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Mark Dankof on LGBTQ and The Big Picture for RBN Radio

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Mark Dankof was the featured guest on Mark Anderson’s Stop the Presses! show on the Republic Broadcasting Network on July 24th, 2019.

Topic: LGBTQ and the Big Picture, with discussion of Christian Homeschooling as an alternative to the Propaganda for Perversion targeting the young in American Public Schools courtesy of the National Education Association, its fellow travelers, and the agenda of Cultural Marxism, especially in the Democratic Party.

Articles briefly cited included Mark Dankof’s It’s Time for Mass Resistance to the LGBTQ Culture of Death for Russia Insider and An Overview of Jonah as a Prototypical Primer for the Catacomb Church and Homeschool Study as an example of resources available to those who need them.

Listen here.







Mark Dankof on NBR on RBN: Mossad and the Jeffrey Epstein-Ghislaine Maxwell Case



06EFAD8C-79F7-4116-91C4-1F477CE88DBEMark Dankof discusses the Mossad Smell around the Jeffrey Epstein Pedophile Case with reference to Ghislaine Maxwell, the late Robert Maxwell of the Daily Mirror, and Ehud Barak, among others. Listen here

Dr. Philip Giraldi’s article entitled, Did Jeffrey Epstein Work for the Mossad? is referenced on the show, along with other critical articles and information here.

Dr. Giraldi’s post on film producer Arnan Milchan and Israeli espionage is also worth your time.


Duplicity Personified: “The hiding of long term goals and adorning malevolent objectives.”






Mark Dankof on EuroFolkRadio with Andrew Carrington Hitchcock and Adrian Krieg: June 8th, 2019


Mark Dankof joined Andrew Carrington Hitchcock and Dr. Adrian Krieg on EuroFolkRadio on June 8th, for the 4th episode of “Generations.”

Access the show here.





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Mark Dankof For Russia Insider: It’s Time for Americans to Engage in Mass Resistance Against the LGBTQ Culture of Death

Mark Dankof’s latest for Russia Insider may be directly accessed here

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Where is Mass Resistance to Anything in America? Mark Dankof’s Thoughts after Pride Week and Before the 4th of July


Mark Dankof is obviously in the Middle for a change.  Dr. Adrian Krieg is on the left.  Andrew Carrington Hitchcock on the right.  Join us for “Generations” on Mondays on EuroFolkRadio.

     A fine lady from Idaho Eagle Forum named Jane Lesko Eden has been informing me of the events planned for the National Education Association’s upcoming National Representative Assembly Meeting in Houston at the George R. Brown Convention Center, which ironically enough begins on July 4th, American Independence Day.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what their agenda is.  Have a look at “The NEA Commemorates the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising to Support our LGBTQ Students, Members, and Community at the 2019 NEA Representative Assembly Meeting.”


The National Education Association:  Celebrating LGBTQ Perversion and the Coercive Promotion of Cultural Marxism in American Schools

     I have since received information on a website called Mass Resistance.  Given my age, I remember the days when mass resistance was an idea promoted by far left groups in the 1960s during the Vietnam War, some of them Red dominated.  All were promoters of the sexual and drug revolutions of that decade that has permeated American cultural attitudes and practices ever since. The irony now is that the website with that name is a conservative group of parents, activists, and educators who collectively agree that sexual education of children in schools and public libraries by perverts is not simply a bad idea, but a concept rooted in demonic insanity, not to mention worship of the Central State.  I concur.


Whether it is the Cultural Marxism and the Pride of the New World Order, or the Wars of the American Empire for the New World Order and Israel, Mark Dankof has some sage advice:  Don’t Follow the Herd.

