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Mark Dankof’s Interview with Fars News Agency of Iran: Israeli Suicides, the Culture of Death, and Holocaust in Syria

Mark Dankof in Washington, D. C. in November of 2011

Fars News Agency of Iran recently solicited my opinion on several interesting subjects, as they did with a number of my journalistic colleagues in the West recently.  Here is the English language transcript of that brief exchange of last week, conducted by Reza Saiedi of Fars News from Tehran:

Fars News/Tehran:  Mr. Dankof, as you know, there have been 5 recent cases of suicide by self-immolation in Israel. One of these suicides was a medical doctor. Would you please offer your perspective on a possible chain of events or conditions that has brought about this response from Israeli citizens?

Mark Dankof:  I have not studied any of the recent self-immolation suicide cases you cite in Israel.  I am speculating that an increasingly significant segment of Israeli society is becoming progressively more hopeless in outlook, because of the never ending stream of violence and political isolation for the Zionist state due to its leadership’s absolutely irresponsible and intransigent policies, which now include an obvious attempt to involve themselves–and the United States–in a morally reprehensible and unjustifiable preemptive war with Iran.

Time Magazine’s recent cover story on the rash of suicides in the American military is similarly suggestive, along with the recent coverage in the Los Angeles Times , USA Today, NBC, and elsewhere, even as American society generally seems ongoingly more grim about the country’s economic and political prospects.

There is plenty of reason for increasing despair among the American public and electorate:  Our actual unemployment rate is actually around 22%, according to Paul Craig Roberts.  The once world-class manufacturing sector of the American economy continues to decline and fade, as evidenced by the UK Daily Mail’s recent photographic chronicle of the shocking demise of Detroit, Camden, Gary, and Newark, and what is being conveyed about the state of the American automotive, shipbuilding, and steel industries in these pictures, along with the accompanying destruction of lives and communities “all over the country,” as former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney puts it in that very ugly and revealing piece.  And when you add a banking and Wall Street investment industry rooted in a sea of derivatives, credit-default swaps, mortgage-backed securities fraud, and a $16 trillion dollar Fed Fiat Money bailout, anyone can see where this is headed.

And then there is the economic, moral, and political drain on the United States that has resulted from its ongoing pursuit of Imperial Wars in the Middle East and Central Asia, at the behest of Israel and its agenda as expressed in the 1996 document for the Neo-Conservative Project for the New American Century (PNAC), entitled, “A Clean Break:  A Strategy for Securing the Realm.”  In that Richard Mellon Scaife-financed roadmap for what would later happen from 2001 onward, we learn that the Zionists and their partners in Central Banking and Energy Consortiums have taken it upon themselves to carve up that portion of the globe for their own interests, and to use the United States military and intelligence communities, along with NATO, to achieve it.

It isn’t working.  Between borrowing from foreign banks and firing up the printing press at the Federal Reserve Board to create fiat money out of thin air, these ill-fated and never ending interventions are destroying the American dollar and economy, even as outsourcing, globalism, and the replacement of an economy based in manufacturing and agriculture with a service-oriented one, are bringing about the eventual demise of the United States as the latest version of the Ancient Roman Empire.  The financial cost of Iraq and Afghanistan alone is approaching $5 trillion dollars with the meter still running.  What about the costs of recent interventions in Libya? Syria? Iran? Oman? Somalia? Elsewhere?

Then there is the culture.  The most recent mass murders in Aurora, Colorado are the latest evidence that the drug and sexual revolutions of the 1960s in America, and the sea of perversion, pornography, abortion, and drugs that have accompanied it, have produced the destruction of traditional family structures, an explosion of illegitimate birth rates in all the key demographic groups in the United States, and the increasingly elimination of the older Protestant and Catholic Christian moral influences which once had disproportionate strength and effectiveness in this country.  It is not an accident that these evil influences have had provable and disproportionate amounts of Jewish funding and logistical support to achieve larger goals and ends, just as these same forces bankrolled Sigmund Freud and the Frankfurt School in Europe for the same purposes.  Dr. E. Michael Jones of Culture Wars is the key resource for information on this aspect of the problem.

Never ending wars and the burgeoning National Security State, economic decline, banking and governmental corruption, cultural and moral demise through sexual preoccupation and obsession, the reduction of traditional religious influences and traditional families in shaping society, along with the development of a post 9-11 domestic police state, characterizes what I see of both the Zionist State of Israel and a United States which looks more and more like its so-called ally in Tel Aviv.

You might say that both countries have increasingly adopted a Culture of Death.  That culture is producing more hopelessness.

The result is more individual and collective suicide.

