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The Tehran Times Talks to Mark Dankof on JCPOA, Trump, Bolton, and Empire


Mohammad Marzari of the Tehran Times sits down with American paleo-conservative broadcaster and columnist Mark Dankof to discuss JCPOA, Donald Trump, John Bolton, and the waning character of the American Empire. 

Tehran Times: The UN Security Council has rejected the US proposal to extend the Iran arms embargo. In this regard Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) has said that “It wasn’t a defeat. It was a rout.” Is that such a catastrophic result for the U.S.?

Mark Dankof: It was a deserved rout and an absolute embarrassment and foreign policy catastrophe for the United States. I am among those on the American Right who supported, and still support JCPOA. Pat Buchanan and David Stockman are two other examples, Stockman having written an outstanding defense of the treaty in several places. He has also rightly attacked Trump for the Soleimani Assassination.


Mark Dankof’s youthful view of the Elburz Mountains from Golestan 4 in North Tehran in the Pahlavi Era.

Some of my own past remarks are still relevant for Tehran Times readers at the Tasnim News Agency on several subjects and at Charles Bausman’s Russia Insider.


Vladimir Putin:  Iran and Russia are Powerful Allies in the Fight Against International Terrorism. Tehran Times photo.

In the end, the UN Security Council members know that the treaty is solid, undermined by the Israeli Lobby’s control of the foreign policy of the United States regardless of which political party is in power, and an agreement where the illegitimate unilateral withdrawal of the Trump Administration from the deal is the breaking of the American word of honor not only to Iran but the other signatories. The notion that the United States insists it can continue to dictate policies on Iran and the JCPOA terms having withdrawn as a party to the deal is especially outlandish, and an insistence no one else outside of Mr. Trump’s Zionist entourage is buying.

Tehran Times: How do you assess Trump’s “maximum pressure” policy? Was it successful?

Mark Dankof: It is an obvious failure. The Europeans are increasingly disenchanted with Washington’s Zionist war drum beating, and the “maximum pressure” approach is simply and understandably strengthening the Russian and Chinese political and economic relationship with Iran at American expense.


Mark Dankof on Trump’s Zionist Problem for Press TV.

Tehran Times: Do you think that the rest of world including the European countries will cooperate with Trump’s administration to ruin the nuclear deal by triggering “snapback” sanctions on Iran?


Mark Dankof in the usual reading and studying mode.

Mark Dankof: With the exception of the UK, I believe the other European powers will balk at this idea. The German resistance to illegitimate American interference with the Nord Stream 2 deal with Russia is both an example of a reassessment of post-war American dictation of policy to Europe, a situation that will exacerbate resentment of American dictation on Iran policy and JCPOA, and eventually force a reassessment of NATO and Neo-Conservative militarism toward Russia in the post Cold War world where the Reagan-Bush I pledges to Gorbachev have been systematically broken in the same way that the American promises on JCPOA have been. It is beginning to dawn on Europeans that the Zionist Neo-Conservative foreign policy on both Iran and Putin’s Russia makes them more vulnerable and far less secure. It is my hope that a comatose American electorate eventually figures this out in terms of their own self interest and national security.


Syrian Christians are among the Zionist victims of war and subversion.

Tehran Times: On May 8, 2018, the United States withdrew from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA–the nuclear deal) unilaterally while Iran was committed to its obligations. Now Trump tries to use the deal to unite the other signatories against Iran? What kind of logic is that?

Mark Dankof: There is no logical rationale whatsoever for this counterproductive lunacy. It must be understood in terms of the Israeli Lobby stranglehold on American Presidential Administrations, Congress, and Mainstream Media (MSM) in the United States. Trump is perhaps the worst example of this yet, in terms of an absolute blank check being issued to Israel on Gaza, Lebanon, the Occupied Territories, and East Jerusalem. This is not changed by the 2020 election year fraud of the American-brokered “deal” between Israel and the UAE which does nothing for the Palestinians at all. Netanyahu admitted that his annexation policies are “still on the table.” You can be assured they will reappear after the first Tuesday in November in the United States.


