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Sputnik International with Mark Dankof: The Georgia U. S. Senate Runoffs and a Retrospective on the Presidential Election


Mark Dankof was interviewed by Sputnik International on December 6th.

Sputnik International: Mr. Dankof, with reference to our article entitled:

“We Are Winning This Election: Trump Throws  First Post-Election Rally in Georgia 

Please share your thoughts with regard to how Trump’s endorsement can impact the Republicans’ position in the United States Senate races in Georgia, how this second round of the American elections can impact the Republican Party itself, how high the chances may be for Republicans keeping their incumbents in the two Georgia United States Senate seats in question, and finally, your take on the odds of Republicans keeping the United States Senate in their hands.  Additionally, what may we expect in terms of the recount of votes in the Presidential race itself?

Mark Dankof: I recommend Sputnik International readers familiarize themselves with the American corporations who build and administer voting machines in the United States. These include: Dominion; ES&S; Hart InterCivic= 3 Corporations provide 80% of American voting machines:  What is the history of these companies?  Who are they linked to?

I also urge Sputnik International readers to see the articles below which relate to the entire question of vote stealing in the United States in 2020, a fact deliberately suppressed and discredited by Mainstream Media in this country. See:

Tony Hall for the Unz Review:
Trump’s Landslide Meets the Politics of Electoral Fraud in America.”

Paul Craig Roberts for Lew Rockwell:

How the Election Was Stolen in Michigan.

Brett Redmayne-Titley for the Unz Review:

The ‘Dominion’ of Election Fraud? …Exposing the Dominion Voting Machines.”

As in the country generally, there are three questions about the Georgia United States Senate Runoff Elections on January 5th. The first is the question of the legitimacy of vote counting. The second involves the changing demographics of the Deep South, which mirror this national development since the Immigration Reform Act of 1965.

Lee Atwater and Mark Dankof in Seattle in 1988. Dankof Aligned Once With the Bush GOP to Crush Dukakis. He never made that mistake again.

On the latter point, POLITICO has instructive background material in analysis entitled “How Georgia’s Senate race pits the Old South against the New South.”

The third issue is related to the second: Turnout. The Democratic Party’s ability to turn out African Americans in urban Georgia will be the key to who wins these races.

I have yet to see any meaningful poll numbers from the more reputable polling agencies on what is going on in Georgia. On the basis of visceral reaction and not solid scientific polling data, I will predict GOP victories and the retention in the US Senate of the two GOP incumbents, but I would not suggest to any of your readers that they bet any money on this.

Trump’s endorsements and trip to Georgia will energize his own base. The problem is in ascertaining how his personal involvement in Georgia will inflame his opposition to guarantee a massive turnout of their own voters. The verdict on the President’s endorsements and campaigning will only come in once the races are called and voting patterns assessed.

Songbird and Wet Start John McCain Parroting His Israeli Lines on Russia and Syria.

The Georgia outcome is clearly critical to the GOP strategy of stymying Biden’s agenda in the next 2-4 years.

But I offer a cynical view of the situation in the United States regardless of the outcome in Georgia on January 5th: Neither political party offers any comprehensive plan to deal with the overextension of American military commitments abroad, the $27 trillion dollar national debt, the expansion of the domestic surveillance and police state soon to be enhanced by COVID-19 shutdowns and mandatory vaccines nationwide, the ongoing spiritual and cultural declension and division in this country, the de-industrialization of the economy and its globalization, or the demonic role of the Israeli Lobby in exercising its power to steer the United States into a deeper and more catastrophic war in the Middle East by attacking Iran.

For this last point, Sputnik International readers will find Philip Giraldi’s essay at the Unz Review entitled, “Tony Blinken Replaces Mike Pompeo” illustrative of this massively unsolved problem.

And finally, some ancient history for your readers: I impacted who controlled the US Senate in 2020. The truth came out only because I was attacked by a Daily Beast reporter under the spell of the Israeli Lobby:

See “Mark Dankof on Katie Zavadski of The Daily Beast: The Sting Beats The Beast at the End of History.”

Election Day 2020: Sputnik International Talks to Mark Dankof

Sputnik International: Today is the Election Day and Americans are choosing between Republican President Donald Trump and his Democrat rival Joe Biden. What are your predictions? When can we expect the results?