Fars News/Tehran:  Western commentators claim that Syrian “rebels” will very soon see victory to bring down the Assad regime. Please comment on any aspect of this that you wish, hopefully including the double standard by which the US chooses to see some Middle Eastern uprisings as legitimate attempts at democracy while others deserve getting squelched by puppet dictators.

Mark Dankof:  The Syrian tragedy underscores the bankruptcy of American policy in that part of the region, and its accompanying moral selectivity.

Charlie Skelton’s essay for the Guardian entitled, “The Syrian Opposition:  Who’s Doing the Talking?” is but one of many fine exposes of what is happening in this situation.  In a nutshell, the United States, Britain, and Israel are aligned with Saudi Arabia, the other Gulf Sunni Monarchies, Turkey, and al-Qaeda itself, in an overt attempt attempt to overthrow an Alawite/Sh’iite regime in Syria because this is what Israel and its Neo-Conservative allies in the American government desire as part of a larger strategy of isolation of Iran and the eventual overthrow of its Islamic Republic regime.  This has nothing to do with “human rights” and the interests and wellbeing of the Syrian people.  Look at the American relationship with the regimes in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, clearly rooted only in oil, banking, and self-serving economic interest.  Both of those governments are among the most despotic anywhere.  But they are serving the interest of the usual suspects.  This is the bottom line where the Zionist and Neo-Conservative driven American Empire are concerned.  What benefits us?  Who will do what we want anywhere else in the world, regardless of what they’re doing to their own people?  Clearly this is the bottom line.

The background of Bassma Kodmani of the Syrian National Council, chronicled by Skelton, tells you all you need to know.  This lady is Paris-based; a participant in this year’s secretive Bilderberg Conference in Chantilly, Virginia; a past employee of the Ford Foundation in Cairo during the Mubarak regime; and an executive director of the Arab Reform Initiative (ARI), described by Skelton as “a research program initiated by the powerful US Lobby group, The Council on Foreign Relations.  . . . the ARI was initiated by a group within the CFR called the “US/Middle East Project”–a body of senior diplomats, intelligence officers and financiers. . . under the guidance of an international board chaired by General Brent Scowcroft.   . . .”

This is simply for openers.  Ms. Kodmani is linked to not only Scowcroft, but Henry Kissinger; Zbigniew Brzezinski; Peter Sutherland of Goldman Sachs; Lord Kerr of Royal Dutch Shell and Chatham House; George Soros; and Charles Grant, the former defence editor of The Economist .  And look at the affiliations of other senior members of the so-called Syrian National Council mentioned by Skelton.  They’re all linked to globally known figures in international Zionism, banking, the arms industry, and oil consortiums.  All of these entities want war with Iran, an expansion of Israeli territories by force, and the forcible inclusion of Iran in the global banking system.

That means getting rid of Assad in Syria and the installment of a stooge regime as a prelude to this, along with the racheting up of sanctions against the Iranian oil and banking industries; the continuing use of terror operations in Iran sponsored by the Israeli Mossad using the Mojahedeen-e-Khalq (MEK) as the surrogate; attempts to subvert Iran from within through black operations in Iranian Azerbaijan, Khuzestan Province, and Balochistan; and finally the employment of overt preemptive military force if everything else fails.

All of this is clearly evil.  All of this is also clearly what is being supported by the current American incumbent in the White House; his Republican challenger, Mr. Romney; and a Zionist-owned American Congress.  John Hagee of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio and head of Christians United For Israel (CUFI) has been enlisted to delude millions of American Protestant Evangelicals into wholehearted support of this sick endeavor by providing deceptive religious cover and “Christian” theological cover for this coming War of Civilizations in his endorsement of a Talmudic racism totally at odds with the teachings of Jesus Christ in the New Testament.

And finally, don’t forget what Ray McGovern calls Establishment Corporate Media (ECM) in the United States.  Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper of CNN, and their counterparts at Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News, are telling the American people each night that Assad simply has to be overthrown by any means necessary because of basic human rights.  The blatant outside recruitment of al-Qaeda affiliated revolutionaries for deployment in Syria; Turkish missile deployments along the Syrian border; cross border raids into Syria from Turkey; and Western financing of the Sunni revolutionaries with money, arms, and political propaganda, is either not mentioned, downplayed, or justified as a necessary “human rights” intervention in that country.

I am feeling increasingly hopeless about the displacement of this criminal cabal and their plans, which will destroy millions of lives around the world even as it ends the existence of the Old American Republic.  These are dark days of managed, deliberate deception, as evidenced by my conversations with Dr. Robert Sungenis of Catholic Apologetics International on Israel’s pivotal role in what happened in New York on September 11, 2011.  Your constituency may want to access those interviews online as they occur.  The first installment is online.  The second installment takes place on Wednesday, July 25th.