Tehran Times: Do you expect that America will recognize the reality of a multi-polar world?

Mark Dankof: I do not believe that this reality has yet dawned on an American National Security and foreign policy establishment drenched in false notions of Empire, and false doctrines of American and Israeli Exceptionalism. A $26 trillion dollar national debt, the rise of competing economies and military establishments around the world, and an American domestic scene mired in more political and cultural division than I’ve ever witnessed in my lifetime, suggest the obvious end of the post WW II American Empire for reasons similar to the end of the old British Empire and the dissolution of the USSR. But the American political oligarchy seems presently oblivious to this obvious reality.


Tehran Times: What about former American Ambassador to the UN and ex-Trump National Security Advisor John Bolton, and his advocacy of a “maximum pressure” policy on Iran, as he expressed this in his recent interview with the BBC?


John Bolton with his Zionist War Party fans at the Republican Jewish Coalition.  Times of Israel photo.

Mark Dankof:  “John Bolton is an Apostle of World Zionism, the Israeli Government, and the Israeli Lobby solely interested in a war for Netanyahu and Neo-Conservative Regime Change in Iran. He approves of the Soleimani Assassination and Marxist MEK terror operations in Iran and from the latter’s Troll Farm in Albania. His ideas, if implemented, would likely ignite World War III. Innocent Americans would die alongside innocent Iranians and others. It is not illegitimate to tag him as a war criminal with a psychopathic psychological profile. He is, simply put, a dangerous man.”


2012 Options: A Real Platform for the Real Right: But Is It Too Late?

Mark Dankof: An Honest American Asks, "Is it Too Late?"

     When I was a young person, the late William Colby once told me that a honest problem solver had to do three (3) things.

     The first involves defining the real problem at hand, isolating root causes and jettisoning red herrings.

     The second involves identifying the right sources and resources, utilizing their insights and wisdom while simultaneously eliminating the wrong sources and their deep freezing reservoir of penetratingly false analysis and deceptive solutions, ending only in a beeline to Sheol and outer darkness if followed because of fatally incurable myopia.

     The third involves literal intercessory prayer for the honest problem solver who believes that God and that option actually exist. It is an especially focused prayer.  One prays fervently that the magnitude of the problem and its enshrouding metastasis have not outstripped the abilities and options of the problem solvers, and the allotted time granted to the latter to solve the issues at hand.  Translation:  It may prove to be too late.

William E. Colby: Was April of 1996 an Accident? Or a Final Payback from the Angleton/Israel Connection?

     Time ran out for William Colby in April of 1996.  The various spins on his life and death range from the official version to alternative ones.

     And as James Petras’ latest missal suggests, time may also be running out for any semblance of solution to the crisis confronting honest and decent Americans being sucked into suffocating quicksand by dark forces and events threatening to comprehensively destroy both their individual lives and the Old Republic once governed by the great principles reaffirmed in the outcome of the American Revolutionary War.  That conflict and the Republic it produced would be clearly explained and justified by George Washington’s Farewell Address, Madison’s essays in The Federalist, the work and philosophy of Thomas Jefferson, and the later struggle of Andrew Jackson against Central Banking.

     It would then be tragically left to Abraham Lincoln, Woodrow Wilson, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt to destroy the Old Republic and commence the frenzied goosestepping to an Empire rooted in Globalism, Imperialism, Militarism, International Central Banking, and support of World Zionism.  The Empire now gasps on life support and artificial respiration.  It must be understood that this is not bad news, but merciful news, both for the American people victimized by The Empire, as well as for the latter’s international victims, the latest obvious case being the Palestinians.

Mossad in America: What Did William Colby Know About the "Hidden Hand"?