     I remember my interview with Press TV Iran after the Obergefell SCOTUS decision of June 26th, 2015.  I identified the folks disproportionately involved in activism, politics, and media to bring about this ultimate triumph of the Globalist Left in hijacking the cultural and political attitudes of the people of the United States on the issue of gay and lesbian marriage.  Joe Biden and I said exactly the same thing.  But he thought it was a great victory for the Constitution, fairness, and civic and cultural advancement. I, however, spoke in complete antithesis to his celebration of that pivotal event 4 years ago on international television outside the controlled American media consortiums.  The usual suspects in those lofty environs subsequently suggested I was being outrageous by suggesting the provable identity of those who carried the weight of the battle won by the Culturally Marxist Left in the Supreme Court, even though Mr. Biden stated the same thing in Israel.  Perhaps Mr. Biden, every Democratic Presidential Primary Contender for 2020, and every politician in either major party running for anything up or downline on the ballot ought to be asked now about using public schools and libraries to promote the use of Drag Queens and other assorted deviants among us in reaching the youngest and most vulnerable with their poisonous brews with taxpayers money.  But don’t bet on it.


A Most Encapsulating and Enchanting Photo Symbolizing the Merger of International Faggotry, the American Surveillance Police State, and the Supporting of Zionist Wars Against Iran and Putin: Welcome to the Headquarters of the National Security Agency (NSA) in Fort Meade during Pride Week

     Which brings me to another observation.  The Cultural Right, much of it comprised of Christians of various traditions, usually seems to avoid mentioning the connection I did to the real perpetrators of the victories of Cultural Marxism in America embodied in the Roe v Wade decision of 1973, and then in the Obergefell decision 42 years later.  Many of them sadly support Mr. Netanyahu and his gang of thugs with their 5th Column operating so effectively in the United States.  The efforts of MassResistance, Eagle Forum, LifeSiteNews, and others are to be supported in every way possible, but with the full understanding that unless the wider context of the targeting of this country and the West is understood, ultimate victory and reconquest of the Old Republic shall remain impossible. And as far as the Neo-Conservative/Zionist control of the Republican Party is concerned, many of its agents like Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Victoria Nuland, and Sam Brownback support LGBTQ machinations and illegal coup d’etats abroad in the targeting of entire countries for subversive purposes. Discernment in regard to why is the key for American conservatives and Christians to embrace a Culture of Life both domestically and globally.  It will not do to be pro-life and anti-LGBTQ Stateside while supporting the exportation of an international Culture of Death globally, either morally or in terms of political and spiritual credibility.



    As for the Cultural Marxists predominantly but not exclusively found in the Democratic Party, it is taboo to mention what both Joe Biden and I did about the folks behind their successes in my lifetime, even as many of them bathing in the supposed glories of gay marriage and abortion-on-demand have little to no trouble with the pro-War for Empire agenda of most of their Party standard-bearers receiving tons of campaign money from the real source of money and power in the United States. That real source loves the Culture of Death, both the domestic version and its international counterpart, where mass murder through wars, False Flags, economic blackmail and the targeted exportation of corrosive perversion are promoting Greater Israel and the post-Bretton Woods Central Banking System globally premised on the maintenance of the American Dollar as the reserve currency of the planet.


     Charles Bausman’s Russia Insider is an outstanding news and media site which shows how every day how this packaged agenda of the Culture of Death is directed against anyone and anything which stands in the way of the world governmental system perpetrated by the United States and the Zionist Beast which controls it.  One classic example for today from Mr. Bausman’s most informative page is Violence Erupts as West Turns its Sexual Subversion Weapon on Georgia by James George Jatras on that site.  That article contains links to the identical game plan for Ukraine and Moldova among others.  If you’re an American reader, your tax monies are paying for these games in these countries, even as you are also paying taxes to an American educational system targeting your kids with Drag Queens in public libraries and in your local school. Mr. Jatras also has a most revealing piece in Chronicles Magazine entitled, “What’s Really Behind the State Department’s Meddling in Ukraine?” I urge you to read these materials and distribute them to your friends and family members while there is yet time.


Houston MassResistance exposes more horror: 2nd public library “Drag Queen” is convicted child sex offender – and a transgender prostitute specializing in BDSM.

