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Mark Dankof on Syria, Iran, and Edward Snowden for Tehran’s Light House Viewer News

Mark Dankof in Washington, D. C. in November of 2011

Mark Dankof in Washington, D. C. in November of 2011

Mark Dankof sits down with Mohsen Abdollahi, Director of the Americas Desk of the Tehran-based Light House Viewer News to answer questions on Iran, Syria, and Edward Snowden, in a September interview destined for translation from American English to Persian, Arabic, and Spanish for a wider global audience.


Question: With a new government in Iran, is there going to be any compromise on the Iranian nuclear issue? If any compromise is reached, how are the sanctions going to be eased or eliminated entirely?

Mark Dankof:  There will ultimately be no compromise.  The reason is that the question of Iranian possession of nuclear power is not the issue for the Zionist-oriented West and Israel.  The issue is regime change in Iran, and bringing to power in Tehran a regime that will be absolutely compliant with anything that the United States and Benjamin Netanyahu desire.  Israel does not want any strong regional power in the Middle East other than itself; Israel wants to continue its illegal and genocidal policies in Palestine, Gaza, the West Bank, and throughout the region unimpeded, including an eventual expansion of Eretz Yisrael (“Greater Israel“) into the absolute control of every bit of territory from the Nile River to the Tigris/Euphrates River and north of the Litani River, as modern Zionism has advocated since the late 19th century.  The International Central Bankers and the Multi-National Energy Consortiums also want Iran carved up for their own purposes, in effect to bring that country into full membership in what some of us call the global New World Order (NWO).

The Marxist Mujahedeen-e-Khalq (MEK):  A Long Track Record of Spilling Innocent Blood.  And now the Friend of the Israeli Mossad and American Neo-Conservatives.

The Marxist Mujahedeen-e-Khalq (MEK): A Long Track Record of Spilling Innocent Blood. And now the Friend of the Israeli Mossad and American Neo-Conservatives.

As for sanctions, the sanctions on Iranian banks, oil companies, and other entities are part of a war on Iran that has already been declared by the Zionist State and its allies and puppets in Western government and media.  They are a part of a continuum of aggressive actions that has included using the Mujahedeen-e-Khalq (MEK/MKO) to assassinate Iranian scientists on Iranian soil, that has employed Global Corporate Media to falsify the character of the Iranian nuclear program and the motives of its government and people, and that has violated Iranian airspace and borders with every conceivable brand of clandestine black operation imaginable.  Finally, the present war with Syria being conducted by the United States, Israel, and the Saudi-led Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) in conjunction with Turkey, is the latest phase in this illegitimate aggression.  This is where Zionism, Banks, Energy Consortiums, and Sunni Wahabic animosity toward Shia Islam coincide in mutual interest in a most evil coalition.

Uncle Sam Wants You to Die for Amerikka, or is it Israel?

Uncle Sam Wants You to Die for Amerikka, or is it Israel?

Question: What are your ideas about placing sanctions on Iran while the Iranian nuclear program is peaceful and non-weaponized? Are there any other reasons for applying such sanctions?

Mark Dankof:  As I said before, the sanctions are part of a continuum of actions designed to bring about the destruction of the present government in Iran and its replacement with an entity that would do the bidding of the United States, Netanyahu, the International Banks, and the Energy Companies.  The fact is that the last National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) prepared by the  16 intelligence agencies of the United States contradicted Israeli propaganda completely about the character of the Iranian nuclear program, even as Iran is a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), and has the provable right as a signatory to this treaty to have a peaceful nuclear program complete with the right to enrich uranium.  Iranian has been subjected to repeated inspections by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), even as the known Zionist possession of nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons, and Israel’s non-signatory status to the NPT and non-submission to IAEA inspections, is a matter of record.

Question: Many human rights advocates worldwide observe that the main target of sanctions are ordinary people; how does the American government justify using sanctions against such people, even as it claims otherwise?

Mark Dankof:  I’ll give you the short version, the version that I discussed on camera with Marzieh Hashemi of Press TV last evening in a 5 minute segment.  The United States government will legitimize anything that involves the interests of the Zionist regime, up to and including criminality.  If Israel wants it, they get it.  That is the ongoing position of the American government for decades.  The last American President with any degree of independence from the Israeli Lobby was John F. Kennedy.  In 1963, we now know that Kennedy was trying to get Prime Minister David Ben Gurion of Israel to agree to American and international inspection of the Dimona nuclear plant in the Negev desert that Ben Gurion falsely told Kennedy was merely a water desalinization project.  Kennedy was also known to have contemplated eventual dissolution of the Federal Reserve Banking system and the return of American monetary policy to the Congress of the United States, where the Constitution of the United States and the Founding Fathers of America put it.  Your readers may duly note that Mr. Kennedy did not live to pursue the realization of these objectives.  Michael Collins Piper’s book, Final Judgment, translated into a number of languages and sold globally, may well tell them why.

Philip Giraldi of the Council for the National Interest: Israel Spying and Technology Theft is Threatening American National Security.

Philip Giraldi of the Council for the National Interest: Israel Spying and Technology Theft is Threatening American National Security.

