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Obama and the Jews: Social Engineering in the American Military and the Coming War with Iran

Mark Dankof: The American Military as Enforcer of a Judaized Culture of Sodomy, Abortion, Usury, and Imperial Wars of Aggression?

     Barack Obama’s rip-roaring foray into international Agitation-Propaganda for Empire culminated today with his address to the 101st Airborne of Fort Campbell, Kentucky, subsequent to the alleged killing of Osama bin Laden last week in Pakistan.  It had all the elements of George W. Bush’s “Mission Accomplished” shtick from May of 2003, minus a Presidential landing on an American aircraft carrier.  The rest of the script, and the unfolding tragedy the script is unsuccessful in obscuring for the 1% of the American population that can actually think on occasion, remain painfully identical.

     Not too long ago, I attended a funeral for a longtime American Air Force icon in San Antonio.  The gravesite burial took place at Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery in the Alamo City.  The Air Force military chaplaincy presence was substantial, given the identity of the deceased.

     After the end of the committal observances, a U. S. A. F. chaplain from a Protestant Evangelical affiliation soaked in Israel First Dispensational Premillennial Eschatology tactfully made his way over to where I was standing, deliberately apart from the swarming mass of humanity departing the funeral tent.  Knowing who I am, he began his lament over how bad things had become in the American military, and specifically unbearable in the chaplaincy program increasingly guilty of obscuring the distinctions between Christ and Caesar.  At the midpoint of our confidential chat, his voice took on the character of desperation as he said, “I wish I could tell you how bad this really is.”

     Upon returning to our respective vehicles, parked at curbside in the cemetery, I discovered a copy of a recent essay by Dr. E. Michael Jones, the erudite orthodox Catholic scholar and editor of Culture Wars, entitled “Don’t Ask for a Raise Either,” and penned for the February 2011 Culture Wars and its regular column aptly tabbed the “Culture of Death Watch.”  I gave the copy to the increasingly troubled Air Force chaplain, remarking that its contents might well illumine him as to the nature of the metastasizing problem his chosen calling has proven increasingly ineffectual in countering.

     The Jones essay is sweet and to the point:  Jewish interests have played a disproportionate role in promoting the mainstreaming of homosexual perversion, the sexual revolution generally, radical feminism, and the abortion industry in the United States of the last half century plus, even as the American military has ceased any degree of fidelity to the Founding Fathers historic understanding of what the Armed Forces of the United States is to be used for, who it is that decides when the American nation goes to war (Article 1, Section 8), and why.

     For the cheering minions of the 101st Airborne today, they may be interested to know that “Mr. Obama’s rabbi,” according to Ha’aretz and cited by E. Michael Jones, is Rabbi David Saperstein, who made it clear to the Israeli newspaper recently that Saperstein’s expressed thrill at finally achieving the legitimacy of homosexual lifestyles and practice in the U. S. military, is also an official expression of approval and stamp of imprimatur by The Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, the arm of the Union for Reform Judaism, and the Central Conference of American Rabbis.  According to Saperstein, this achieves the goal of organized Jewry that Tikkun Olam [repairing the world] be accomplished through the legal and moral enshrinement of sodomy, among other things.  It is also noteworthy that Saperstein’s wife is Ellen Weiss, who runs the news bureau at National Public Radio.  One may be forgiven for getting the larger picture.  . . .

     But Rabbi Saperstein does not confine his remarks to Ha’aretz on American domestic culture.  He makes it abundantly clear that he supports the ongoing utilization of the American military for the Bush/Obama War on Terror and the agenda of the Israeli-driven Project for the New American Century (PNAC) that has now been re-tooled as the Foreign Policy Initiative (FPI).  Jones states the following on page 16 of the February 2011 Culture Wars:

     “From the Jewish revolutionary perspective, the big payoff resulting from the Jewish-led social engineering of the American army came with the invasion of Iraq, a war which was fought in Israel’s interests with Americans footing the bill.  Don’t expect that to be the last use of the new socially engineered homosexual army in the service of Israel and world Jewry.  In his Ha’aretz interview, Rabbi Saperstein, speaking on behalf of the Jews who brought about the homosexualization of the American Army, made it clear that they now see a new threat on the horizon:  ‘We see Iran not only as a threat to Israel directly,’ he said, ‘but as an indirect threat to the U. S. and the Western world in terms of what it symbolizes in the context of proliferation of the nuclear weapons worldwide—the chances of nuclear weapons developed by Iran falling into the hands of terrorists.  It’s a serious threat.’