Mark Dankof

Mark Dankof to Congressman Ron Paul: You Need to Find It, Buddy! And Fast. . . .


Mark Dankof: When Will Ron Paul "Find It" and Take the Gloves Off?


     Ralph Reed has re-emerged from the sewer again, in sponsoring the “Faith and Freedom Coalition Conference” this past week.  CNN’s fawning tribute to Ralphie, entitled,”Why Ralph Reed Matters,” does accurately note how the Republican flyweight wannabes jousting for the Presidential nomination of the GOP have each now kissed the ring of Pat Robertson’s ex-horseholder, much as they and their Congressional colleagues collectively kissed the Israeli prime minister’s hind end during the latter’s barnstorming tour of Zionist Occupied Territory (ZOA) in late May.

     But CNN has it wrong.  Ralph Reed doesn’t matter.  What does matter is the power of the domestic American Jewish Lobby, and the Israeli government, who stand behind Reed as the ultimate power behind his porcelain throne.  Reed knows this, as does his pal, Richard Land, of the Southern Baptist Convention; John Hagee of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio and Christians United for Israel (CUFI); Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ); and every Neo-Conservative lackey seeking the imprimatur of the Tribe in his or her quest for the nomination of a political party as hijacked by The Lobby as its Democratic counterpart.

     Reed’s beauty-contest, following closely on the heels of the U. S. Congress’s obsequious and televised kissing of Bibi Netanyahu’s Hind End, tells the discerning that the Fix is In.  The message is clear:  No serious candidate for the American Presidency, or the Congress, gets past the clearance of the folks whose control of this seamy process was cemented in 1913 with the creation of the Federal Reserve Board, and the imposition of a direct Federal income tax on the Empire’s citizens.  The power to create fiat money and to tax is the power to buy elections, legislatures, Chief Executives, political parties, and media moguls.  It is also the power to foment assassinations, revolutions, and to launch wars of imperial conquest.  Just ask the Rothschilds, Jacob Schiff, David Rockefeller, or Ben Bernanke.  These heavyweights have replaced the Old Republic with Empire.  The results are self-evident, and clinically Satanic.

Ralph Reed: Gambling and Zionist Prostitution for Jesus

     Three past articles on Ralph Reed in my archive will provide the historical context necessary for national and international readers interested in the real forces at work in Mr. Reed’s ongoingly malignant presence on the American political scene, especially as an agent of influence in the Zionist-controlled “Christian” Right.  They are, “The Trinity of Mammon and Zionism:  Ralph Reed, Pat Robertson, and . . . Al Goldstein,” “Ralph Reed, the ADL, and the ‘Family Values’ President,” and “The Eckstein-Reed Alliance:  Christian-Jewish Theocrats, Oilmen, and Central Bankers Move the World Closer to War.”

     Properly understood, these articles underscore that Ralph Reed and his ilk are firmly in the lineage of those who called for the release of Barabbas before Pilate 2000 years ago.  With reference to what E. Michael Jones would call The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit,  Jesus Christ said in the New Testament that no one could serve both God and Mammon.  In his confrontation with Satan in Matthew 4, Christ rejected the Faustian bargain that would have given Him control of earthly kingdoms 2000 years ago at the cost of His own soul and pivotal role in God’s redemptive plan.  The Lion of the Tribe of Judah also clearly warned His followers of the machinations of the Synagogue of Satan in the Apostle John’s warnings to the Churches of Smyrna and Philadelphia in his Apocalypse penned on Patmos.  The contemporary Biblical application of these New Testament teachings and illustrations is clear:  Jesus’ understanding of love, earthly kingdoms, and the Kingdom of God, are pathetically missed by the Temple’s Zionist Moneychangers running for the GOP Presidential nod by being showcased at the “Faith and Freedom Coalition Conference.” In truth, this motley crew believes in neither, with the possible exception of Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX).

     Which begs the question:  What on earth was Ron Paul doing there?  More importantly, what did he actually accomplish?

     The Christian Post coverage of the Paul segment of the conference indicates that the Texas Congressman accomplished nothing of substance save the beginning of the end of his quest for the GOP nomination.  Much like his failure to respond with a rhetorical blow-to-the-jaw of Rudolph Guiliani after the New York mayor’s attack on Paul in a 2008 GOP Presidential debate, the good Doctor looked sycophantic in his ill-fated appeal to the very element of the contemporary American Right that has destroyed every principle of what the Real Right enunciated in previous epochs of American history.