The Government of the United States does not care about average people anywhere, including Iran, Palestine, and within its own American borders.  The bottom line is that the American government and corporate news media are totally sold out to Zionist interests, as has been demonstrated time and time again by reputable scholars and political commentators.  This control is so monolithic that even when Israel is committing crimes against the United States, like the Lavon Affair, Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty on June 8, 1967 [a deliberate attack according to Secretary of State Dean Rusk; Admiral Thomas Moorer, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under Ronald Reagan; and Richard Helms, former head of the Central Intelligence Agency and former American Ambassador to Iran], the PROMIS espionage scandal, and the Jonathan Pollard/AIPAC spy cases of more recent years, no serious repercussions for Israel ever occur.  In the case of the AIPAC spy case, Congresswoman Jane Harman of California, whose late husband owned Newsweek magazine, was overheard in a wiretapped conversation with an Israeli agent, promising to use her influence to get charges dropped in the AIPAC spy case in exchange for her own appointment to the position of the Chair of the House Intelligence Committee.  Congressional Quarterly (GQ) had a major story on this at the time, but nothing ever happened to Harman, who should have been formally tried for treason, booted out of Congress, and imprisoned.  Why?  I believe you see the seriousness of my point, and what it means for you and me as “average people.”

Oh, yes, I forgot the infamous date of September 11, 2001.  I told your Kourosh Ziabari of the Fars News Agency sometime ago why I agree with Dr. Alan Zabrosky of the U. S. National War College that Israel was behind the 9-11 attacks in New York.  If your readers are interested, check out  “A Conversation with Mark Dankof on Israel and 9-11.”  This is just how deeply the cancer has metastasized.

What will be the next move of the Masters of the False Flag Operation?  "By Way of Deception, Thou Shalt do War."

What will be the next move of the Masters of the False Flag Operation? “By Way of Deception, Thou Shalt do War.”

And as for average people in Iran, the Jewish racial supremacist doctrine taught in the Talmud indicates that they are sub-human and do not possess the rights of “The Chosen People.”  This racist doctrine undergirds all of Zionist ideology, and discriminates equally against all of us, some more obviously than others.  Right now, the Palestinians, the folks in southern Lebanon, Syria, and Iran, are the most obvious victims with a dangerous and precarious position in the rifle crosshairs of the Israeli war machine–and the American war machine in the service of the Zionist cause.


Question: What is your opinion on the future outcome of the conflict in Syria? Is Congress going to let Obama strike Syria?

Your Congressmen and Senators will vote for War with Syria and Iran.  It's about their sponsors.

Your Congressmen and Senators will vote for War with Syria and Iran. It’s about their sponsors.

Mark Dankof:  I believe Obama will get his vote for war in the American Senate, by a wide margin, and in the House of Representatives by a lesser margin.  What is interesting is that some rabid pro-Zionist types like ex-U.S. Ambassador John Bolton; Danielle Pletkin of the American Enterprise Institute (AEI); and media voices like Michael Savage, Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity, have either expressed outright opposition to the war with Syria, or serious reservations about pursuing it.  This tells me that even they see the risks and dangers, which include serious blowback against the United States in the Middle East, countermoves by Vladimir Putin and China against this illegal aggression against Syria, and most importantly, blowback against the Zionist shills in the American media and government by the people of the United States if they ever connect-the-dots on who is behind these irresponsible and reckless policiesThis latter factor is our only mutual hope, a terrible tragedy against the average people of the United States in all of this that causes them to rise up and put this Fifth Column out of business forever in their own country, and to reclaim their culture, economy, political independence, and extrication from senseless foreign wars that are not in their individual and national interest.  If it happens, it will not be pretty.  A terrible price will be extracted from the American people if they conduct their own fight against these tyrants, but freedom is never free.  What the goal is, as I said on Press TV yesterday, is the death of the American Empire, and the rebirth of the Old American Republic governed by the Constitution and the rule of law.  In other words, let’s eradicate the malignant influence of the Barney Franks, the Joseph Liebermans, the John McCains, and the Lindsey Grahams, and bring back the foundations of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Charles Lindbergh.  Only time and history will tell in regard to whether or not this will happen.  If it doesn’t happen, Americans with any decency and intelligence at all will have to become expatriates somewhere else.  This is how it is shaping up.

The Samson Option:  The Zionist State's Endgame for the Middle East and the World?

The Samson Option: The Zionist State’s Endgame for the Middle East and the World?

Question: Why did Obama decide to get the approval of Congress for attacking Syria? Why did he change his mind?

Mark Dankof:  Obama understands that the power of the Israeli Lobby in the United States has been unshakeable in getting its agenda undertaken by every American President since World War II, with the notable partial exceptions of Eisenhower and John Kennedy.  He has also acknowledged in his own words to the Israeli media on his last trip there that his own election to the United States Senate in Illinois, and the American Presidency itself, could not have happened without the support and funding of Jews in the United States and their respective lobbying groups.  The vast percentage of the money that flows into the Democratic Party coffers in the United States is Jewish money.  This is an absolute and provable fact.  So, on the one hand, he wants to do something in Syria to placate and appease his Jewish supporters and power brokers.

At the same time, he is enough of a political survivor to understand that the risks of attacking Syria, and the law of unintended consequences, are such that having a Congressional imprimatur on this lunacy will protect him from absorbing the blowback in isolation if things go wrong.  One also wonders if the man knows in his heart that this entire pathway is wrong, and has a secret wish to have a Congressional vote say “no,” to give him the political cover necessary to tell Netanyahu and his agents in the American government that the President cannot proceed without the political cover denied to him by a Congressional turndown.  This is a most fascinating crossroad we see the President approaching, and the Congress, before a fateful decision is made publicly.