     With that in mind, as another miserable Presidential election cycle beckons, I have been asked by a myriad number of readers and listeners to provide my take on what ails the American people, applying Bill Colby’s prescription of long ago for understanding causes and prescribing cures.

     The cause of the American malady is abundantly clear.  Our leadership and institutions have been co-opted by International Central Bankers, Transnational Corporate Interests, and the Israeli Lobby.  The result is an economic system deliberately rooted in spiraling debt, extortionist usury, profligate governmental spending, and the perpetually murderous utilization of the American military as a surrogate armed force being deployed abroad by the identified actors for their own economic and political gain at the expense of everyone else.  The interest of this evil coalition is the antithesis of that of the average American and his/her family, and that of the population of the planet as a whole.  In the case of Americans, the agenda is being falsely but effectively marketed by a news media owned and operated by these clearly enumerated interests, and which will employ the symbols of God, country, family, hearth, home, and community to sell the very policies  of a New World Order antithetical to the authentic Kingdom of God, a sovereign nation-state governed by the principles enshrined in the Constitution of the United States, and the underlying value system of those who hold them both dearly.  Simultaneously, these policies are ruthlessly devoted to the extermination of those who hold the values of The Old Republic to the breast, and who have failed to understand The Real Enemy and the methodology he effectively employs.  Rupert Murdoch and William Kristol  are but the tip of this media iceberg.

     The unmistakable cause of the American malady must be irrevocably uprooted and destroyed.  Identifying the players and their methods of operation is but the beginning of the achievement of the goal, not the endgame itself.  Bringing actual and meaningful change to bear in the presently disastrous course is imperative.  But how is this achieved in an electoral and political process owned and operated by those who control and manipulate money supply, interest rates, electoral outcomes up-and-down the ballot line, and the dissemination of information via Transnational Corporate Media (TCM)?

     If there is any hope for reversal of course, speed, and fortune by peaceful electoral means, it will begin with two (2) components at the outset.  First, the pivotal and encouraging displacement of Corporate Media by Alternative Media must continue its increase exponentially, to inform a wider segment of the domestic population of the United States as to the identity of The Real Enemy and the way in which he operates.  Responsible usage of alternative media must employ a variety of sources to obtain a kaleidoscope of the larger picture.  Michael Collins Piper of Final Judgment, Mark Glenn of The Ugly Truth, Paul Craig Roberts, Paul Sheldon Foote, Ellen Brown,, E. Michael Jones of Culture Wars, the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, Hassan El-Naijar’s Al, Lew, Michel Chossudovsky’s Global, Jon Basil Utley’s Americans Against Bombing, the Institute of Historical Review (IHR), Pravada, Philip Giraldi’s Council for the National Interest, Alison Weir’s If Americans Knew, Max Kaiser, and Iran’s Press TV, are but a great start on the replacement of agitation-propaganda with factual truth and an honest attempt at analysis.  The consultation of CNN, the New York Times, the Washington Post, Newsweek, Time, the Wall Street Journal, the Weekly Standard,, World Net Daily and all the other usual suspects, would only occur as an informed comparison of the honest sources with the latter consortium clearly in the employ of The Beast.

     If the Internet-driven Alternative Media explosion produces at least a few additional Americans who can still read and think given the right sources of consultation, all well and good.  But this must be followed by even the beginning of some semblance of success at the ballot box, as the second component of hope in both national and global recovery from the tentacles of The Beast.

     That can only take place by revolutionary change in the financing of American elections and candidates.  Absent the successful political disenfranchisement of Transnational Corporate Elites, International Central Bankers, and the Israeli Lobby by the eradication of the existence of their poisonous PAC money pipeline, ballot box change is impossibly and irrevocably hopeless.   This cash flow routinely pours carcinogenic snake oil not only into the two major political parties and the Congressional Districts and Presidential Primaries, but into Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs), media outlets, publishing houses, political consulting firms, and the frontmen of the establishment version of the Christian Right.  On this last note, San Antonio-based John Hagee’s reported $150 million dollar operation dedicated to fueling the Zionist cause and the size of his own bank account via Cornerstone Church and Christians United for Israel (CUFI), is only the best illustration of the infiltration of the hearts and minds of millions of deluded innocents by The Beast.  These innocents need to begin distinguishing sharks from minnows, and wolves from sheep.

