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Is There Anything Left to Say? Looking Back on 20 Years

There are many immediate postmortems out there after the recently botched American withdrawal from Kabul. If you can stand to read the ugly details, some of the best I have encountered in recent days are William D. Hartung’s The Profits of War and Douglas MacGregor’s From Marshall to Milley. It is helpful to remember that a pivotal turning point in these wars for Zio-Empire before 9-11 was Serbia, as chronicled by Charles Bausman’s Russia Insider in Remembering NATO’s Ruthless Bombing Campaign in Serbia.

My own odyssey in this mess began with a U. S. Senate race in Delaware as a 3rd Party candidate. At the time, it was a favor for a friend and a one-year sabbatical from graduate theological study.

A one year sabbatical became two decades of Alt activism and media after September 11th, 2001. My radio skills and graduate writing abilities were pressed into service to warn the American public about the War Party, the burgeoning surveillance state, the decaying state of the economy, the advances of Cultural Marxism and the National Debt, and the march toward a New World Order now galloping full speed ahead with the thundering hooves of hoards since the COVID-19 hysteria launched in early 2020.

The articles, the broadcasts for different networks, and the foreign TV appearances and debates have brought me to the aftermath of what I predicted would happen to the American Empire in the folly of the invasion of Afghanistan in 2001. The truth about 9-11 is still being officially and deliberately concealed from the people of the United States, a fact both Philip Giraldi and I among others, have gone on record about. Next year’s proposed Federal Budget is almost $7 trillion dollars. The projected National Debt for 2002 will be $32 trillion dollars. Fourteen years after 9-11 the country has Queer Marriage via the judicial fiat embodied in the Obergefell decision, as it was in the Roe v. Wade decision of 1973. The responsible articles about the American National Security State and the American Military advancing the rest of us toward possible wars with Iran, Russia, and China, are too numerous to chronicle here.

And so I ask myself, what have I achieved in the last 20 years of my life? Is there any point in remaining in my broadcasting and newspaper endeavors of the last two decades? Or should my emphasis be solely in a return to finishing gradate theological study, my thesis, and my last language examination, along with doing my seminars for homeschooling parents and kids? If you’ve been one of my listeners and readers over time, share with me your honest thoughts and perspectives on these questions as I ponder the what the future holds in whatever time God has granted you and me in the middle of these final days in world history.

Answers, prayers, and contributions whenever possible are appreciated. In the meantime, I’m still pondering. San Antonio? Russia? Zagreb? Iran? And on what mission as God directs my path?


Mark Dankof Remembers Samir Massouh

It seems significant that on the very day I am informed of the passing of my friend and teaching mentor, Dr. Samir Massouh of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and Trinity International University, I’m preparing for a third discussion of Biblical eschatology on the Republic Broadcasting Network (RBN) later tonight on a show called “In Plain Sight.”

Master the Content and Memorize the Relevant.

When I consider my activity this week with “The Dankof Report” for ACH coming from London, my recent conversation with Jonas E. Alexis at VT, or my latest work with the Tehran Times, my time as a student of Hebrew and Old Testament with Samir in suburban Chicago seems so very long ago. As a matter of fact, the years have simply flown by. Yet my memories of him decades ago remain as fresh as our occasional on-line exchanges in these last several years on social media during his Herculean battle with esophageal cancer. He has finally lost that battle, paradoxically to experience the ultimate triumph over death and entrance into the Kingdom of God in a world without end, because of his personal knowledge and faith in the Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ (Romans 10:9).

He is greatly missed. I shall see him again.

Mark Dankof on LGBTQ and The Big Picture for RBN Radio

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Mark Dankof was the featured guest on Mark Anderson’s Stop the Presses! show on the Republic Broadcasting Network on July 24th, 2019.

Topic: LGBTQ and the Big Picture, with discussion of Christian Homeschooling as an alternative to the Propaganda for Perversion targeting the young in American Public Schools courtesy of the National Education Association, its fellow travelers, and the agenda of Cultural Marxism, especially in the Democratic Party.

Articles briefly cited included Mark Dankof’s It’s Time for Mass Resistance to the LGBTQ Culture of Death for Russia Insider and An Overview of Jonah as a Prototypical Primer for the Catacomb Church and Homeschool Study as an example of resources available to those who need them.

Listen here.