Mark Dankof: I predict a contested election over the results in several key battleground states, due in large part to the mail-in ballot scheme concocted by the Democratic Party in league with the Mainstream Media falsification of COVID-19 statistics which have blown the risks of in-person voting totally out of proportion. Pennsylvania is a classic case in point. The State Board of Elections there issued 90,000 mail-in ballots in Westchester and Allegheny Counties that were provably flawed, including massive numbers sent as duplicates to the same person, or to persons deceased, or to non-registered individuals whose bona fides could not possibly be examined and verified. This mess was magnified by the SCOTUS ruling that ballots received after Election Day and WITHOUT POSTMARKS may be counted. This scenario, the Democratic Party controlled Postal Workers Unions, and legislation in several key states making it legal for convicted felons to vote, or to cast ballots without government issued Picture IDs, underscore the potential magnitude of the problem. In 2016, Trump only won Pennsylvania by a 45,000 vote margin. This puts into perspective the risks posed to the legitimacy of an electoral process in an election year of unprecedented polarization and tension. Franklin County, Ohio is another place to watch for shenanigans, along with North Carolina where ballots may be tabulated up to NINE days after Election Day.

Mark Dankof’s Most Embarrassing Photo: With George W. Bush in 1994 in Gubernatorial Politics: Helping Defeat Ann Richards in Texas for the NRA and Christian Schools.

If the election is reasonably legitimate, I believe Trump will barely pull it out by holding on to Texas and Florida, and coming from behind in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and possibly Michigan. But time tells. A possible dispute over several months and involving a blizzard of legal challenges, could have long-term implications for the entire political process in this country, with delegitimization of results accompanied by violence and destabilization in American communities nationally, especially in urban areas.

Another prediction: Regardless of outcome, the election will not solve any of this nation’s systemic problems, including unprecedented political and cultural division; the national debt; the overextension of American military operations globally; the toxic influence of Neo-Conservatism, Neo-Liberal Interventionism, and the Israeli Lobby in controlling American foreign and national security policy; urban violence; the ongoing militarization of police departments; the continued expansion of the American Surveillance State; the issue of Open Borders and immigration assimilation; trade deficits; and the loss of the country’s once formidable manufacturing sector. It is undeniably grim.

Pat Buchanan and Mark Dankof: September 1995 in San Antonio.

Sputnik International: We’re seeing support for the incumbent president increasing in key swing states – such as Florida, Michigan and Pennsylvania. During Trump’s recent rally in Pennsylvania, we saw really huge crowds of Trump supporters. How would you assess Donald Trump’s chances of taking crucial battleground states?

Mark Dankof: Better than 50-50 minus fraud. Even money if there are significant attempts at massive voter fraud. The President’s surge may well be due to COVID-19 shutdown fatigue with more of the populous, an increasing awareness of Mr. Biden’s reduced physical and mental capabilities, and most significantly, more public alarm over the violence and anarchy which has consumed Democratic cities since the May 25th Floyd tragedy in Minneapolis.

Sputnik International: How do the Republicans still manage to maintain their base and win elections, despite having less media power that the Democrats, as we know that most of the mainstream media can be described as ‘Democrat-leaning’?

Mark Dankof: The GOP base must depend on a significant number of independent voters voting for Trump over Biden, as was the case in the independent voter disenchantment with Hillary Clinton in 2016. In the latter situation, the Democratic Party nominated the one candidate Trump had the best chance of beating. This is also true in 2020, where Biden’s boost by the Clinton wing of the Democratic Party could again prove fatal. I’m convinced that several other Democratic contenders would have run a stronger race against the President. If Biden loses, look for more nonsensical allegations of Russian influence, as opposed to the obvious corruption and myopia endemic to a DNC establishment that does whatever is necessary to deny a Sanders or Gabbard the opportunity to run a much stronger national campaign.

Ironically enough, it is precisely the blatant leftist partisanship in mainstream media and among social media and high tech oligarchs that does provide the GOP with some benefit in regard to the resentment felt by many Americans about the defoliation of MSM journalism by Political Correctness. The rise of Alt Media in the United States after 9-11 is a direct result of this alienation from establishment media arrogance and its marriage to the globalist American political elite. The months of media distortion of the truth about the George Floyd incident in Minneapolis, and the tacit media support for Black Lives Matter and Antifa violence and anarchy in American cities thereafter, have only heightened these concerns. Independent American voters disenchanted with Mr. Trump’s personality and COVID-19 controversies have become alarmed over this collapse of social order as well. If enough of them decide to risk Trump again out of fear that the urban unrest could begin impacting the suburbs as well, that might be the razor thin margin of victory for Trump in the contested battleground states. Time will tell.