     “So get ready to bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran.  The great thing about the American political system is that you get both sodomy and usury or war and abortion no matter who you vote for.  That means that when Catholics or Evangelicals join, they end up not defending their country but fighting for the regime which treats them like rats in a Jewish-led social experiment.  The operating system of that regime is [transnational corporate] capitalism.  Hence, it should come as no surprise that the real meaning of DADT [Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell] is ‘Don’t Ask for a Raise.'”

Barack Obama Roosevelt Bush at Fort Campbell, Kentucky: The Empire Lives, or Does It?

     There you have it.  Catholic and Protestant Evangelical Americans are caught between honest belief in traditional theistic and Biblical teachings about the Divine Creator and our responsibilities to Him, and the Star Spangled Banner wrapped propaganda of Obama and Bush designed to blasphemously enshroud an agenda that is the embodiment of evil in our time, as it has been throughout linear history (Revelation 2:9).  No orthodox Christian from these traditions can endorse sexual perversion; extortionistic usury; and the employment of violence not rooted in Augustine’s Just War Theory but designed to cement the economic and political power of international central bankers, transnational corporate elites, and The Lobby.

     Speaking of The Lobby, Mr. Netanyahu’s May 21st-24th trip to the United States will include an address to a Joint Session of the American Congress, and to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).  The Prime Minister will presumably not mention that Israel is the driving force behind the American military’s Middle Eastern deployments; he will not discuss the national debt of $14 trillion and counting, which eats away like corrosive acid at the economic and national security of the United States, even as international bankers’ fortunes soar; the globalist trade treaties like NAFTA, which have cost millions of American manufacturing jobs, will similarly draw silence; Netanyahu will assuredly not be discussing the Pollard and AIPAC spy cases; Israel’s policy of targeted asssassinations and illegal settlements; the Mavi Marmara tragedy; the stench of death in Gaza; Mossad’s direct involvement in a partnership with the Mujahedin-e-Khalq (MEK/MKO/PMOI), the Kurdish PJAK, and the Pakistan-based Jundallah organization, in conducting acts of terror in Iranian Azerbaijan, Khuzestan, Diyala, and Balochistan provinces; The Israeli Prime Minister won’t be quoting the last National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) of the United States on the Iranian nuclear program either, which discredits Israeli propaganda along these lines, even as he will also avoid mentioning his country’s role in stealing American raw nuclear materials from the NUMEC plant in Pennsylvania in the 1960s for Israel’s Dimona nuclear operation and provable nuclear weapons program.  The Lavon Affair of the 1950s and the USS Liberty attack by Israel in 1967 will avoid public scrutiny or discussion also, along with the PROMIS espionage scandal that enabled Israel and Communist China to purloin American nuclear secrets at Los Alamos National Laboratory.  We are sure not to be reminded of our $10 billion a year subsidy to the Zionist State, or the amount of Israeli affiliated PAC money going into American Congressional races either, even as Medicare and Social Security recipients and service-economy employees continue their descent into the economic Lake of Fire.

     What is guaranteed are plenty of references to Israel as America’s Most Faithful Ally, the “National Greatness” of the United States, the alleged dangers posed by Iran that will justify an American-Israeli-sponsored mass nuclear genocide in that country, and the “Essential Goodness” of the American People.  John Hagee of San Antonio’s Cornerstone Church and Christians United For Israel (CUFI) will be televised nodding his head in puppetlike agreement, as will a Zionist-purchased American Congress and Executive Branch.  Hagee will also join Netanyahu in absolutely muted silence over the recent profanation of the substitutionary atonement of Jesus Christ at the hands of Israeli television on Easter weekend.  Entitled, “The Crucifixion of Yeshu [Jesus],” the Internet media guide informs us that:

     “In this Israeli television skit, a scantily clothed Jewish girl explains ‘Jewish history,’ and why Jesus (‘Yeshu’) is a great danger to the Jewish people. For the sin of preaching to ‘innocent Jews,’ a little gorilla who wants to live like the ‘goyim’ is painfully put to death. ‘Yeshu [Jesus], you are a Nazi,’ she says, as she kills him.”