Question: How can we understand the Obama decisions on Syria in the context of the ongoing debate in Washington on the wisdom of his policies? How does the debate on Syria compare to Congressional and Party debates on immigration policy, budget priorities and other items of concern to the American people?

Mark Dankof:  I would say that the present debate on Syria reveals the moral and political bankruptcy of both major political parties in the United States, and the inability of these corrupt parties to frame workable policies on a bipartisan basis on Syria, Middle Eastern policy generally, immigration policy, budget priorities, or healthcare.  The present system is possibly broken beyond repair, due to how elections are funded in the United States, the corrupt character of what Ray McGovern calls Establishment Corporate Media (ECM) in America, and the deficient character of an American public that struggles with a toxic synthesis of hopelessness and cynicism; an unwillingness or inability to read and consult responsible sources of information; and moral decadence and insatiable obsession with the targeted sexual decadence and perversion that represents the moral sewer system the culture of the United States in the last half century has come to embody.  For all of that, we may thank our Zionist Masters.


Question: With regard to the Obama trip to Russia in coming days, how much has the Edward Snowden/National Security Agency surveillance case impacted the American/Russian relationship?

Mark Dankof:  The Snowden case is just the icing on the cake in terms of a poisoning of the American-Russian relationship.  Pat Buchanan has an excellent essay on this from August 8th, 2013, entitled “Do We Want a Cold War II?” .  I will quote Buchanan directly for your readers:

“From 1989 to 1991, Mikhail Gorbachev agreed to let Eastern Europe go free and   withdraw his troops and tank armies back to the Urals. The Soviet Union was   allowed to dissolve into 15 nations. In three years, the USSR gave up an empire,   a third of its territory, and half its people.

“And it extended to us a hand of friendship.

“How did we respond? We pushed NATO right up to Russia’s borders, bringing in   Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Rumania, Bulgaria, even former Soviet republics   Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

“European objections alone prevented us from handing out NATO war guarantees   to Ukraine and Georgia. Was this a friendly act?

“Would we have regarded post-Cold War Russian alliances with Cuba, Nicaragua,   Venezuela, and Mexico as friendly acts?

“To cut Moscow out of the Caspian Sea oil, we helped build a pipeline through   two former Soviet republics, Azerbaijan and Georgia, and, thence, under the   Black Sea to our NATO ally Turkey.

“In the Boris Yeltsin decade, the 1990s, U.S. hustlers colluded with local oligarchs   in looting Russia of her natural resources.

“In the past decade, the National Endowment for Democracy and its Republican   and Democratic subsidiaries helped dump over governments in Serbia, Ukraine   and Georgia, and replace them with regimes friendlier to us and more distant from Moscow.”

Pat Buchanan and Mark Dankof in San Antonio, Texas.  1995.

Pat Buchanan and Mark Dankof in San Antonio, Texas. 1995.

Question: Can we expect any change in Latin American, European and Russian perceptions and policies toward the United States  because of the Snowden case, especially with the revelations that the American government was involved in the wholesale electronic surveillance of the governments of these sovereign countries? What is the future of the bilateral relationship of these countries around the world with the United States?

Mark Dankof:  I am not sanguine about the bilateral relationship between the United States and any of the countries and governments your question alludes to.  There can be no question that our support for Zionist policies globally has had more to do with the decline in American popularity in recent years than any other single factor, and not simply in the Middle East and Central Asia.  As far as the Snowden NSA revelations are concerned, the real story has yet to be reported by the international or American media virtually anywhere:  that the NSA spying program, along with other American surveillance operations domestically and abroad, has a disproportionate number of companies and contractors connected to Israel officially involved in these lucrative enterprises and sinister efforts. This includes the burgeoning American Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which is a hotbed of money and activity within American borders for Israeli agents, arms brokers, and Israeli surveillance and security companies.  Your readers need to see English, Persian, Arabic, and Spanish translations of Dr. Philip Giraldi’s “Homeland Security Made in Israel.”

The bottom line is this:  this Fifth Column operating within the American homeland is not simply targeting Palestinians, Lebanese, Syrians, and Iranians.  They are provably targeting lawful dissenters from the Israelification of the American homeland.  We are all in mutual future danger.  You need to understand that the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai Brith (ADL) in the United States is targeting lawful and legal American citizens exercising their First Amendment rights in criticizing Israel and Zionism.  I have been one of their targets in recent years, courtesy of Rabbi Aryeh Tuchman, the Director of the Library and Research Division of the ADL in New York City, as well as their Assistant Director of their Civil Rights Division.  The good Rabbi was doing all of this on an anonymous basis–until he got caught.  I’d like to close by sharing two articles with your readers.  One is “Mark Dankof’s Open Invitation to Rabbi Aryeh Tuchman of the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai Brith in New York:  Come Out of the Closet and Join Us.”  The other is “Mark Dankof Responds to Rabbi Tuchman of the ADL Regarding His Hit on Mark Glenn and Press TV.”

If things go way wrong, Edward Snowden and I may join many other patriotic Americans concerned about the rule of law in the same type of assault the ADL conducted against American dissidents protesting the policies of Franklin Roosevelt in 1944.

But this has been my calling, and will continue to be.  I suspect Mr. Snowden would say the same thing.

Mark Dankof in University of Texas/Austin colors on a frigid day in northern Idaho at Mark Glenn's family compound.  November, 2010.

