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Mark Dankof: The American “Church” and “Republic” Join Netanyahu’s Psychiatrist in Suicide

     The National Prayer Network’s Ted Pike  painfully reminds us that the American “evangelical” community is once again supporting the crimes of the Zionist State of Israel against decent humanity.  Ted joins my old friends, Chuck Carlson of We Hold These Truths,  and Dale Crowley, as one of the few Protestant evangelicals of national prominence who recognizes that murder and terror undergirded by an ideological agenda of Jewish racial supremacism, is antithetical to the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God.  The terroristic strike on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla is just the latest example of this demonic alliance, but it isn’t the last.  The endgame is a preemptive Israeli attack on Iran.

     The Pike essay, “Right Swallows Israel’s Flotilla Lies,” is a part of a wider cancerous condition I wrote about for Covenant News 5 years ago, before leaving Philadelphia for a return to south Texas.  The title of the piece was “Does the American Evangelical Church Have Terminal Cancer?”  It posited the idea as an interrogative, implying that perhaps the jury was still out on this movement, and the wider American Republic itself. 

     What I wrote 5 years ago seems as fresh as it did then.  I hope you will read it again, or for the very first time. There has been only one change in my thinking in this last half-decade.

     I no longer believe that the jury is out.  The American “Church” and the Old Republic are dead.  It is all over

    The American/Zionist Empire’s coming attack on Iran, will facilitate the former’s eventual and merciful disappearance from the pages of history.  All of the signs are present.  Philip Giraldi’s critique of last December 14th’s Times of London story on the Iranian nuclear program, neatly summarized in Gareth Porter’s “US Intelligence Found Iran Nuke Document Was Forged, ” is still a basic roadmap.  So is Giraldi’s more recent effort, entitled, “A Wasteland Called Peace.”

     In this latter essay, the former CIA station chief in Turkey summarizes the obvious comparison between the American-Zionist Empire and its ancient Roman predecessor.  Even aside from theological questions of Divine Judgment for perpetrating evil, there is a logical reason why such Empires fail in their age old quest for world domination:  They run out of men and money.

     The historical precursor which I believe portends the end of the American-Zionist Empire and Enterprise is something I discovered in an essay in a magazine at Barnes and Noble in San Antonio this week.

     The essay is Byron J. Nakamura’s treatise in the Summer 2010 The Quarterly Journal of Military History, entitled, “Julian’s Gamble in the Desert.”  It chronicles the details of what happened in AD 363 when the Roman emperor attempted to capture Ctesiphon, the ancient Persian capital during the Sassanid Empire.  Only Sassanid King Shahpur II and his presumably inferior conventional military capabilities stood in the way.

     Don’t just settle for the abbreviated Internet version.  Buy the print copy.  And think about the implications.

Image courtesy of Marie-Lan Nguyen
Julian the Apostate: Known to Obama and Netanyahu?

     The storm clouds continue to gather. Obama issues an Executive Order stating that the CIA may kill American citizens abroad on suspicion of being involved in terrorism.  Petraeus and CENTCOM are expanding American black operations in more countries around the world.  The Washington Post reports American plans to attack Pakistan if a future incident within the continental United States is traced to militants in that country.  And in addition to its criminal assassination of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai and conducting executions of peace activists sailing with the Gaza Freedom Flotilla in international waters, our Zionist ally has now deployed German-made nuclear subs off the Iranian coast while receiving covert permission from Saudi Arabia  to utilize the latter’s airspace for an aerial assault on Shiite Iran.

     Is all of this insane?  Clearly it is.  It is not only insane, but internally contradictory.  Robert Parry’s new essay, “Obama Goes With Neo-Con Flow on Iran,” provides us with the ultimate irony.  The Tea-Party Turds, and the American “Christian” Right are in league with the hated Barack Obama, to bring about everything Israel wants.

     Will these morons wake-up?  The answer is no.  That is why I state that the American “Church” and Empire are officially dead, and especially brain dead.

     And speaking of insanity, it is left to Andrew Winkler’s Sydney-based Rebel News, to inform us of the suicide (or “suicide”) of Benyamin Netanyahu’s Israeli psychiatrist of 9 years, Moshe Yatom

     An orthodox Lutheran pastor isn’t generally disposed toward empathizing with a Jewish-Freudian psychotherapist.  I do in this case.  Assuming the genuine character of Yatom’s suicide note, he recognized his client as a dangerously psychotic sociopath, or in Christian New Testament terms, a demon-possessed son-of-a-you-know-what.  I presume Dr. Yatom concluded that despair and death were not only his endgame, but the endgame for an entire world, where Western civilization would follow his loony client and a led-by-the-nose Barack Obama into a collective catastrophe and demise on the Iranian plains.

     Shahpur II and the warning of AD 363 await our first move.


