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Mark Dankof: An Overview of I John for the Catacomb Church and Homeschooling Study in The Latter Days


This study is dedicated to Christian believers in these latter days who face constant trials, tribulations, tragedies, illness, and spiritual depression and discouragement. Come, Lord Jesus, Come.

     As we begin our 3 hour session this evening in I John, let me emphasize at the outset that this presentation of an overview of the book is to be understood in the context of the larger Johannine corpus of the New Testament.  These Epistles (I John, II John, and III John) are fascinating letters with a wealth of information and insight in them.  We will eventually tackle the Gospel of John and his Apocalypse on Patmos, the work which finalizes the New Testament corpus even as it provides additional data on what that corpus reveals to us on the issues of eschatology and those things that must transpire in history before the Second Advent of our Lord Jesus Christ.

     I am most appreciative of the opportunity to gather in this private home in South Texas. It is not an accident that there is no advertisement of our studies to the general public or the use of social media to disclose our location, our syllabus, or the names and numbers of our homeschoolers and homeschooling parents who gather here.  When I am invited here, it is understood that I am attempting to help parents and students tackle the tools and methods of study available for growth in the Word of God, to discuss matters never discussed in public schools, and to focus on prayer together as a family of remnant believers in Jesus Christ, the Holy Trinity, and the trustworthy character of the written revelation of God in the 39 books of the Old Testament and the 27 books in its New Testament counterpart.


Class Assignment: Gnosticism on pages 42-60.

     For those of you who have been a part of my last several seminars and discussions here, it is understood that the covering of basic material necessary for study and comprehension is an essential part of anything I teach, but so is challenging give-and-take, and rigorous questioning during the 3 hours that have now begun.  Past examples of the work we have accomplished together have included my Overview of Jonah as Prototypical Primer for Catacomb and Homeschool Study; Christian Martyrdom and The American Empire; and The Church of Smyrna Speaks to the Confessing Church of Christ in This Darkening Hour of Tribulation, Remnant, and Martyrdom.  Whatever else may be said, we are willing together to tackle the real issues of these latter days against the backdrop of an American cultural, political, and educational revolution which has evolved in the last 50 years into an increasingly hostile monolith against any version of Biblical Christianity or its expression in the public marketplace of ideas in a darkening era of Cultural Marxism, Wars for Empire, the Surveillance State, and the proliferation of once-evangelical churches going down the road of the Personality Cult, the Church Growth Movement (CGM), the Entertainment/”Contemporary Worship” Scene, and an overall approach which has embraced mass popularity, existentialism and the sensory at the expense of time-tested, propositionally revealed truths in the Word of God. Is it any wonder that our Lord Jesus emphasizes that the end of history before His return shall be a time of unprecedented deception (Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21)?


Christian believers in Iran at Christmas Time in an uncertain world.

     One other item before we move into the survey of I John:  Use electronic technology of this present era to your advantage in Biblical study and your search for God’s truth.  Because of the plethora of trash that exists on the Internet, evangelical Christians often make the mistake of denying themselves and their families access to wonderful theological and Biblical presentations online, and to musical and historical treasures not previously accessible to most of us in a pre-Internet age.  With prayerful discernment, this era enables all of us to grow in knowledge and resources over time.  I chose a few examples for your future use, and your future journey.  See Douglas Campbell and Douglas Moo:  Is the Lutheran Approach to Pauline Justification ‘Justified’? ; D. A. Carson’s multi-episode series on the New Testament Use of the Old Testament, Part One, Part Two, and Part Three; Dr. Gleason Archer on The Documentary Hypothesis and Higher Criticism; The Best of Bach; a marvelous journey for the Western Christian in Russian Orthodox Chant; or even what I wrote last month for Russia Insider on LGBTQ and the Culture of Death.  The point is this:  Learning and Discovery never end.  Keep learning, keep discovering, keep growing in the deepest things of God and the available works of some of His best laborers, wherever they till. Allow God’s Word to inform your thinking and your present and future pathway, not the mobs and masses increasingly on the loose in American institutions, seeking to destroy faith, freedom, morals, and the ability to think critically for oneself without dictation or coercion.  That is the ultimate reason why all of you are here.  This is why I have come to help you to the extent that the limitations of my gifts allow me to do so.  It is my ministry to you, even as each and everyone of you ministers to me in these encounters.


St John writes I John in Ephesus, the Apocalypse on the Isle of Patmos.

     And please do not make the mistake of failing to be informed on secular political issues and developments both nationally and globally, even as you search for the best sources with which to receive information and analysis as to the larger implications of these matters.  There is no Biblical prophet or apostle who failed to write about these matters in the context of the principles to be learned about God’s sovereign control of all of linear redemptive history throughout the entirety of the Biblical corpus, both in terms of the larger landscape of what was happening in the time contemporaneous with the author and the critical increase in discernment on the part of modern remnant believers in Christ now living in these latter days.  The Holy Spirit superintended the process of inspiring and illumining the minds and hearts of these men in regard to each word, each chapter, each book of the Scriptures.  Thus it is the Spirit of God Himself who has insured the inclusion of these materials on the historical and political times of long ago with application to the wisdom of God’s remnant people in days many centuries later (2 Peter 1:21). When I look at my own life and the passage of years accompanied by past work as a journalist, a broadcaster, a traveler and wanderer, and a Lutheran pastor, one example of these many strange intersections and the superintendence of God occurred in 2012 traveling to and from South Africa.  I wrote about that in “A Reminder of God’s Existence From Long Ago.”