Sputnik International: US city business-owners are currently preparing for the riots and clashes on election day, covering their shops, stores and offices with plywood. In your view, how we will see the streets react to the election results?

Mark Dankof: There will be violence and unrest if Trump wins. If the situations in Minneapolis, Washington, Chicago, Seattle, Kenosha, and Portland reach the suburbs, the gloves will be off and the Marxist and racial revolutionaries in the streets will face an armed civilian population that will not stand down as the Democratic Mayors have. I believe that the key to a Trump victory will be a reaction of resentment over Fauci-CDC COVID-19 policies that have killed the economy in 2020, and a rising reaction of fear and resistance to what has been allowed to go on in American cities in 2020.

Perhaps more significantly, I agree with Pat Buchanan that if there is a Biden-Harris victory with Democratic Party flips in Red States and in the American Congress and Senate, 2022 will see a backlash when the next two years prove to be a managerial and political nightmare for the Democrats in America’s version of the Weimar Republic.

“Catholic”Joe Biden celebrates the Jewish Role in Bringing Cultural Marxism To America.

Mark Dankof to Coach Gregg Popovich of the San Antonio Spurs: Hang it Up, Pop

Mark DankofAug122011

Mark Dankof in San Antonio, Texas.


Saturday, 13 November 2016

Head Coach Gregg Popovich
San Antonio, Spurs

Dear Coach Popovich:

I’m a German American married to a legal Colombian immigrant to the United States and who became a naturalized citizen. Her native language is Castilian Spanish. She is Roman Catholic. I’m a Lutheran Pastor. We both voted Trump.  In one instance, my Colombian immigrant wife put a bumper sticker and button above her computer as a reminder of just one of the reasons.


A Message to Gregg Popovich:  People who Affirm the Inalienable Right to Life Granted by God, not Caesar, Voted Trump.

We voted Trump for Unborn Children, Trump for Russians and Ukrainians, Trump for Libyans and Syrians whose lives are being destroyed by the Obama-Clinton ISIS and Al Qaeda surrogates, Trump for Stopping a World War III with Russia both in Syria and via NATO aggression in Eastern Europe, Trump Against Tricky Dick With a Skirt peddling influence to the Tune of $200 Million in the Family Kitty, and Trump for Average Americans Against the Globalist Cabal for Clinton and Bush. 


The Odessa Trade Union Fire:  Fiery Death at the Hands of the Latest “Government” installed by Killary Clinton and Victoria Nuland in Kiev. 


Mark Dankof to Gregg Popovich of the San Antonio Spurs on Vladimir Putin of Russia: “Does This Look Like a Man Who Will Fail to Defend His Country’s Sovereignty and Borders Against Killary and the New World Order?”

Read the UK Independent today , Pop.

Speaking after Mr Trump won a shock victory over Hillary Clinton on Tuesday, Kremlin advisor Sergei Glazyev said the Democrat politician was a “symbol of war” and under Mr Trump the US had “a chance to change course.”

He told Russian news wire RNS:Americans had two choices: World War Three or multilateral peace.

 “Clinton was a symbol of war, and Trump has a chance to change this course”.


A. D. 70, as prophesied by Jesus Christ in Matthew 24

Read Democratic economist Robert Reich today, Pop. He’ll tell you why so many working class Democrats voted Trump in the dying Rust Belt. And yes, Trump for the Second Amendment and the Right to Bear Arms against the Soros financed Communist Revolutionaries terrorizing people on the streets of America because they didn’t vote for Killary Clinton .


Is affirming Abortion-on-Demand, Gay Marriage, Gun Control, World War III with Russia, Pay-for-Play Private E-Mail Servers, and the New World Order the way to stay in the NBA and on ESPN?


David Stockman on the Peasants’ Revolt:  “The Trump Victory is BREXIT on Steroids.”

Pop, you’re a great basketball coach. I sincerely wish you many more years with the Spurs. I also defend your First Amendment right to speak your mind. But as one who can exercise that same right as an American with no money or power, I’d like to say that as a Social and Political Commentator and Moral Pontificator, you really need to Hang it Up.

Mark Dankof
San Antonio, Texas