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Mark Dankof on National Bugle Radio on RBN: Terrorist Profiles, Mass Shootings, Responses, and Unintended Consequences


The Heat Index on August 7th in San Antonio is 110 Fahrenheit. The Political Heat Index is Hotter.

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Must read: The UK Daily Mail Exclusive on The Connor Betts Journal: Murder, Drugs, Satanism.

Mark Dankof on El Paso and Dayton: The Profile, The Timing, The Spin, The Diversion



Only Conspiracy Driven Extremists and Mass Shooters Believe This Sort of Thing.


     It is Sunday here in the Alamo City.  I spend Sundays going to church, listening to classical music, reading the Word of God, and praying.  Broadcasting and writing news commentary are generally reserved for any other day of the week.

     I’ll make an exception today, to offer brief observations on the El Paso and Dayton shooting episodes as my mind has gathered its thoughts in the last 24 hours. My thoughts revolve around four (4) considerations.

     The first is The Profile.  In my last guest appearance with Dr. Patrick Slattery  two days ago on National Bugle Radio on the Republic Broadcasting Network, I referenced the Yahoo News leak of a classified FBI report concerned about “Conspiracy-Driven Extremism,”; and the 2008 revelations about the Missouri Information Action Center Report (MIAC) on American Domestic Terrorist Profiling for State Law Enforcement Action Centers, according to the FBI as told by the Anti Defamation League (ADL) of B’nai Brith, with the implications of the profiling and the people helping Federal and State law enforcement in the profiling in question.

     The second is The Timing.  How interesting it is that the mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton match The Profile and The Timing of the Release of The Profile.  How convenient.  Rest assured that the Mainstream Media in the United States will say nothing about this, or most of International Media.  The suspects in these cases will get about as much examination as Lee Harvey Oswald, Sirhan Sirhan, James Earl Ray, or Arthur Bremer did.  Other related issues and causes for these mass shooting events will be similarly ignored.  That has everything to do with The Agenda, as it did in the political assassinations in the United States in the 1960s and early 1970s.


Avoid Fascist and Extremist Literature. Stop Reading. Watch Wolf Blitzer. Otherwise, you might be the next Mass Shooter.

     The Spin is the usual one. The idea to be conveyed and reinforced is that white men who own weapons are the biggest threat to law and order in the United States, an idea which is totally disproven by the very crime statistics in the possession of the folks who developed The Profile.  The Anti-Defamation League of B’nai Brith (ADL), the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and the usual suspects at CNN and in other mainstream media outlets in America would love for all of us to embrace what the ADL and the FBI conveyed in the MIAC report which leaked in 2008:  The Enemy of American Domestic Tranquility is the White Man who supports the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution of the United States, opposes Gay Marriage, defends the Right to Life of unborn children, opposes the Wars for Empire and Greater Israel, believes in the threat posed by the New World Order, and who would vote for Pat Buchanan, Ron Paul, or Chuck Baldwin in a Presidential election year. 

     And finally, there is The Diversion.  El Paso and Dayton have conveniently diverted American attention from the Jeffrey Epstein-Mossad case; the Mueller Russiagate Fraud; the Drag Queen Readings to Children events sponsored by your public schools, your public libraries, and the National Education Association; and the Trump-Bolton-Pompeo machinations to manipulate the United States of America into a new round of Middle Eastern wars, the overthrow of the Venezuelan regime, the continued encirclement of Putin’s Russia with NATO military capabilities ever closer to the borders of Russia, the employment of LGBTQ in Ukraine against the Russian Orthodox Church, the ongoing support of Sunni Wahabic extremists in Syria, and a Brave New World of the mass murder of Iranians and Palestinians just ahead.

     There are other questions one could also ask, at the risk of being An Extremist. How many of these mass shooters are Manchurian Candidates as Sirhan was? And should Americans really trust a Zionist Occupied Government (ZOG) bent on destroying the rest of humanity with their own disarmament, even as the American Surveillance State continues apace?

     And remember, if you doubt the Government of the United States on anything, you could be a “Potential Domestic Terrorist.”