     We are informed by Ha’aretz that the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and You Tube are stepping up the fight against Internet Hate.  We are not yet informed by Ha’aretz, the ADL, You Tube, or the Israeli government that this internationally televised attack on orthodox Christianity qualifies as such.

     The “National Greatness” of America doesn’t translate into the political and monetary subsidization of the overtly demonic as embodied in this blasphemous TV screed, except in the world of Benjamin Netanyahu, John Hagee, and the American government and media.  But it does translate into an America in free-fall decline and near-term demise, the one I have seen evolve since the 1960s—the leading Nation State of Debt, Usury, Abortion, Sodomy, and War for Empire.  I suspect the Founding Fathers of this once-great nation would agree with me.

     Oh, yes.  If Iran thinks it is the only one in danger, wait until the final jettisoning of the Posse Comitatus laws in the United States permit our friendly Federal Government, in conjunction with its allies in the New World Order, to employ the American military against its own citizens.  Perhaps the 101st Airborne will join up with Kitat KohenutRabbi Aryeh Tuchman of the Anti Defamation League of New York will presumably have every American profiled who isn’t thrilled with World Government run from Tel Aviv and the Big Apple.

     The list of relevant legislation since September 11, 2001 is most instructive in this regard:  the USA Patriot Act; the creation of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA); the creation of the U. S. Northern Command at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado with the assistance of the 1st Brigade Combat Team of the 3rd Infantry Division, tabbed the Consequence Management Response Force to be used by the President in individual States in the case of “civil unrest“; the creation of the Department of Homeland Security; the passage of the Real ID Act of 2005, requiring the issuance of State drivers’ licenses complying with the UN International Civil Aviation Organization’s biometric format standards; the passage in 2006 of The Detainee Treatment Act of 2005, allowing for “enhanced interrogation techniques” [torture] and “extraordinary renditions” [kidnapping and involuntary transport to detention centers around the globe]; the introduction of the Automated Targeting System for international travelers in 2006; the arrival of The Military Commissions Act of 2006, allowing prisoners to be tried by Military Commissions rather than criminal courts with the latter’s accompanying Constitutional protections; the Congressional passage of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2007, which transfers control of the National Guard from State Governors to the President and removes Posse Comitatus; the expansion of the surveillance powers of the National Security Agency (NSA) by the Protect America Act of 2007, allowing for warrantless eavesdropping on telephone calls and e-mails, including subsequent passage of the Expansion of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 in 2008, granting retroactive governmental immunity to American telecommunications firms like AT & T, Verizon, and Bell South, assisting the NSA in a heretofore illegal warrantless wiretapping of citizens of the United States; and last, but not least, The Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007, which focuses on American dissidents who value the Bill of Rights, oppose illegal foreign wars, support the Right-to-Life, and like 3rd Party candidates and Republican paleo-conservatives and libertarians like Pat Buchanan and Ron Paul, respectively.

     And to not only my U. S. A. F. chaplain friend, but to every person in this land, I simply say, “I wish I could tell you how bad this really is.”

Written by Mark Dankof

May 6, 2011 at 8:55 pm

Movies: Bahman Nassiri’s “The Golden Veil”: Does the House of Rothschild Lurk Behind It?

Mark Dankof on New Year's Eve, 2010 in San Antonio



     It is now a distant memory.      

     I was awakened in my Washington, D. C. apartment in the early dawning of winter in 1978 by a phone call at 5 a.m.  It was my father at the other end of the line.

     He was cordial but terse.  The terseness always accompanied something critically important.  Terseness was matched by his familiar phone-line brevity. 

     The call informed me of his impending arrival later that morning at the now-named Reagan National Airport.  He was traveling with only one bag and would come to my apartment via a quick ride from the airport on the D. C. Metro’s Blue Line.  We would spent one day together before his departure from Dulles International to Mehrabad Airport in Tehran, Iran.

     The purpose of the trip was explained after he was in my front room.  Lockheed International was sending him back to Iran from San Antonio.  He was to assess the political and security situation in that country, and recommend to his superiors a specific course of action.  Should all of Lockheed’s “Peace Logistics” workers be pulled out of Tehran and brought home to the States?  Or should the company stay the course and maintain its presence in bringing American logistics support to Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi’s Imperial Iranian Air Force?