I have spent 18 long years since 9-11 broadcasting and writing on these matters.  In Christian Martyrdom and the American Empire, I inscribed the following:

     My opening premise tonight is this:  The American Empire and its linkage to the Zionist State of Israel is intrinsically evil.  These entities are at the center of the drive to the New World Order, which in turn encompasses the ideology of world government; central banking; a controlled news media; the Culturally Marxist ideologies of radical feminism, abortion-on-demand, the LGBTQ agenda, societal acceptance of pornography, and an inherent opposition to authentic Christianity.  These entities seek to enslave the entire globe with this Satanic ideology, utilizing internal subversion, wartime economic sanctions, a global surveillance police state, and overt threats of military force against nation-states who do not acquiesce to the Beast.  Iran and a post-Communist Russia being revitalized by Russian Orthodox Christian spirituality and culture are but the latest targets. The symbols of the Christian Cross and the American Flag and Constitution shall be those chosen to sell lies to the American public and the American churches as to what this coming battle is about.  Make no mistake about it.  The New World Order is about neither.  It is the avowed enemy of both, no matter how many United States Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Navy recruitment ads appear during NFL games suggesting otherwise.

     So after Pride Month and with another 4th of July celebration only two days away, I will write no more for the evening.  It is time for spiritual reading, searching God’s Word, and prayer in my home sanctuary.

    I reiterate that I sincerely salute Mass Resistance for its fine efforts to reverse the evil tide in American culture and education, even as I observe since 9-11 that the reaction of the American public to the real issues surrounding the Culture of Death both domestically and internationally have resulted thus far in Mass Indifference.  In terms of eschatology, I believe the end of linear history prophesied by our Lord Jesus Christ in the Olivet Discourse (Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21) is drawing ever closer.  That is my ultimate hope, even as I see the America I once knew slipping away with terrifying speed, even as The Empire is ever closer to bringing apocalypse to the planet.

     Finally, I don’t observe the 4th of July anymore in attendance at public gatherings.  I will be seen nowhere near these events in 48 hours. The politically and culturally autistic Americans who attend such are free to do so, but why they would celebrate the current condition of this country and the mass indifference most of these alleged patriots display about its malignant condition is a total mystery to me.  If you want my perspective on Independence Day, my thoughts in “A ‘Communist’s’ Thoughts on the 4th of July” are still available in a variety of places. I’ll repeat my sage advice from one of this article’s photo captions: Don’t Follow the Herd. Do a lot less flag-waving and drinking.  Do a lot more reading, thinking, contemplating, and praying.  The Founding Fathers would salute you as the clock ticks on to Midnight.






Tick off the New World Order: Subscribe to News Front


Join Dr. Adrian Krieg, Pastor Mark Dankof, and Andrew Carrington Hitchcock on “Generations” each Monday on EuroFolkRadio, after you’ve subscribed to News Front.  Get Under Their Skin!

Mark Dankof to NewsReleaseWire of Washington, D. C. and Contrarians Anonymous:
This is for Mark Dankof’s America subscribers, National Bugle Radio News Page readers, listeners to the Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show in the UK, and consumers of alternative media and news everywhere. Tick off Stop Fake, Zuckerberg at Facebook, Google, The Washington Post, The New York Times, CNN, and fans of Zionism and the New World Order everywhere by subscribing to News Front.
Stop Fake’s photo blindsiding of Paul Craig Roberts tipped their hand as to their Hidden Hand Benefactors and Handlers.

Stop Fake:  Their Photographic Blindside of Dr. Paul Craig Roberts Tips Their Hand on The Hidden Hand Behind Them.

I will post my endorsement of News Front on News Release Wire of Washington, D.C., just to insure Rabbi Ariel Tuchman of the Anti Defamation League of B’nai Brith in New York sees it.
Postscript:  Don’t forget to renew your subscription to Christian News. 