Mark Dankof in University of Texas/Austin colors on a frigid day in northern Idaho at Mark Glenn’s family compound. November, 2010.

[Mark Dankof is a former 3rd Party Candidate for the United States Senate in the year 2000; he is an occasional contributor to the American Free Press of Washington, D. C. and Breaking All the Rules News (BATR).  His radio show, “Mark Dankof’s America,” is heard on The Ugly Truth radio network.  He is a frequent guest on Iran’s Press TV and has been interviewed by Kourosh Ziabari of Fars News Agency regarding Israel’s role in the September 11th, 2001 attacks in New York. Mr. Dankof resides in San Antonio, Texas, and is a Lutheran clergyman.]

Iran’s Habilian Association Talks to Mark Dankof: The MEK Delisting and the Zionist War Party Agenda

Mark Dankof in Washington, D. C. in November of 2011

Iran’s Habilian Association has documented the blood-stained history of the Mujahedeen-e-Khalq (MEK/MKO/PMOI) since its inception as a Marxist-oriented student-group-turned-terrorist-organization during the Pahlavi Dynasty era of the 1960s and 1970s.  In light of the recent decision of the Hillary Clinton-led American State Department to remove the MEK from a list of groups recognized by the United States Government as International Terrorist Organizations, the Association again solicited the opinions of Mark Dankof in this burgeoning controversy.  What is behind this move?  What are the global implications yet to unfold?

Habilian Association:  Mr. Dankof, what is your opinion of this decision?

Mark Dankof:  It is a horrible, reprehensible decision.  It is also a decision entirely predictable, given the actions of the Zionist War Party in making it happen.  I discussed that in my last chat with you fine folks.  The subject also came up briefly in my last conversation with Press TV last week.

Habilian Association:  Will this decision worsen American-Iranian relations?

Mark Dankof:  Absolutely.  But that is the Master Plan of the International Bankers; the Zionist War Party led by Netanyahu and an American Congress once referred to by Pat Buchanan as “Zionist Occupied Territory“;  a Corporate Media in this country owned lock-stock-and-barrel by these interests; and last, but not least, the Multinational Energy Consortiums.

It is because of these forces that the United States and the West are already at war with Iran, a totally immoral and illegitimate endeavor.  The economic sanctions directed at Iran’s banks and its energy sector are draconian.  Its airspace continues to be violated from time to time.  Covert black operations in Iranian Azerbaijan, Khuzestan Province, and Balochistan Province, have the fingerprints of Israel, the United States, and Britain all over them.  The Washington Post admits to a supposedly “unexplained five-fold increase” in bomb blasts in Iran in the last two years, at military depots, nuclear plants, and energy related pipelines.  And then there are the assassinations of the Iranian nuclear scientists in recent years.  It is an open secret that the MEK/MKO/PMOI has been working as a surrogate black operational force with Israel’s Mossad in these unsavory, criminal efforts.  Plausible deniability of knowledge or involvement in these international crimes on the part of the American Administration simply cannot be maintained.  Even Newsweek smugly offers virtual confirmation that this is what the game involves, even in offering its Zionist approval of such terrorist plots and operations.

Dr. Philip Giraldi of the Council for the National Interest, and Dr. Paul Sheldon Foote of Cal State-Fullerton University, remain as two trustworthy sources of inside information for the American public on what is going on with Israeli and American utilization of the MEK.  It is a sordid and increasingly tragic business.  We are likely to see just how evil all of this is in the next year.

And make no mistake about it. The RAND Corporation report on the MEK is still solid.  They are a terrorist organization, a totalitarian cult for indoctrinated members, led by clinically evil people.

The Mossad and the Mujahedeen-e-Khalq (MEK/PMOI): Will Israel employ them in a False Flag Operation against the United States falsely pinned on Tehran? Is World War III the Endgame?

The signals being sent by the American Government on this are clear.  Terrorist organizations are fine, as long as their criminal activities are being conducted by the Zionist State of Israel and on behalf of the other core constituencies we have already mentioned which drive American foreign policy.  Take al-Qaeda, for instance.  The United States allegedly invaded Afghanistan to destroy this Islamic militant organization held responsible for the events in New York on September 11, 2001.  There are two problems with this.  First, how can al-Qaeda be an implacable foe of the United States in Afghanistan, while being in alliance with American/NATO/Israeli operations in Libya, and now Syria?  In the case of Syria, it is obvious that the United States, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) States are recruiting foreign mercenaries and supplying arms and cash in trying to overthrow an Alawite/Shiite regime and replacing it with a Sunni-oriented one.  The endgame here is to further isolate Iran and to set the table for coming military operations against Tehran.  If the so-called Free Syria Army (FSA), or other similar Sunni black operational groups with clear al-Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood connections succeed in overthrowing the Assad regime in Damascus, Iran would lose its strongest supporter in the Arab world.  The Shiite Crescent of Iran-Syria-Hezbollah would be severely damaged.  The stage would be set for the deployment of American/NATO and Israeli military forces in that country.

The second problem is this:  I and many others believe that Israel was behind the 9-11 attacks in New York.  I shared this belief and the reasons for it, with Kourosh Ziabari of the Fars News Agency recently.