     The reformation of the process must be followed by the collective enactment of the right policy prescriptions on a coherent, comprehensive basis.  What are these?

     Keeping in mind the identification of the core players and actors in the promotion of the metastasis of the already diagnosed cancer and its accompanying symptoms, a renaissance of the Old Republic must be accompanied by the end of Fractional Reserve Banking, the Direct Federal Income Tax, and the existence of the Federal Reserve Board and its control of monetary policy since 1913.  Participation in the IMF, World Bank, the Import-Export Bank, and related financial institutions of the Globalist Cabal would also go. The eternal cessation of the employment of the American military in endless foreign wars of intervention unrelated to true national interest is a critical and accompanying ingredient in this resurrection of the Old Republic and the well being of its people.  A corollary American withdrawal from NATO would be a part of this particular reassertion of the doctrine of America First, much to the delight of both our own citizens and a global population sick of endless death and destruction devoid of moral justification and context.  Globalist trade treaties like NAFTA, GATT, WTO, and FTAA would be tossed overboard.  Economic policy would center in the revitalization of the manufacturing sector, not its deliberate euthanization and export.  Israel’s control of American foreign policy in Palestine, the Persian Gulf, and Central Asia would be expunged.  Israeli domestic involvement in the institutions of the United States ranging from Congressional committees, American intelligence agencies, telecommunication firms, and the Pentagon and the Department of Homeland Security, to NGOs, the media,  and assorted religious charlatans, would be exposed and deep-sixed forever.  Unconstitutional use of Executive Orders by Chief Executives would be met with Articles of Impeachment, and the Congressional defunding of military expeditions not sanctioned by Article I, Section 8.

     There is only one problem with this picture.  Consider the presently moribund state of campaign finance law; the still powerful and insidious role of Corporate Media; the dearth of effective 3rd party options; Congressional corruption; Israeli influence both overt and covert in the American military and intelligence communities; and the demoralizing absence of acceptable Presidential candidates save the possible exception of the GOP’s Ron Paul (R-TX).  He most certainly will not be nominated by the Republican Party.  If that presumption is proven erroneous, a President-Elect Paul would discover the complete absence of the existence of any support in the Congress and Senate, and the deliberate subversion of his best intentions by the internationalist-oriented institutions that presently prevail.  Even worse, the ominous spectre of future False Flag Operations (FFO) is ever-present, ranging from new versions of 9-11 and Pearl Harbor to another Dealey Plaza.  The bets of The Beast look eminently covered.

     The probability of a False Flag Operation (FFO) increases with the potential of a UN General Assembly vote in September recognizing an independent Palestinian state,  the burgeoning impatience of the Israeli Lobby with the perceived reluctance of at least some in Washington for launching preemptive military action against Iran, the reduction of Israel’s influence in the Middle East and Central Asia with the unfolding of the Arab Spring, the continued plummeting of American and international economic fortunes, and the real prospect of a new level of domestic discontent in the United States and Europe turning into either targeted civil disobedience or overt violence.  The FFO would serve two (2) distinct purposes; the diversion of millions from the task of identifying the source of their respective countries’ ills is one.  The substitution of the targeting of their wrath against the real culprits with that of an illegitimate wholesale assault on a deliberately demonized and falsely identified adversary is the other.  These purposes come full circle to reinforce the power of the forces pivotal in the deathgrip of the reign of The Beast.

The Samson Option: The "Ace in the Hole" for the Beast and Counterfeit Israel?