Mark Dankof Salutes Herman Otten: There Was a Time When Giants Walked the Earth


The Theological Credo of the Lutheran Reformation and Herman Otten of Christian News

      My longtime friend in the Confessionally Lutheran Faith and fellow journalist, Herman Otten of Christian News, has gone to be with the Lord Jesus Christ in eternity as of two days ago, April 24th, 2019.  Love Him or Hate Him, count me as one always in Herman’s corner in life when we first occasionally began working together over decades.  His place in Lutheran history and in the history of cutting edge Alternative Media in a pre-technological/pre-Internet era is absolutely guaranteed, regardless of what one would say about him now.  As for his considerable number of enemies, Otten loved publishing their original works of trash with complete glee and sarcastic wit.  Two items of hilarity for him in the current media would have been the tragi-comedic posts of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency entitled “A Chicago Space for LGBTQ Jews Becomes a ‘Queer Jeshiva for Everybody’,” and the Russia Today post on Sonalee Rashatwar entitled “‘Fat Sex Therapist’ Compares Fitness to Nazism, Dieting to Rape.” Herman would have noted editorially that Sonalee’s Seminar was delivered at St. Olaf’s “Lutheran” College in Minnesota.


Otten: “We Need a Stick-it-in-His-Ribs Rebuttal.  Call San Antonio.”

     At the same time, he loved me on the radio and quietly followed my pathway there.  Herman likely missed my On-The-Air work this past week.  He’s listening now from Above. And making notes.  . . . He is probably also viewing the You Tube video of highlights of his life and his family’s ministry to him in his final days of this temporal existence, put together by his son Tim.


Herman Otten Loved This Meme of Israel’s “Christian” Bitch-in-Chief.

     The evidence of his personality and journalistic omnipresence is everywhere, ranging from the Lutheran Logia journal which gives him a qualified Thumbs-Up to liberal Matthew Becker of Valparaiso University and Day Star, which gives him an unqualified Thumbs-Down.  The latter was finally removed from the clergy roster of the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod after a lengthy investigation which would never have occurred had the bureaucracy of that Synod not been hounded by the public exposure of Becker’s views over a very long period of time by–you guessed it–Herman Otten.


Lutheran Pastor Mark Dankof and Reformed Baptist Pastor Dale Crowley, Jr. both named on the Christian News roster of “Soldiers of the Cross.”

     An additional 1992 read which underscores his pivotal role as a watchdog of Missouri Synod machinations and Synodical Presidential elections over decades can be accessed as well, courtesy of a Chicago Tribune repost from Victor Volland of the St. Louis Post Dispatch. It is entitled, “Lutheran Journalist Plays Role of Spoiler.”  This sample is but a microcosm of his role as Editor of Christian News since 1962.  Another is the essay of Robert Benne, Director of the Center on Religion and Society at Roanoke College for Richard John Neuhaus’s First Things, entitled “The Trials of American Lutheranism.” While Dr. Benne’s ideological bias is revealed in his fine article, it does illustrate what James Adams, Religion Editor of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch wrote in his pivotal work, “Preus of Missouri and the Great Civil War” about the role of Herman Otten and Christian News in bringing down John Tietjen and a majority liberal faculty at Concordia Seminary in February of 1974.  Adams correctly observed that when historians would chronicle the ugliness of that Civil War over decades, the pivotal role of Otten in making it happen would be forever remembered.

    Another brief and poignant remembrance of the great man I have always thought of as the H. L. Mencken of Christian Journalism has just been posted on April 25th by Dr./Pastor Karl Fabriziius of Gottesdienst:  The Journal of Lutheran Liturgy.  It is entitled “Remembering Herman Otten.” It is yet another reminder of the place of Herman Otten and Christian News in the annals of American Lutheran history.

     As far as Richard John Neuhaus and First Things go, Christian News reported the truth:  Neuhaus had received $8.5 million dollars in contributions from Jewish Neo-Conservative sources for his long-time service to the State of Israel and Zionist Wars.  It wasn’t all about Hagee, Robertson, and Falwell.  The Synagogue of Satan had also skillfully covered its bets with a Lutheran turned Roman Catholic, who knew how to keep his printing press going and with great Mainstream Media reviews.

