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Mark Dankof for Sputnik International: Biden’s Absurd Border Policies

Alexandra Datig of Front Page Index (FPI) and Mark Dankof of The Freedom Times both pan Biden’s pathetic border policies for Sputnik International.

The complete text of Mark Dankof’s conversation with Sputnik International is re-posted on Vkontakte

Mark Dankof

Biden’s DOJ is being disingenuous in its analysis of the situation with migrants at the Texas-Mexico border and the subsequent release of illegals into both Texas and elsewhere

United States Attorney Merrick Garland’s invocation of the ‘Supremacy Clause’ of the United States Constitution vis a vis the State of Texas regarding Governor Abbott’s attempts to get massive illegal immigration invasion of his State under control, is blatantly absurd. Absolute emphasis must be placed on the deliberate and continuous breaking of existing Federal immigration laws by the Biden Administration and its Justice Department

The Los Angeles Times reported on June 10th that border migrant apprehensions are 5 times what they were in 2020. Why? Because it is obvious that the immigration policy of the Biden Administration and the Democratic Party is nothing more than a wholesale amnesty for illegals in the United States and a return to a ‘Catch and Release’ policy for border law enforcement that is no law enforcement in any sense of the word.

R.J. Hauman of FAIR reported on July 15th that the ‘Infrastructure Package’ in the House of Representatives contains a massive amnesty program for illegals. Democratic Representative Pramila Jayapal of Washington State confirms this. She said during a press call that the resolution will include a pathway to citizenship for ‘Dreamers, [Temporary Protected Status] TPS, essential workers, and farmworkers.’

Press reports estimate that as many as 10 million illegal aliens could eventually be placed on a path to citizenship.

Between ‘Catch and Release’ and a blanket amnesty program, both would establish the legitimacy of a literal and ongoing foreign invasion of the United States. How many illegals are already here are unknown, but the best estimates figure approximately 20 million.

FAIR estimates this costs some $113 billion dollars a year. In terms of the concerns of Governor Abbott, it is noteworthy that ‘only’ $29 billion of this involves the Federal Government. $84 billion in costs are born by the States, even as Merrick Garland, Joe Biden, and a Democratic House and Congress plot a course of action in a demographic revolution via illegal immigration that will keep the Democratic Party in power in perpetuity at every level of government in the United States. 

The mainstream media covers this up, as it covers up the relationship between illegal immigration and crime in the United States. Hans A. von Spakovsky noted two years ago that in Texas, a report from the Texas Department of Public Safety revealed that 297,000 non-citizens had been ‘booked into local Texas jails between June 1, 2011 and July 31, 2019.’ These are non-citizens who allegedly committed local crimes, not immigration violations.

The report noted that a little more than two-thirds (202,000) of those booked in Texas jails were later confirmed as illegal immigrants by the federal government.

According to the Texas report, over the course of their criminal careers those illegal immigrants were charged with committing 494,000 criminal offenses.

Some of these cases are still being prosecuted, but the report states that there have already been over 225,000 convictions. Those convictions represent: 500 homicides; 23,954 assaults; 8,070 burglaries; 297 kidnappings; 14,178 thefts; 2,026 robberies; 3,122 sexual assaults; 3,840 sexual offenses; 3,158 weapon charges and tens of thousands of drug and obstruction charges. . . . 

It is noteworthy that neither Merrick Garland nor Greg Abbott reference the 1965 Immigration Reform Act as the launching point for where we are in the summer of 2021. Then, the American Congress passed a ‘reform’ bill which was aimed at a deliberate and significant reduction of European immigration to the United States and an intentional increase in Asian, Latin American, and African immigration. The ramifications of this demographic shift for radical change in the political, cultural, racial, and religious composition and outlook in the United States over time are as enormous as they are obvious. 

Even more important in understanding the present conflict between Biden’s DOJ and GOP Governor Greg Abbott is that the latter comes from the Bush-McCain Empire brigade and the pro-Zionist War Party wing of the GOP. For that reason, the Governor does not mention Ronald Reagan’s ‘one-time’ amnesty for illegals nor the May 2006 collusion of George W. Bush and GOP members of the U.S. Senate with Democrats in the offering of a then blanket amnesty to 12 million illegals known to have been residing in the United States then. Clearly, the horse was already out of the barn and 200 yards down the road in terms of solving a burgeoning problem and all the attendant issues involved. 

There is a silver lining in all of this. As white European Americans of various Christian lineages begin figuring out that their own government and political elite are targeting them for political, economic, and racial extinction, they will cease supporting Zio-Empire wars with their own money and blood. They will recognize that a Woke American Military is nothing more than a janissary force for a coercive global governance which embraces Israel, central banks, Critical Race Theory, LGBTQ, and their own targeted extinction and replacement by millions of non-European migrants. They will progressively recognize that a Woke American Military will potentially target them in their own land, even as it will be employed against nations like Russia who rightly resist having their own sovereignty as a nation-state threatened by the toxic and synergistic brew of Multi-National Capitalism and Cultural Marxism which is the foundation of a New World Order supported both by the Democratic Party and the Bush-McCain Empire wing of the Republican Party.

James Kirkpatrick put it well recently when he observed that ‘The only war the What’s Left of the Historic American Nation needs to worry about is the one being waged against it at home.’”

Mark Dankof

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Father Joseph Gleason of Russian Faith: Follow Him Out of Dodge If You Can


Polycarp of Smyrna and Christian Martyrdom: One of Mark Dankof’s icons on his studio/library wall.