Israel’s history of involvement in False Flag operations is critically important.  Look at the Lavon Affair of the 1950s; the involvement of the Meyer Lansky crime syndicate’s Cuban connections in the Kennedy Assassination; the role of Operation Cyanide in Israel’s deliberate attack on the USS Liberty on June 8th, 1967; and now, in my opinion, 9-11.  When you add to this their history of stealing the United States blind in espionage operations, ranging from purloining American nuclear materials at the NUMEC plant in Apollo, Pennsylvania to the PROMIS-engineered theft of American nuclear technology at Los Alamos and the Pollard/AIPAC spy cases, the pattern is obvious.

A key question then, is how all of this relates to the relationship of American Neo-Conservatives and the Israeli Mossad with the MEK. An organization called the Iran Policy Committee is at the intersection of this relationship.

This issue is especially relevant in unraveling why the United States Central Command would have been providing secret military training to MEK operatives at a secret location in Nevada as documented by Seymour Hersh of The New Yorker.  First, Mark Glenn of The Ugly Truth and I postulate that these MEK operatives were a part of some of the aforementioned MEK terror operations in Iran being directed by the Israeli Mossad.

But there may be an even darker future angle to this story.  Given Israel’s history of False Flag Operations directed against the United States, what would prevent them from utilizing the MEK in an operation against American interests abroad, or in the continental United States itself, in something falsely pinned to Tehran?  This would be the quintessential “catastrophic and catalyzing event–like Pearl Harbor” to get the American public behind the launching of a preemptive war with Iran, the war Netanyahu and his Eretz Yisrael crowd desperately want, the war polls indicate would not presently be supported by an American electorate disenchanted with perpetual American military involvement in Central Asia and the Middle East.  Reading the Israeli-driven Project for the New American Century (PNAC) releases of 1996 and 2000 on using the American military as a perpetual Janissary force for the Zionist State, in conjunction with Robert Stinnett’s book on FDR and Pearl Harbor entitled, “Day of Deceit,” and Pat Buchanan’s review of Herbert Hoover’s diary on FDR and Pearl Harbor, should contextualize how ominous the possibilities are for an Israeli/MEK plot to launch World War III.

Habilian Association: Elements in the United States seem to be selling the idea of such a war as essential to America’s national security interest.  How do you react to that notion?

Mark Dankof: That notion is idiotic.  In the case of Iraq, we invaded that country allegedly because of Saddam Hussein’s possession of “Weapons of Mass Destruction.”  That charge was transparently fraudulent.  Thousands of American dead and trillions of dollars later, we can be less than proud of having killed over 600,000 Iraqis and displacing 2 million others.  In Afghanistan, we have killed thousands of Afghanis, and have spent about a trillion dollars.  For what?  Absolutely nothing.  Afghanistan is proving once again to be the Graveyard of Empires, as the recent success of the Taliban asymmetrical attacks has demonstrated.  The loss of the 6 Marine Corps Harrier jets the other day was the greatest single day loss of American aircraft since the Vietnam debacle.  The subsequent suspension of our military cooperation and training effort in Afghanistan because of the proliferation of Green On Blue attacks is the tipping point.    In both of these countries, the United States is running out of manpower and money as its ill-fated occupation and the inability to stabilize the political situation in either venue is crystal clear.  We are arrogant enough that we failed to learn the lessons of the British and Soviet Empires.  Now we shall pay the price.

What we are doing to Libya and Syria is self-evident.  And when it comes to Iran, a signatory to the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT), the United States is perilously close to joining an overt Israeli preemptive military campaign against Tehran, even as Israel is a non-signatory to the NPT and is the chief nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons power in the region, even as Israel continues its brutal occupation of Palestine and Gaza, and demonstrates its ongoing criminal character through time with stunts like the Rachel Corrie murder and the Mavi Marmara incident.  This is all impending despite the fact that our support of the Zionist Enterprise is draining this country financially, politically, and morally.  We are becoming universally hated around the world because of these policies, even as our domestic economic situation continues to plummet.  The $17 trillion dollar on-line national debt is accompanied by a $222 trillion dollar unfunded liability for Social Security and Medicare.  We have an actual unemployment rate of 22% in this country.  The American Dollar’s status as the reserve currency of the globe is imperiled by this war spending, the foreign borrowing, and the Federal Reserve Board’s fiat money printing press.  What would a regional military escalation in the Middle East achieve for the United States in this context, especially with credible threats of Russian and Chinese retaliation for such recklessness?

And the real bottom line is this:  Iran represents no military threat to the United States.  It has invaded no one else in centuries.  If Zionist Talmudic racial supremacy theories, the crackpot eschatology of the Scofield Reference Bible Dispensationalist Christian Right, and the global banking system of the New World Order ceased to be the basis for our foreign policy stance with Tehran, we might well discover that whatever our differences with the present regime, a workable relationship and mutual respect can be restored.

Christian Zionist John Hagee of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio and Christians United for Israel (CUFI): Netanyahu’s point man in enlisting American evangelicals in World War III for the Zionist Enterprise and the New World Order.