“Mark Dankof’s America” Joins Mark Glenn, Paul Sheldon Foote, and Chuck Carlson

The Liberty Hour Podcast, the creation of long-time political activist Mark Glenn, and USS Liberty survivor Phil Tourney, announces the addition of Mark Dankof’s America to the new network’s offerings.  Initially, the show will air once-weekly, with each production being two hours in length.
Mark Dankof , long-time host of Mark Dankof’s America on the Republic Broadcasting Network (RBN), made the decision to move his show to the new network.  A past member of the Pat Buchanan wing of the Republican Party, he became the Constitution Party’s insurgent candidate in the 2000 U. S. Senate race in Delaware, opposing Thomas Carper and William Roth.  A Lutheran clergyman, he presently serves as pastor of San Antonio’s Immanuel Lutheran Church.  He is an endowed member of the National Rifle Association, and a life member of the Texas State Rifle Association.  He was once tabbed by the late neo-conservative Republican Congressman, Jack Kemp, as The Rubber Ball of the American Right.
The move by Dankof to the Liberty Hour Podcast, is accompanied by his addition to the show of two co-hosts, Dr. Paul Sheldon Foote, and long-time anti-Zionist activist and Christian pastor, Chuck Carlson.
Dr. Paul Sheldon Foote is a professor of accounting at Cal State Fullerton, a Vietnam veteran, and acknowledged Middle Eastern expert as a past independent contractor for the American Embassy in Tehran in the 1970s.  He is a member of Academics for Ron Paul.  Dr. Foote’s web sites include Traitors USA and offerings on You Tube.
Dankof and Foote have teamed up before on radio, with the former interviewing the latter on the Mujahedin-E-Khalq (MeK/MKO), the “Islamic-Marxist” terror organization which originated with leftist university students in Tehran in 1965.  That initial production worldwide may be accessed on the World Wide Web through the auspices of The Nejat Society and Iran-Interlink.  Dr. Foote’s research on the Mek/MKO has also been chronicled on the Iran-based Habilian Association web site.
Chuck Carlson is the long-time print and electronic voice of We Hold These Truths, the venerable news and analysis agency for Christians and Protestant Evangelicals in opposition to the teachings and political slant of Christian Zionism.  Carlson’s sponsorship of Project Strait Gate Vigils in front of Christian Zionist churches around the nation, including John Hagee’s Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, has drawn attention to the controversial political activities of the Christian Zionist movement in America, including Hagee’s “Christians United for Israel” (CUFI).  As for the Liberty Hour Podcast, Carlson has already served as a guest for Mark Glenn and Phil Tourney on December 17th, 2009, in a show entitled, “The End of Christian Zionism, Or Just a Facelift?
Mark Dankof’s America represents Mark Dankof’s first team effort in radio news hosting.  He explains his choice of both Paul Sheldon Foote and Chuck Carlson as co-hosts, as a strategic move.
Basically“, says The Rubber Ball of the American Right, “Dr. Foote represents a goldmine for me–and my listeners—in radio news broadcasting.  Dr. Foote is an academic par excellence, a combat veteran, a Middle Eastern and Iran expert, and a first-rate radio presence on the air.  He also shares my conviction, and that of the Buchanan-Paul wing of the American conservative movement, that pro-Zionist, Israeli-lobby advocacy has hijacked our movement and our country.  He believes, as I do, that Neo-Conservative ideology threatens our national sovereignty, our foreign policy, our economy, and our Constitutional freedoms at home.  He is simply, to put it mildly, a national treasure.”
As for Chuck Carlson, he is the leading voice of Protestant Christianity in America in registering principled, articulate, Biblically-based opposition to the dangerous heresy of Christian Zionism.  We Hold These Truths has been demonstrating the heinous consequences of American foreign policy in Palestine, Gaza, Mesopotamia, Persia, and Afghanistan, even as it has alerted the Confessing Church to the domestic dangers inherent in an unthinking alliance with the Israeli Lobby.” 
I will be assisting Pastor Carlson with a film media project scheduled to open new doors for all of us with international television outlets in the Middle East and around the world.  The sky is the limit, for both our print and radio broadcast outreach, in the days aheadI suspect we will be doing some globetrotting in the next two years, as events warrant.”
The show will be available once a week on Thursday evenings, beginning January 28th.  Each pre-recorded show is of two hours duration, covering the spectrum of subjects with selected guests to be regularly featured and announced.  The show is scheduled to expand in weekly offerings, in the coming year.
Mark Glenn and Victor Thorn are the co-authors of a new book on Israel’s deliberate attack upon the USS Liberty on June 8th, 1967.  It is entitled, “Ship Without a Country.”
Show advertisement and media inquiries may be directed to Mark Glenn of The Liberty Hour Podcast at

Mark Dankof on We Hold These Truths radio, August 11th and 18th

Mark Dankof will host Chuck Carlson’s one-hour Internet radio Bible Study at We Hold These Truths, on Tuesday, August 11th, and Tuesday, August 18th.  The time each Tuesday will be 6-7 pm Pacific/8-9 pm Central/9-10 pm Eastern time.

The shows will open with news analysis coming from both Mark Dankof and Chuck Carlson, followed by an examination by Pastor Dankof of New Testament texts which undermine the Christian Zionist “gospel” of racial supremacy, Jewish neo-conservatism, militarism, war, and corporatism.  Chuck Carlson’s Unheralded News summaries at We Hold These Truths may be accessed by clicking here

Mark Dankof’s graduate paper on Daniel’s prophecy of 70 weeks, Zionism, and Dispensationalism for Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia may be accessed here.