     My reaction to the usual paternal briefing was succinct.  I told my father that based on the mobs in the streets of Tehran I was seeing nightly on CBS News, Lockheed ought to spare the money—and potentially my father’s life—and pull everyone out.

     He did not directly respond to this observation.  We spent the rest of our day driving around greater Washington.  He wanted to revisit our former family homes from my early childhood, in McLean and Alexandria, Virginia.  We found both places easily, which prompted him to reminisce about old times on active American Air Force duty as a young officer when my older brother and I were kids, and when my mother was an especially critical component of both stable family unit and fruitful military career.  It was a different America then, before the passing of so many seasons in his life and mine.


A precocious Mark Dankof in Alexandria, Virginia in 1959.


Mark Dankof's Childhood Smile Exhibited in Washington in 1958.

     The uncharacteristically poignant nostalgia emanating from my father caused a thought to cross my mind.  Maybe he knew how dangerous this assignment might prove to be.  Perhaps it would be his last.  Had he suddenly stopped over in Washington to bid me possible farewell?  The aura and tone seemed unmistakable.

     That is all that can be presently said about those days.  In the wake of my father’s passing in 2009,  I may one day say more.  But what I remember from late 1978 and early 1979 was the pungent scent of an omnipresent Trinity of tension, tragedy, and mystery.  Those more directly involved and caught up in events revolutionary in the Iran of that time would either lose their lives outright, or have their lives irrevocably changed forever.  The recent death of Prince Ali Reza Pahlavi and the family tragedies of Shirin Neshat of Sarbazan, are microcosms of individual and collective pain whose unbearable poignancy and power has endured for 32 years and counting. 

Cyrus the Great's tomb at Pasargadae, Iran is captured on a winter night most magnificently by the astrophotography of Oskin D. Zakarian of Tehran.

     This tension, tragedy, and mystery is well captured  in Bahman Nassiri’s new movie, The Golden Veil.

      The palpable existential tension and historical tragedy inherent in the end of Pahlavi Iran is effectively conveyed to the viewer  in the romantic relationship between an American journalist with CIA connections (Ben Trimm) and a beautiful young female SAVAK agent, Layla, played by Noelle Perris.  For Iranian and American denizens of this long distant time and place, the eventual tragic conclusion of this love journey is as eminently predictable as the brutal and abrupt end of everything else that characterized life in Iran in the context of the engagement with the United States between 1953 and 1979.  Yet despite the predictability of the pathos and endgame to be endured by two young people caught up in one of history’s most memorable tsunamis, Mr. Trimm and Ms. Perris manage to sustain things quite well with this Persian version of Doctor Zhivago.

     It is in the theme and arena of mystery that producer Bahman Nassiri’s production proves most thought provoking.  The Golden Veil postulates a Freemasonic connection to the Islamic Revolution of 1978-79, and specifically brings the uninitiated to an encounter with the Roshaniya Brotherhood of Afghanistan, a mysterious clandestine cult with implied links to Mr. Bush’s Skull and Bones society at Yale University specifically, and global Freemasonry generally.  A brief glimpse of the Roshaniya Brotherhood’s shadowy leader in the film suggests that his identity is one Osama bin Laden.

Noelle Perris as "Layla" a. k. a. Homeira Ashtiani in "The Golden Veil"

     Bahman Nassiri’s thesis appears fatally improbable, until examined in conjunction with academic F. William Engdahl’s analysis of the overthrow of the Shah published in recent years.  There, the latter offers his evidence that Mohammed Reza Pahlavi’s refusal to sign a capitulationist oil concession agreement with British Petroleum in 1978, the silver anniversary of the CIA/British MI6 restoration of the Peacock Throne in 1953, led to the coalescence of the components of a Western-supported conspiracy to jettison its former ally and client. 