In this regard, the latest actions of the United States Senate to pass a resolution which seems to employ Netanyahu’s Red Line in the Sand on Iranian nuclear technology is deemed especially irresponsible.  In the first place, someone needs to tell these idiots that the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT) gives the force of international law to Tehran’s legitimate insistence that it can enrich uranium up to 20%.  The idea of people like John McCain, Joseph Lieberman, and Lindsey Graham that we should be attacking Iran for merely exercising its rights under international law is absolutely simian.  Second, with the overt threats of the Zionist War Party to begin a Third World War, Iran might well be forgiven for a future decision to obtain a nuclear weapon.  One could actually argue that it would stabilize the situation in the Middle East, especially if the United States Senate understood that Israel is the chief threat to regional peace in that part of the world, and arguably to global peace with people like Avigdor Lieberman in the Likud government.  An especially chilling prospect to me is that the Likud regime and the Temple Mount crowd might use a war with Iran as a pretext not simply to achieve the Eretz Yisrael dream of expanding the modern Zionist State’s borders from the Nile to the Tigris and Euphrates, but to step up policies of racial genocide against Palestinians specifically, and Arabs generally.  Why?  Pat Buchanan’s latest book, Suicide of a Superpower, demonstrates that the greatest threat to the Zionist State is demographic in nature, not military.  The birth rate differentials guarantee numerical minority status for Jews in Palestine, minus a catastrophic event to reduce the population of their perceived adversaries.  Would a war with Iran be the pretext for a Final Solution for goyim in Palestine, and between the Nile and the Tigris and Euphrates?  Think about that one for a while and one might lose some sleep this evening.

Habilian Association:  Where is American public opinion on all of this?

Mark Dankof:  The American public is too stupid to even have an opinion in these matters.  Despite Elizabeth Rubin’s article on the Mujahedeen-e-Khalq (MEK) in the New York Times op-ed of August 13th, 2011 entitled, “An Iranian Cult and its American Friends,” and her earlier July 13th, 2003 essay, “The Cult of Rajavi,” not one American in one hundred could even identify this organization or anything about its history.  And Rubin is clearly tripping over herself not to state what is abundantly obvious to anyone who examines the list of American politicians and national security figures who have been illegally taking MEK money in exchange for successful PR efforts to have them delisted and legitimized.  They are all working at the behest of the Israeli Lobby in the United States and the Israeli intelligence community interwoven in the darkest corners of the American national security establishment.

That the government of the United States is involved with these murderers, both the MEK and the Israeli regime, and that these relationships threaten what remains of the American Republic, not to mention the planet’s innocent globally, is of no consequence to the average American citizen.  He or she is far more upset at the $150 million dollars that changed hands last night when the Green Bay Packers were robbed of victory over the Seattle Seahawks in the NFL Monday Night Football game because of incompetent officiating by replacement referees.  It is of paramount importance to such people that the dispute between the league’s owners and the Officials Union be resolved, in order that competent officiating be restored to the Empire’s gridiron ritual for the masses on Sunday afternoons and Monday nights.

With such priorities, who can be made to care that a foreign government and its Lobby are buying American elections, corrupting our news media, and rubbing their hands in glee at the prospect of yet another War for Israel and Global International Capital?

This is where it is.  It is grim.

And the nature of the demonstrations today in New York against President Ahmadinejad’s presence at the UN tell the tale of the tape.  The MEK alliance with Israel was up front and center. Can one American in ten thousand understand what this means, or where it is leading? I think not.

Mark Dankof’s America may be heard on Wednesdays on The Ugly Truth radio network.  His show airs at 3 pm Central/4 pm Eastern/8 pm UTC.

Mark Dankof’s Interview with Fars News Agency of Iran: Israeli Suicides, the Culture of Death, and Holocaust in Syria

Mark Dankof in Washington, D. C. in November of 2011

Fars News Agency of Iran recently solicited my opinion on several interesting subjects, as they did with a number of my journalistic colleagues in the West recently.  Here is the English language transcript of that brief exchange of last week, conducted by Reza Saiedi of Fars News from Tehran:

Fars News/Tehran:  Mr. Dankof, as you know, there have been 5 recent cases of suicide by self-immolation in Israel. One of these suicides was a medical doctor. Would you please offer your perspective on a possible chain of events or conditions that has brought about this response from Israeli citizens?

Mark Dankof:  I have not studied any of the recent self-immolation suicide cases you cite in Israel.  I am speculating that an increasingly significant segment of Israeli society is becoming progressively more hopeless in outlook, because of the never ending stream of violence and political isolation for the Zionist state due to its leadership’s absolutely irresponsible and intransigent policies, which now include an obvious attempt to involve themselves–and the United States–in a morally reprehensible and unjustifiable preemptive war with Iran.

Time Magazine’s recent cover story on the rash of suicides in the American military is similarly suggestive, along with the recent coverage in the Los Angeles Times , USA Today, NBC, and elsewhere, even as American society generally seems ongoingly more grim about the country’s economic and political prospects.

There is plenty of reason for increasing despair among the American public and electorate:  Our actual unemployment rate is actually around 22%, according to Paul Craig Roberts.  The once world-class manufacturing sector of the American economy continues to decline and fade, as evidenced by the UK Daily Mail’s recent photographic chronicle of the shocking demise of Detroit, Camden, Gary, and Newark, and what is being conveyed about the state of the American automotive, shipbuilding, and steel industries in these pictures, along with the accompanying destruction of lives and communities “all over the country,” as former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney puts it in that very ugly and revealing piece.  And when you add a banking and Wall Street investment industry rooted in a sea of derivatives, credit-default swaps, mortgage-backed securities fraud, and a $16 trillion dollar Fed Fiat Money bailout, anyone can see where this is headed.