     It goes without saying that Father Joseph Gleason of Russian Faith is making his mark in the world for the Kingdom of God in Jesus Christ.  His theological journey has finally taken him into the priesthood of the Russian Orthodox Church.  Geographically, the journey he and his family have embarked upon has taken them from the United States to Russia and a place called Rostov-The-Great.  His is a story worth following on an ongoing basis.  I sense his personal odyssey may prove larger in history than he or anyone else imagines right now.

  His most recent entry on the Russian Faith website is entitled, “Homosexuals Persecuting Christians in America:  Do You Feel The Walls Closing In?” This marvelous piece is 5,050 words long.  My succinct initial response to his labors before even reading the essay itself was–and is–a simple “Yes.”

     I do not come to this conclusion quickly or without study and engagement.  Since 9-11, I have set aside most of the rest of my life to attempt to bring the people of America to an awareness of how late the hour is, and the perilous state of both individual souls and a collective people that has turned its back on God in favor of an Empire built on narcissism, militarism, usury, and sodomy.


     But the painful truth is that I have failed.  I have lost 17 years of my life in the process. I admitted as much some years ago in a well publicized essay entitled, “Why We’re Finished.”  Later, I found myself being pilloried by the Jerusalem Post and the international Jewish press for telling Press TV Iran the truth after the infamous Obergefell Supreme Court decision of 2015 about who played a pivotally disproportionate role in bringing this latest advance of Cultural Marxism to pass in the United States, as was the case in the Roe v Wade decision of January of 1973.  Joseph Biden said the same thing I did, only he hailed the development as a new dawning in America.  I didn’t.  Thus, I was in the crosshairs of the usual suspects.  Not one of my Lutheran colleagues in the United States came to my public defense.  I was on my own and I knew it, just as I have been for years in these circles for discussing 9-11, Empire foreign and military policy, the Kennedy Assassination, and the abortion and LGBTQ issues among many others.

     Nothing in the last 4 years has changed the equation.  I said as much in an essay entitled, “A ‘Communist’s’ Thoughts on the 4th of July,” appropriately retitled, “Russia is a Beacon of Promise for a Christian Future” for Russia Faith and Russian Insider readers.  The thousands of hits on those sites revealed I had struck a chord or a raw nerve depending on the perspective of the reader, which is why editors like Charles Bausman and Father Joseph Gleason have increasingly come under attack by MSM rags in the United States like The Daily Beast as agents of the Kremlin, which assaulted me well before it did these fine people.  I wore that as a badge of honor. I still do.


The Ancient of Days (Daniel 7) on Mark Dankof’s radio studio/library wall.

     Which brings me back to Father Gleason’s latest post.  His conclusions about what the LGBTQ movement and the power elite’s goals are in both the United States and globally in regard to authentic Christianity and its adherents are no different than what Rod Dreher wrote in Time Magazine after the Obergefell decision, only sharper in focus in the implications.  This sharpening of focus leads the American Christian who prayerfully contemplates the reality of the homeland advances of the New World Order to examine his or her position very carefully as the Holy Spirit of God leads and directs.

     For the record, after examination over time, I humbly conclude personally that: 1) Father Joseph Gleason has made the right decision for himself and his family in moving to Russia; 2) Recent developments in that country and elsewhere make it clear to me that Orthodoxy is especially being used of God in the proclamation of the Gospel in an age of advancing heresy and apostasy–not declining Lutheranism, Catholicism, or a Protestant Evangelical movement overcome with worship of Zionism and increasing pop accommodation to cancerous American and European cultures headed for absolute shipwreck;  3) For young believers around the world including a couple I have recently read about in Brazil, and young American Christians feeling bewildered and embattled as they Feel the Walls Closing In, examine the Lord’s will very closely in regard to the beckoning of Father Gleason and his migrating minions to the place that the Triune God is restoring at this eschatological hour in history to counter the evil plans of a Western Globalist and Zionist movement bent on using moral and sexual perversion, mass media manipulation, consumerism, economic sanctions, and overt military aggression to achieve Satan’s final victory in this present realm;  4) The latest actions of the United States in the Ukraine in sewing discord in the Orthodox Church only underscore the depths to which the political leadership in America will go on behalf the objectives of the New World Order, along with the entire spectrum of moves being made by The Empire against Iran, Syria, Russia, and Venezuela;  5) When all of this is understood in discernment by the Christian believer in the West in terms of prophetic developments, those of us whose circumstances mandate remaining in our earthly homeland in exile must do so only in the clear understanding that the outcome is not merely an exilic experience of alienation and marginalization, but one which promises martyrdom itself.


     My last public address to a Lutheran group discussed this.  I’m still not sure those in the lecture hall in upstate Wisconsin last year really had the foggiest notion of what I was trying to say in the Lord to them.  But Father Joseph Gleason knows of what I speak, and so do most of his readers at Russian Faith. There are a few Christian homeschoolers in Texas who certainly understand. For those in the United States and the West in a position to make choices for themselves and their families on the basis of their individual circumstances and Christian witness for the truth in history, follow him to higher ground.  Get out of Dodge while you can.

     I believe God has truly raised this man up at this most critical and final hour in world and redemptive history. Consider his witness and his words carefully. That is my best advice to you.  The clock is ticking to midnight.

Written by Mark Dankof

January 31, 2019 at 9:19 pm