     Producer Nassiri’s most impressive initial effort is effectively augmented by his working partnership with Director Terry T. Miller, founder and Lead Producer of A Final Point.  Miller’s considerable skills in past productions range from the Vietnam documentary, Angels from Above, to MTV videos and special projects with the Discovery, History, and Travel channels, and PBS.  The Nassiri/Miller team’s final version of The Golden Veil  would have been an even stronger one with more cinematic time spent examining and developing this critically important angle for the conspiracy theory brought forth.  The George Ball-Zbigniew Brzezinski Working Group on Iran during the Carter Presidency, and the alleged membership of many of its key players in Masonic-oriented secret societies like the Scottish Rite; central banking subsidized NGOs; armament-manufacturing affiliated think tanks; and oil-soaked front groups for Western multi-national energy consortiums, is a Rosetta Stone-like repository for greater understanding of the events of over thirty years ago.  It may potentially provide the pathway for a much anticipated Nassiri/Miller sequel to The Golden Veil, much like Daniel Craig’s  Quantum of Solace evolved from his initial effort in Casino Royale.  Noelle Perris and Ben Trimm would presumably be available for such a production, with their formidable skills and chemistry enhanced by further exploration of the clandestine world’s spider web nexus.

Bahman Nassiri, Producer of "The Golden Veil" a. k. a. "Jaafar"

     This exploration leads inexorably, to dangerous areas for public examination and discussion, especially in cinematic circles and the political milieus of both contemporary America and the largely Los Angeles-based Persian Monarchist expatriate community. 

     Put another way, in the final analysis, what is the relationship between Freemasonry and the House of Rothschild?  Is not the House of Rothschild what ultimately stands behind British Petroleum and the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company (AIOC) of by-gone days?  What was Mohammed Reza Pahlavi really thinking of in his interview with Mike Wallace on 60 Minutes in 1976?  Did he have a premontion of who and what was really behind what was coming?

     Historically, an examination of this poker-hot question returns the investigator to the year 1770, when Mayer Amschel Rothschild drew up plans for the creation of The Illuminati.  Rothschild would commission Ashkenazic Jew, Adam Weishaupt (posing as a Roman Catholic), to organize and develop this Talmudic-oriented ideology and organization.  The Illuminati, or “keepers of the light,” would dedicate itself to the infiltration of institutions worldwide, beginning with Freemasonry.  Rooted in the doctrine of Jewish racial supremacism by divine right, the infiltration of the worldwide Masonic movement with Illuminist teaching was ultimately designed to divide non-Jews globally through subversive political, economic, social, and religious means.  The endgame is the end of sovereign nation-states and the implementation of One World Government .  The weapon of choice in this war as David Ben Gurion understood, is the Zionist Enterprise and its control of international central banking, secret societies, corporate news media, and purchased politicians.    The Hidden Hand in currency manipulations, assassinations, the perfectly timed coup d’etat, and false-flag incidents leading to war, flies the Rothschild Red Hexagram at full-mast.  This is truly The Golden Veil of the Globalist Conspiracy. The Roshaniya Brotherhood in Afghanistan is not itself The Hidden Hand, but only one of the latter’s many lethal tools available in an arrow-laden quiver.

     Hence the irony and paradox inherent in it all. The alliance of present day-Persian Monarchist leaders with the Israeli Lobby and its corporately financed American Neo-Conservative agents, is a booby-trapped scenario destined by design to destroy both Iran and the United States as independent nation-states with treasured histories and cultures.  As was the case with the French Revolution; the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia; two World Wars in the 20th century; the Islamic Revolution in Iran in the late 1970s; the Iran-Iraq war of 1980-88; and the present day Bush-Obama War on Terror, the alliances continue shifting, the clandestine world continues its darkening, the front groups continue their proliferation, and the deceptions continue deepening in a pathway leading to Sheol.

     The Golden Veil is on to something pivotal, even if understood only as the genesis of a longer and more perilous journey .  Bahman Nassiri’s admirable hunt for the truth, with his own tragic autobiography only hinted at in his first film enterprise, needs to continue. 

     There is but one other caveat.  The Golden Veil is an understandable apologetic for the Pahlavi regime, given the life history of its fine producer.  In a sequel, Mr. Nassiri would be well served by undertaking  a closer examination of the historical complexities and downside of that dynasty, as chronicled in Dilip Hiro’s The Iranian Labyrinth.  Concurrently, American conservatives could stand a more critical examination and analysis of The American Empire, in the latter’s true intent, methods, and alliances. 

     The result may be the final and fitting death of many mythologies on all sides of the equation.  And as The Golden Veil so states from the outset, “In Love, Death is Only a Pause.”