     And where the full circle phenomenon is concerned, writer and reader return to the third component of the roadmap of William Colby for problem solvers.  The definitive question is posed once more:  have the magnitude of the problem and its enshrouding metastasis outstripped the abilities and options of the problem solvers, and the allotted time granted to the latter to solve the issues at hand?  Is it too late?

     Bill Colby’s demise on the Patuxent River of Maryland in a late night plunge in April of 1996 into the depth of its turbulent, life-ending brew may never be satisfactorily explained.  The cause will remain eternally elusive and the source of endless speculation.  One thing is not in doubt.  It is too late to alter the events which ultimately led to his death,  which in turn provided the final punctuation mark on his life and the temporal destiny which accompanied its unfolding end.  His fate in this latter regard was irrevocably sealed 15 long years ago.  In that respect, it is    tempting to see his life and death as an indisputable and striking metaphor of a Final Verdict on the American Empire conclusively reached light years ago.

     If historical process and Divine Providence have vetoed the possibility of a return of the Old Republic subsequent to demise of The Empire, denizens of the Real Right have but three (3) uncertain options of dubious value.

     The first is a continuation of ineffective and purely symbolic protest within the existing conditions and parameters of a rigged American electoral process.  Lack of money, restrictive ballot access laws, and zero access to Corporate Media coverage guarantee failure.  The history of the Constitution Party, the Reform Party, the American Independent Party, and the Libertarian Party underscore this inevitable outcome.

     The second is a definitive resort to a more aggressive and targeted civil disobedience, and a possible evolution into the overt advocacy and use of violence as an instrument of populist counterrevolution.  This option carries its own hazards, including the threat of arrest, incarceration, torture, death, and the strong possibility of ultimate failure second only to the prospects for the first option of symbolic electoral protest within the confines of the charade presented by a political process co-opted by those who clearly own and administer its pre-arranged and guaranteed outcomes.  There are two other compelling considerations which argue against this choice.  As is the case in many revolutions and counterrevolutions involving violence and loss of life, there is no guarantee regarding who and what would replace the existing system and its power elite.  For the Christian, there is the added burden of attempting to reconcile the employment of violence in the attempted achievement of temporal political gain with Christ’s ethical mandates and His conception of the eternal character of the Kingdom of God.  This last imperative is decisive in my own rejection of revolutionary violence as both a realistic and moral option for consideration.

     Finally, there is the third and final option before the Eschaton.  Some on the Real Right have suggested it as a fallback alternative:  it involves the short or long-term exile of the disenfranchised American in a quiet life of expatriation abroad.  This begs the question of where an acceptable and accessible alternative might exist.  It also involves the crossing of an intellectual, emotional, and spiritual Rubicon not possible for many, and a particularly daunting task even for those capable of eventually doing so.

     In the case of the latter group, the discovery of a viable alternative is clearly the first task at hand.  Is there such a place?  What about a meaningful job?  Language hurdles?  Cultural assimilation? Health care? Low-key religious freedom?  The logistics of an overseas move?

     Let there be no mistake.  For those ready to consider this third alternative, intellectual, spiritual, and psychological acknowledgment of the death of a beloved country is as painful as the identical journey traveled in the passage beyond time of a parent, spouse, loved one, or friend.  The acknowledgment and acceptance of the reality of such an event will not paralyze the will.  Nor will it poison and pollute the heart, the soul, and the mind.  It will focus them in the renewal of galvanizing action, commitment, and reaffirmation of faith.  This is only possible within a framework which continues to acknowledge even the possibility of temporal hope yet future, and the potential for its rediscovery in a new venue.  This profile will be accompanied by the ability to accept an element of risk, and the vicissitudes of a life ready to meet new challenges and tribulations in the next chapter in time.

     There is one final and soundly foolproof recommendation for my readers and listeners.  Don’t be canoeing late into the night on the Patuxent River in Maryland.  Washing up on shore is not the 4th option.  . . .

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