     Herman knew too much and was willing to speak and write about what he really thought.  People in power feared him, as he could not be compromised or purchased because of his faith and his commitment to a bedrock subscription to the Scriptures and the Lutheran Confessions. Because of this, he would be the target of relentless ad hominem attacks and demonization for decades. Each punch thrown his way was met by his shifty footwork and public journalistic counterpunch.  He instinctively understood that the world was both a cruel place to an honest man, and not the final stop, but only a fleeting transition for a brief moment to the blessed home in eternity awaiting the Christian believer.  What remains forever unfathomable is that he was simultaneously an effective parish pastor over the same period of temporal time, and had the absolute support of wife Grace, his kids, and his grandchildren in everything he was doing at the Lord’s behest.  Otten’s personal call to a ministry of Word and Sacrament proclaimed in his pulpit each Sunday was also his personal call to combat on the other 6 days of the week what he saw as an insidious threat to Biblical orthodoxy, culture, and morality via his pen and typewriter.  In his “spare” time, he participated for years in triathlons.


Christian News Consultant on Biblical Eschatology Par Excellence.

     For a direct encounter with Herman Otten speaking as Herman Otten, try his presentation to the 9th Revisionist Conference published by the Journal of Historical Review.  The title is “The Holocaust, Historical Revisionism, and Christians Today.”


Otten to Dankof: “Tell This Andrew Carrington Hitchcock guy in England to Send Me More Stuff!”

     Love Him or Hate Him, You Must Deal With Him.


Otten to Dankof:  “Are You Keeping Your Bedside Devotions Active Every Night?”

     My conversations with the legendary Editor of Christian News over decades all began flooding back to me the day after his passing in New Haven.  I’ll relate the last one we had in 2015 that involved an incredibly serious matter involving Yours Truly with the ability to laugh with Herman about it later.

     Bottom line:  I almost had to legitimately shoot a man to death beating a woman in my apartment complex parking lot in San Antonio on Columbus Day that year.  My account of this may be accessed here.  I told my long-time friend about the details you may now read about.

     I was explaining to the good Pastor and Editor about my choice of firearm, the particular load in the magazine and chamber, and the Combat Handgunning technique of the Defensive Two-Tap to the upper torso (“Bang, Bang” best enacted with a semi-automatic and two lightning squeezes of the trigger, not jerking). I did so only because he was asking all the questions about the particulars. Herman then spoke of a theoretical headline only Otten could come up with instantly for Page One had I actually been forced to use the weapon: “Christian News Exclusive: Dankof’s Defensive Two-Tap and Walther’s ‘Proper Distinction Between Law and Gospel.'”

     For those who follow me now on Press TV/Iran, National Bugle Radio on RBN, Duke on Rense Radio Live, the American Free Press, Don Wassall’s Nationalist Times, Russia Insider, Russia Faith, Russia News Now, the Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show in the UK, Al Ansaar Radio, CII International Radio of Johannesburg/Durban, Culture Wars, Dankof with Jonas E. Alexis of Veterans Today, BATR/SARTRE, and countless other places in the last two decades, history will reveal that I was originally elevated to my level of visibility in the last 19 years by two things.  One was my run for the U. S. Senate in 2000 in Delaware against William Roth and Tom Carper as the nominated delegate of the Constitution Party.  Even more importantly, my foray into Alternative Media for the Old Right was launched by my book review for Herman Otten and Christian News that made it into the 9-11 Commemorative Issue only days after September 11th, 2001.  The book reviewed was Gordon Thomas’s Gideon’s Spies:  The Secret History of the Mossad. Mr. Thomas himself contacted me from Ireland after seeing it.  That would have been impossible in a pre-Internet age.