And then there is the economic, moral, and political drain on the United States that has resulted from its ongoing pursuit of Imperial Wars in the Middle East and Central Asia, at the behest of Israel and its agenda as expressed in the 1996 document for the Neo-Conservative Project for the New American Century (PNAC), entitled, “A Clean Break:  A Strategy for Securing the Realm.”  In that Richard Mellon Scaife-financed roadmap for what would later happen from 2001 onward, we learn that the Zionists and their partners in Central Banking and Energy Consortiums have taken it upon themselves to carve up that portion of the globe for their own interests, and to use the United States military and intelligence communities, along with NATO, to achieve it.

It isn’t working.  Between borrowing from foreign banks and firing up the printing press at the Federal Reserve Board to create fiat money out of thin air, these ill-fated and never ending interventions are destroying the American dollar and economy, even as outsourcing, globalism, and the replacement of an economy based in manufacturing and agriculture with a service-oriented one, are bringing about the eventual demise of the United States as the latest version of the Ancient Roman Empire.  The financial cost of Iraq and Afghanistan alone is approaching $5 trillion dollars with the meter still running.  What about the costs of recent interventions in Libya? Syria? Iran? Oman? Somalia? Elsewhere?

Then there is the culture.  The most recent mass murders in Aurora, Colorado are the latest evidence that the drug and sexual revolutions of the 1960s in America, and the sea of perversion, pornography, abortion, and drugs that have accompanied it, have produced the destruction of traditional family structures, an explosion of illegitimate birth rates in all the key demographic groups in the United States, and the increasingly elimination of the older Protestant and Catholic Christian moral influences which once had disproportionate strength and effectiveness in this country.  It is not an accident that these evil influences have had provable and disproportionate amounts of Jewish funding and logistical support to achieve larger goals and ends, just as these same forces bankrolled Sigmund Freud and the Frankfurt School in Europe for the same purposes.  Dr. E. Michael Jones of Culture Wars is the key resource for information on this aspect of the problem.

Never ending wars and the burgeoning National Security State, economic decline, banking and governmental corruption, cultural and moral demise through sexual preoccupation and obsession, the reduction of traditional religious influences and traditional families in shaping society, along with the development of a post 9-11 domestic police state, characterizes what I see of both the Zionist State of Israel and a United States which looks more and more like its so-called ally in Tel Aviv.

You might say that both countries have increasingly adopted a Culture of Death.  That culture is producing more hopelessness.

The result is more individual and collective suicide.

Fars News/Tehran:  Western commentators claim that Syrian “rebels” will very soon see victory to bring down the Assad regime. Please comment on any aspect of this that you wish, hopefully including the double standard by which the US chooses to see some Middle Eastern uprisings as legitimate attempts at democracy while others deserve getting squelched by puppet dictators.

Mark Dankof:  The Syrian tragedy underscores the bankruptcy of American policy in that part of the region, and its accompanying moral selectivity.

Charlie Skelton’s essay for the Guardian entitled, “The Syrian Opposition:  Who’s Doing the Talking?” is but one of many fine exposes of what is happening in this situation.  In a nutshell, the United States, Britain, and Israel are aligned with Saudi Arabia, the other Gulf Sunni Monarchies, Turkey, and al-Qaeda itself, in an overt attempt attempt to overthrow an Alawite/Sh’iite regime in Syria because this is what Israel and its Neo-Conservative allies in the American government desire as part of a larger strategy of isolation of Iran and the eventual overthrow of its Islamic Republic regime.  This has nothing to do with “human rights” and the interests and wellbeing of the Syrian people.  Look at the American relationship with the regimes in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, clearly rooted only in oil, banking, and self-serving economic interest.  Both of those governments are among the most despotic anywhere.  But they are serving the interest of the usual suspects.  This is the bottom line where the Zionist and Neo-Conservative driven American Empire are concerned.  What benefits us?  Who will do what we want anywhere else in the world, regardless of what they’re doing to their own people?  Clearly this is the bottom line.

The background of Bassma Kodmani of the Syrian National Council, chronicled by Skelton, tells you all you need to know.  This lady is Paris-based; a participant in this year’s secretive Bilderberg Conference in Chantilly, Virginia; a past employee of the Ford Foundation in Cairo during the Mubarak regime; and an executive director of the Arab Reform Initiative (ARI), described by Skelton as “a research program initiated by the powerful US Lobby group, The Council on Foreign Relations.  . . . the ARI was initiated by a group within the CFR called the “US/Middle East Project”–a body of senior diplomats, intelligence officers and financiers. . . under the guidance of an international board chaired by General Brent Scowcroft.   . . .”

This is simply for openers.  Ms. Kodmani is linked to not only Scowcroft, but Henry Kissinger; Zbigniew Brzezinski; Peter Sutherland of Goldman Sachs; Lord Kerr of Royal Dutch Shell and Chatham House; George Soros; and Charles Grant, the former defence editor of The Economist .  And look at the affiliations of other senior members of the so-called Syrian National Council mentioned by Skelton.  They’re all linked to globally known figures in international Zionism, banking, the arms industry, and oil consortiums.  All of these entities want war with Iran, an expansion of Israeli territories by force, and the forcible inclusion of Iran in the global banking system.

That means getting rid of Assad in Syria and the installment of a stooge regime as a prelude to this, along with the racheting up of sanctions against the Iranian oil and banking industries; the continuing use of terror operations in Iran sponsored by the Israeli Mossad using the Mojahedeen-e-Khalq (MEK) as the surrogate; attempts to subvert Iran from within through black operations in Iranian Azerbaijan, Khuzestan Province, and Balochistan; and finally the employment of overt preemptive military force if everything else fails.