     If Ron Paul truly believes in limited government, the Bill of Rights at home, a truly free-market economy, and non-interventionism abroad, he and the movement he claims to serve could have landed a crucial blow to the Establishment’s jaw last week in Washington, at Ralphie Reed’s Neo-Conservative, Likudnik Love-In.  Had I written his speech, the coverage—and the aftermath—of his appearance would have been page one.  Paul would have set himself apart in the public mind as the one candidate in the Republican race worth casting a vote for, or opposing with the greatest of fervor.  In any event, the real battle lines would have been drawn.

     How would this version of a Ron Paul speech at Washington’s “Faith and Freedom Coalition Conference” have flown?

     “Greetings my friends.  I am honored to have been given this brief opportunity to address you, on what may mark the beginning of my last political campaign.  Between the fact that we are inching closer to a Third World War, a complete economic collapse, and the imposition of a domestic police state in what was once a land considered a beacon of free thought and speech around the world, and the fact that my enemies in the Republican Party and the forces bankrolling them are trying to gerrymander my 14th Congressional District back home in Texas, there may not be many more chances for me to present my views to the American people.  The clock is ticking.  Because it is, I have decided to take off the gloves, in what may be the twilight of both my country’s existence, and that of my own life on this earth, and to fight honorably in bare-knuckle fashion for that in which I believe, that which I love, with whatever time God grants me in which to do it.

     “The truth of the matter is that I am the only Republican Presidential candidate at this conference who actually believes in freedom.  The sponsor of this gathering, Ralph Reed, and every other announced contender here, is an avowed advocate of supporting–and being financed–by the very people who have given us every one of the maladies we decry: a fiat American currency, a direct Federal income tax, usurious interest rates, endless foreign wars, a morally polluted American culture, an economic globalism which has destroyed the once-vaunted American manufacturing economy, and the imposition of a domestic technological surveillance structure that threatens to replace the freedoms of our beloved Old Republic with a repristinated Stalinism.

     “To Ralph Reed, to my fellow GOP Presidential candidates, and all Ladies and Gentlemen of genuine Christian faith and commitment at this gathering today in our Nation’s Capitol, I simply ask a few simple questions of you, and of the American people who are listening.  First, why is the domestic and foreign policy of the modern American conservative movement and the Republican party being defined by a view of Biblical prophecy unheard of until the 19th century, and largely promoted worldwide by the House of Rothschild’s distribution of the Scofield Reference Bible through its Oxford University Press?  Secondly, why are we in an alliance with a nation that has repeatedly committed crimes against the United States, including the Lavon Affair, Mossad involvement in the Kennedy assassination, the premeditated attack on the USS Liberty in June of 1967, the Pollard spy case, participation with Communist China in the theft of American nuclear secrets at Los Alamos through the PROMIS affair, and the more recent Ben Ami Kadish and AIPAC/Rosen/Weissman spy cases?

     “Why are we in an alliance as American conservatives with a domestic Jewish lobby which has militantly supported and financed the radical feminist, abortion, and homosexual lobbies most of us are sworn to oppose?

     “Why are we, as a pro-life movement, committed to policies of genocide against the Palestinians and the advocacy of the mass murder of Iranians, at the behest of an ‘ally’ which is the chief nuclear, biological, and chemical military power in the Middle East, and a non-signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) signed, however, by Iran?

     “And why, pray tell, are people here today in Washington, talking about recovering American Constitutional Principles, in the context of ongoing obeisance to the chief players in a central banking cabal which has handed to us the direct Federal income tax, the Federal Reserve Board, $14 trillion in national debt, and every globalist trade treaty that has destroyed both American sovereignty and our economic vitality?   Is Bernard Madoff going to show up next year as a Faith and Freedom Coalition Conference keynote speaker, if Mr. Reed is unable to secure Jack Abramoff?

     “And why are Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, Jon Huntsman, Rick Santorum, Tim Pawlenty, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry, and every other mentioned or announced Republican presidential hopeful not concerned that Israeli intelligence is promoting agitation-propaganda through the Rupert Murdoch News Corp chain designed to begin a Third World War?  Why are these people silent about the Israeli infiltration of our intelligence agencies, our Homeland Security Department, our Transportation Safety Administration (TSA), and our telecommunications industry?

     “Frankly, ladies and gentlemen, there is only one word to describe these activities on the part of those who claim to speak for America, its Constitution, and its people, but who have been bought off by what I have just described.  That word is treason.”

Ron Paul: When Will He Take the Gloves Off? Will He 'Find It'?

     To my friend, Ron Paul, I am still waiting to hear you deliver some version of that speech, even if it proves to be your last.  How about one week from tonight, at the New Hampshire Republican Presidential Debate on June 13th?

     Finally, I offer you some loyal advice as this Presidential campaign season continues to advance.

     Don’t bring a water pistol to a knife fight.

     Take the gloves off, come what may.

     In short, You need to Find It, Buddy.  And Fast.