russians.”



The Tehran Times Talks to Mark Dankof on JCPOA, Trump, Bolton, and Empire


Mohammad Marzari of the Tehran Times sits down with American paleo-conservative broadcaster and columnist Mark Dankof to discuss JCPOA, Donald Trump, John Bolton, and the waning character of the American Empire. 

Tehran Times: The UN Security Council has rejected the US proposal to extend the Iran arms embargo. In this regard Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) has said that “It wasn’t a defeat. It was a rout.” Is that such a catastrophic result for the U.S.?

Mark Dankof: It was a deserved rout and an absolute embarrassment and foreign policy catastrophe for the United States. I am among those on the American Right who supported, and still support JCPOA. Pat Buchanan and David Stockman are two other examples, Stockman having written an outstanding defense of the treaty in several places. He has also rightly attacked Trump for the Soleimani Assassination.


Mark Dankof’s youthful view of the Elburz Mountains from Golestan 4 in North Tehran in the Pahlavi Era.

Some of my own past remarks are still relevant for Tehran Times readers at the Tasnim News Agency on several subjects and at Charles Bausman’s Russia Insider.


Vladimir Putin:  Iran and Russia are Powerful Allies in the Fight Against International Terrorism. Tehran Times photo.

In the end, the UN Security Council members know that the treaty is solid, undermined by the Israeli Lobby’s control of the foreign policy of the United States regardless of which political party is in power, and an agreement where the illegitimate unilateral withdrawal of the Trump Administration from the deal is the breaking of the American word of honor not only to Iran but the other signatories. The notion that the United States insists it can continue to dictate policies on Iran and the JCPOA terms having withdrawn as a party to the deal is especially outlandish, and an insistence no one else outside of Mr. Trump’s Zionist entourage is buying.

Tehran Times: How do you assess Trump’s “maximum pressure” policy? Was it successful?

Mark Dankof: It is an obvious failure. The Europeans are increasingly disenchanted with Washington’s Zionist war drum beating, and the “maximum pressure” approach is simply and understandably strengthening the Russian and Chinese political and economic relationship with Iran at American expense.


Mark Dankof on Trump’s Zionist Problem for Press TV.

Tehran Times: Do you think that the rest of world including the European countries will cooperate with Trump’s administration to ruin the nuclear deal by triggering “snapback” sanctions on Iran?


Mark Dankof in the usual reading and studying mode.

Mark Dankof: With the exception of the UK, I believe the other European powers will balk at this idea. The German resistance to illegitimate American interference with the Nord Stream 2 deal with Russia is both an example of a reassessment of post-war American dictation of policy to Europe, a situation that will exacerbate resentment of American dictation on Iran policy and JCPOA, and eventually force a reassessment of NATO and Neo-Conservative militarism toward Russia in the post Cold War world where the Reagan-Bush I pledges to Gorbachev have been systematically broken in the same way that the American promises on JCPOA have been. It is beginning to dawn on Europeans that the Zionist Neo-Conservative foreign policy on both Iran and Putin’s Russia makes them more vulnerable and far less secure. It is my hope that a comatose American electorate eventually figures this out in terms of their own self interest and national security.


Syrian Christians are among the Zionist victims of war and subversion.

Tehran Times: On May 8, 2018, the United States withdrew from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA–the nuclear deal) unilaterally while Iran was committed to its obligations. Now Trump tries to use the deal to unite the other signatories against Iran? What kind of logic is that?

Mark Dankof: There is no logical rationale whatsoever for this counterproductive lunacy. It must be understood in terms of the Israeli Lobby stranglehold on American Presidential Administrations, Congress, and Mainstream Media (MSM) in the United States. Trump is perhaps the worst example of this yet, in terms of an absolute blank check being issued to Israel on Gaza, Lebanon, the Occupied Territories, and East Jerusalem. This is not changed by the 2020 election year fraud of the American-brokered “deal” between Israel and the UAE which does nothing for the Palestinians at all. Netanyahu admitted that his annexation policies are “still on the table.” You can be assured they will reappear after the first Tuesday in November in the United States.


Tehran Times: Do you expect that America will recognize the reality of a multi-polar world?

Mark Dankof: I do not believe that this reality has yet dawned on an American National Security and foreign policy establishment drenched in false notions of Empire, and false doctrines of American and Israeli Exceptionalism. A $26 trillion dollar national debt, the rise of competing economies and military establishments around the world, and an American domestic scene mired in more political and cultural division than I’ve ever witnessed in my lifetime, suggest the obvious end of the post WW II American Empire for reasons similar to the end of the old British Empire and the dissolution of the USSR. But the American political oligarchy seems presently oblivious to this obvious reality.


Tehran Times: What about former American Ambassador to the UN and ex-Trump National Security Advisor John Bolton, and his advocacy of a “maximum pressure” policy on Iran, as he expressed this in his recent interview with the BBC?


John Bolton with his Zionist War Party fans at the Republican Jewish Coalition.  Times of Israel photo.

Mark Dankof:  “John Bolton is an Apostle of World Zionism, the Israeli Government, and the Israeli Lobby solely interested in a war for Netanyahu and Neo-Conservative Regime Change in Iran. He approves of the Soleimani Assassination and Marxist MEK terror operations in Iran and from the latter’s Troll Farm in Albania. His ideas, if implemented, would likely ignite World War III. Innocent Americans would die alongside innocent Iranians and others. It is not illegitimate to tag him as a war criminal with a psychopathic psychological profile. He is, simply put, a dangerous man.”