All of this is clearly evil.  All of this is also clearly what is being supported by the current American incumbent in the White House; his Republican challenger, Mr. Romney; and a Zionist-owned American Congress.  John Hagee of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio and head of Christians United For Israel (CUFI) has been enlisted to delude millions of American Protestant Evangelicals into wholehearted support of this sick endeavor by providing deceptive religious cover and “Christian” theological cover for this coming War of Civilizations in his endorsement of a Talmudic racism totally at odds with the teachings of Jesus Christ in the New Testament.

And finally, don’t forget what Ray McGovern calls Establishment Corporate Media (ECM) in the United States.  Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper of CNN, and their counterparts at Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News, are telling the American people each night that Assad simply has to be overthrown by any means necessary because of basic human rights.  The blatant outside recruitment of al-Qaeda affiliated revolutionaries for deployment in Syria; Turkish missile deployments along the Syrian border; cross border raids into Syria from Turkey; and Western financing of the Sunni revolutionaries with money, arms, and political propaganda, is either not mentioned, downplayed, or justified as a necessary “human rights” intervention in that country.

I am feeling increasingly hopeless about the displacement of this criminal cabal and their plans, which will destroy millions of lives around the world even as it ends the existence of the Old American Republic.  These are dark days of managed, deliberate deception, as evidenced by my conversations with Dr. Robert Sungenis of Catholic Apologetics International on Israel’s pivotal role in what happened in New York on September 11, 2011.  Your constituency may want to access those interviews online as they occur.  The first installment is online.  The second installment takes place on Wednesday, July 25th.

Mark Dankof

Mark Dankof to The Editor of The American Conservative: Does the Constitution Party Have a Future?


Mark Dankof in Washington, D. C. in November of 2011



The American Conservative

4040 Fairfax Dr. Suite 140

Arlington, VA 22203


Dear Sir (s):


In regard to the question raised by W. James Antle in As Goode as it Gets:  The Constitution Party Has a Nominee, But Does it Have a Future? in the June 2012 The American Conservative, the answer is clearly yes.  But that future is consigned to the ash heap of history.


I was the Constitution Party candidate for the U. S. Senate race in Delaware against Thomas Carper and Bill Roth in 2000.  I believe in retrospect that the Party has no effective future, for reasons related both to the stacked deck against all 3rd parties in America, and the self-inflicted gunshot wounds suffered by the Constitution Party in particular. In regard to the stacked deck, prohibitive ballot access laws, lack of money, and lack of corporate media access have consigned all of the 3rd party movements in the United States to the political realm of Outer Darkness.  This is a grossly unjust reality.


In regard to the self-inflicted gunshot wounds of the Constitution Party itself, there has been an ongoing inability to recognize how effective national political coalitions are built over the long haul.  While the Party platform has historically been excellent on issues of foreign policy, war and peace, fiat money, fractional reserve banking, and the Fed, the reinforced perception of the Constitution Party has consistently been one of a fringe constituency tinged with Christian Reconstructionist ideology and mired exclusively in the abortion and school prayer controversies, to the exclusion of the proclamation of its total package of party platform positions.


There is one additional reason for the Party’s failure.  While the Constitution Party’s history suggests an America First-Pat Buchanan orientation on foreign policy, there have been ominous mixed messages sent in this critical area. This not only involves Alan Keyes’ past dalliance with the Party as cited by Mr. Antle, but Party founder and ex-Conservative Caucus Chairman Howard Phillips’ public promotion of pro-Zionist, neo-Conservative Jerome Corsi as a Constitution Party candidate for President in 2008; and Mr. Phillips’ recent involvement with pro-Zionist, neo-Conservative Kenneth R. Timmerman of Accuracy in Media (AIM)in a piece entitled, Tehran TV Loves Ron Paul.” This essay is available online, along with my observations and rebuttal.  The clear attack on America First conservatives who have appeared on Tehran’s Press TV to denounce a Zionist-run American foreign policy and the disproportionate influence of the Israeli Lobby in American politics generally, is obvious in the Timmerman AIM preemptive airstrike accomplished with Howard Phillips’ clear participation.  One surmises that Richard Mellon Scaife and the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) crowd approve.  Mr. Scaife, of course, has financed both AIM and PNAC. And the false statements made about me in the article, and the nature of my past relationship with Mr. Phillips and his Party have never been retracted or apologized for. 


By extension, the Timmerman/Phillips handiwork is clearly aimed not only at me, but at The American Conservative’s own Dr. Philip Giraldi, who has been a past guest on my radio show, and at Mark Glenn of The Ugly Truth, both of whom have joined me from time to time at Press TV/Iran.


The Constitution Party’s clear cooptation and compromise as evidenced by the Timmerman/Phillips AIM broadside, stands as a warning to the Tea Party and Ron Paul movements as well, even as the recent endorsement of Mitt Romney by Rand Paul is but the latest example of the art of political opportunism and mixed messages, one apparently mastered by Howard Phillips in his long-standing public relationship with the likes of Benjamin Netanyahu, Dr. Jerome Corsi (“Atomic Iran“), Kenneth R. Timmerman, and the Council for National Policy (CNP).




Mark Dankof

San Antonio, Texas

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Mark Dankof in Washington, D. C. in November of 2011



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