    It’s time to stop thinking about such things as The Profile, The Timing, The Spin, and The Diversion.  Turn your Rap Music, Pornographic Videos, Roman Coliseum Sporting Events and CNN back on today and relax.  Otherwise, you might conclude that The American Empire is Finished.  Only Conspiracy Theorists and Extremists believe that sort of thing.  . . . Just like the wackos who claim Christians in a post-Christian America might have good reason to fear their own government


Why Not Trust a Proven Source of Information Like This One?


Mark Dankof on TradCatKnight: August 3rd, 2019


Mark Dankof on TradCatKnight Traditional Catholic Radio: On Epstein-Mossad, Cultural Marxism, NWO War on Iran

Mark Dankof was the Special Guest on the TradCatKnight Traditional Catholic Radio show with host Eric Gajewski on August 3rd, 2019.

Promo Post With Photo:



Listen here.




TradCatKnight Photo: Special Guest Mark Dankof


TradCatKnight Promo Photo:  Special Guest Mark Dankof


Mark Dankof on NBR for RBN on August 2nd


Mark Dankof in downtown San Antonio after filming a 30 minute documentary segment for Iranian television.  


Mark Dankof was the guest on National Bugle Radio on the Republic Broadcasting Network (RBN) on Friday, August 2nd, 2019.

Mark and Dr. Slattery discussed the Jeffrey Epstein-Ghislaine Maxwell-Mossad case in the context of the Yahoo News leak of a classified FBI report concerned about “Conspiracy-Driven Extremism,”; the 2008 revelations about the Missouri Information Action Center Report (MIAC) on American Domestic Terrorist Profiling for State Law Enforcement Action Centers, according to the FBI as told by the Anti Defamation League (ADL) of B’nai Brith; and Mark’s taping this week of a 30 minute segment for an Iranian film documentary devoted to discussing racism and the Trump-Cummings fiasco. New Big Board stories for National Bugle Radio News Page will continue to post over the weekend.

Listen here.


Mark Dankof Waxes Eloquently With Adrian and Andy on “Generations” on EuroFolkRadio


On July 29th, Mark Dankof contributed the key news item discussed on Generations on EuroFolkRadio with Adrian Krieg, Andrew Carrington Hitchcock, and Mark Dankof which airs on Mondays. 😂😂😂

Listen here.

Hint on The Title of Wax Eloquent: The key story is about Wax. It was sent to Mr. Dankof on Russian social media by a young listener from Nizhny Novgorod which has caused official inquiries by Robert Mueller after the broadcast. The original source of the report is from the Humans are Free web site, and the issue of egregious human rights violations in Canada.

Dr. Adrian Krieg observed after the show that, “This is why Andy and I added Mark to the Generations show every week. It seems each and every week that he provides the key story which ignites the broadcast and keeps our ratings soaring higher and higher.”😂😂😂


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July 29, 2019 at 1:42 pm

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Mark Dankof on LGBTQ and The Big Picture for RBN Radio

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Mark Dankof was the featured guest on Mark Anderson’s Stop the Presses! show on the Republic Broadcasting Network on July 24th, 2019.

Topic: LGBTQ and the Big Picture, with discussion of Christian Homeschooling as an alternative to the Propaganda for Perversion targeting the young in American Public Schools courtesy of the National Education Association, its fellow travelers, and the agenda of Cultural Marxism, especially in the Democratic Party.

Articles briefly cited included Mark Dankof’s It’s Time for Mass Resistance to the LGBTQ Culture of Death for Russia Insider and An Overview of Jonah as a Prototypical Primer for the Catacomb Church and Homeschool Study as an example of resources available to those who need them.

Listen here.







Mark Dankof on NBR on RBN: Mossad and the Jeffrey Epstein-Ghislaine Maxwell Case



06EFAD8C-79F7-4116-91C4-1F477CE88DBEMark Dankof discusses the Mossad Smell around the Jeffrey Epstein Pedophile Case with reference to Ghislaine Maxwell, the late Robert Maxwell of the Daily Mirror, and Ehud Barak, among others. Listen here

Dr. Philip Giraldi’s article entitled, Did Jeffrey Epstein Work for the Mossad? is referenced on the show, along with other critical articles and information here.

Dr. Giraldi’s post on film producer Arnan Milchan and Israeli espionage is also worth your time.


Duplicity Personified: “The hiding of long term goals and adorning malevolent objectives.”