The Post 9-11 launch of Mark Dankof into Alt Right Action was because of Herman Otten of Christian News on September 17th, 2001.  The Fallout from that Book Review continues to this day.

     I had occasionally contributed to Christian News since the late 1980s, but the Thomas book review published after 9-11 changed the course of my life.  I could never have foreseen any of this, but on occasion Herman published a handful of items under my byline that bear special reiteration:  My memorial to the great Pastor Dale Crowley, Jr. was one of them.  My interview with Howard Phillips for Christian News was subsequently run by World Net Daily in its entirety.  My Page One interview with Dr. James Montgomery Boice is no longer online anywhere, but Christian News Encyclopedia will have it. My tribute to my academic advisor at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Dr. Harold O. J. Brown, was another Otten editorial publish that also made it into wider evangelical circles that found him too tough on the Bad Guys in their midst otherwise.  I am informed that the TEDS faculty actually posted the Christian News original in the faculty lounge after the Brown death for a period of days.  I found this amusing:  The implication was that Dankof had written a terrific tribute to Joe Brown, but having Trinity students encountering both Dankof and Herman Otten in print with reference to the seminary was a potentially inflammatory risk.  For the record:  Harold O. J. Brown loved Christian News.  He read every issue.  I made sure he made it when he preceded Pastor Otten in the Kingdom of God.


     These lovable Protestant Evangelicals could not quite handle the Otten style of sardonic-to-the-point-of-inflicted anguish humor always brandished when absolutely warranted.  A classic example of this was the “prophetic vision” of Montanist Charismatic Guru Jamie Buckingham in the late 1980s.  It related to Buckingham’s direct unmediated message from the Holy Spirit to the former that Jamie would receive a Supernatural Healing and Deliverance to Claim and Proclaim from the sad case of cancer affliction he had encountered.  Charisma magazine and other Montanist outlets were playing it up big at the time and using it to sell other Charismatic Montanists on the idea of simply naming and claiming their physical deliverance from dreaded disases and suffering by clinging to Jamie’s received revelation. Only Herman Otten had the guts at the time to publish the dangers to Christians of accepting such transparent and heretical nonsense at face value from these self-anointed Evangelical Superstars.


The Flag of Israel-First Evangelicals, Capitol Hill, the ADL, the SPLC, Aryeh Tuchman of J-Hate, Joe Biden, and LGBTQ. Herman Otten was their Eternal Adversary.

     Jamie Buckingham sadly died 3 years later.  Christian News published the news story on his passing and obituary, alongside what Charisma had published some 36 months before on his Supernatural Healing of Deliverance to Claim and Proclaim message courtesy of the Holy Spirit’s person-to-person call that Buckingham asked everyone to believe actually transpired.  There was no editorial comment from Herman Otten.


Otten Answers the ADL Chief On The Line:  “Don’t Like Dankof’s Last Op-Ed?  His Dog is More Well Read Than You Are, You Jerk.”

     Message:  Only Christian News will remind people of the entire context of this sad story.  Christian News isn’t making light of a man’s illness, suffering, and death.  But false teaching and a heretical Montanism being passed off as Biblical doctrine and praxis has to be held accountable to the truth.  Buckingham was a heretic.  Everybody else is tap-dancing around this.  We Won’t.  We Never Will.


Mark Dankof’s Graduation from Valparaiso University, the Alma Mater of Grace Otten and the Adversary of Herman Otten.

     Pastor Herman Otten lives today with his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  That was and is his message to you.  I loved him in life.  I love him now.  I and all believers will yet encounter Herman and his manual typewriter, printing press, subscriber snail mail list, and Enemies Now in the Lake of Fire List in the Kingdom of God (Romans 10:9).

     Requiescat In Pace, Thou Who Hast Been Faithful Unto Death (Revelation 2:10).


Luther’s Reformation in Christian News on the 500th Anniversary.



The Family Second Only to God Priorities of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Otten


The Journalistic Credo of Herman Otten of Christian News

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