Pastor Dankof to Homeschoolers:  The Lifelong Study of Scripture and Solid History is Your Pathway as God Directs.

     I will give you one example of something to read on the history of America seen through the lenses of discernment and not those of an Empire-driven mythology about that history, designed to befuddle those who are unwitting pawns of that Empire and its agenda of world government and what we have discussed here in past sessions as the so-called New World Order.  It is written by my evangelical friend and past colleague in national political wars in the Constitution Party, Pastor Chuck Baldwin.  It is entitled, “These Are The Dates That Destroyed America, 1865-2016.” Follow and research the events he mentions in this terrific article in Russia Insider over months and years, and you are guaranteed to learn things the American political elite and its educational system and news media do not want you to know about. That includes the assassination of President Kennedy in Dallas when I was a boy.  My late friend Michael Collins Piper wrote a book on that subject.  You can now read the entire manuscript online thanks to the people at The Unz Review.


Mark Dankof to Homeschooling Parents and Students:  I can return to my collegiate youth in Iran, or return to the Achaemenid Empire of Ancient Persia anytime I desire.

     I will add two additional resources for your future use in the study of the Old Testament as it pertains to the ancient Achaemenid Kings of the Persian Empire, before we commence with I John tonight as the beginning of some work in the Johannine literature of the New Testament.  Put these in your seminar notes that pertain to what I have been doing with all of you up to this point.  One is the website of Dr. Kaveh Farrokh of the University of British Columbia, a past guest on my radio show a decade ago.  His new article on Pasargadae and Cyrus the Great just issued may be accessed here.  His pivotal book, Shadows in the Desert:  Ancient Persia at War, is a future must for all of you to use in any homeschooling seminar or Catacomb Church study.  The other volume is entitled, Persia and the Bible by Dr. Edwin Yamauchi, past President of the Evangelical Theological Society.  As you will later discover on your own, one cannot see how the Old Testament and the New Testament’s constant use of the Old document the entirety of redemptive history without understanding how Persia, the Achaemenid Empire, and Cyrus the Great fit into the entirety of the picture on Prototype, Predictive Prophecy, Eschatology, and God’s superintendence of the Biblical narrative and all of history, as but one significant example among many.


Mark Dankof’s Radio Studio doubles as Pastor Mark Dankof’s Research Library, where denizens like Kaveh Farrokh and Edwin Yamauchi reside.


     Speaking of history, let our own history record in perpetuity the number of words I have already employed as a mere preliminary to beginning the launch of our journey into the Johannine literature of the New Testament by first examining I John (That total is 1,628 words.)

     One more preliminary suggestion.  Go back to our study of Jonah to be refreshed on some ideas on tools to be used now for I John and the entirety of the Johannine corpus. Remember that I said then:

     “Where tools are concerned, the multi-volume Zondervan Charts are critically valuable.  I have been collecting them for years.

     “And finally, if one desires to learn enough Greek and Hebrew through a reputable online course, the best tools for subsequent word studies and research include the Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament (Harris, Archer, Waltke), the updated version of the New International Dictionary of New Testament Theology and Exegesis (Moises Silva, ed.), and the Theological Dictionary of the New Testament (10 vols, Kittel/Friedrich).  The classic Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon, the accompanying Index to the Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon, the infamous Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance, A Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament and Other Early Christian Literature (Bauer-Arndt-Gingrich or “BAG”) and An Index to the Revised Bauer-Arndt-Gingrich Greek Lexicon (John R. Alsop, Zondervan) round out some of the basics for those who want to dabble in these scholarly arenas. We do not have to be world-famous scholars to use these.  Over time, I can easily show you how.  By the way, the Bauer-Arndt-Gingrich (“BAG”) edition is a first edition.  Later, there was a second edition in 1979 that involved my late Lutheran colleague William Danker, hence the later acronym BAGD.  And to make matters even more ridiculous for you, when a 3rd edition of A Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament and Other Early Christian Literature was subsequently issued in 2000, the acronym for the 4 scholars was rearranged for reasons beyond me. This 3rd edition is referred to by insiders as BDAG (Bauer-Danker-Arndt-Gingrich).  Go figure.  As for me, I still have the 2nd edition known as BAGD.”


Pastor Dankof at the Podium for 3 Hours. Put on Your Helmets, Class, and Let’s Go!

First John Survey

A Roadmap of Structures and Concepts for Studying a Biblical Book:  Test Case today is First John.

Place of the Book in the Canon and in the Redemptive History Timeline: For your Prototypical Analysis, think of the Epistles of John as subsequent to the Gospel of John and prior to The Apocalypse/The Revelation of John on the island of Patmos during the reign of Emperor Domitian (A. D. 81-96 A. D.)


Two Guarantees of Pastor Dankof to Homeschoolers:  “When we get to the Gospel of John, a guaranteed word study is Logos.  For I John, we will try Advocate and Propitiation with our Tools.”

Title:  “First of John” (Πρώτα από τον Ιωάννη)

Author:  The author is the Apostle John, although I John does not tell us who its author is.  The earliest identification we have of John comes from the Church Fathers.  See Irenaeus (circa 140-203 A. D.), Clement of Alexandria (circa 155-215 A. D.), Tertullian (circa 150-222 A. D.), and Origen (circa 185-253 A. D.) who unanimously designated the author as the Apostle John.  There is no evidence of anyone else being brought forward as an alternative by the Church Fathers. The book was used by Polycarp (who knew John in his youth) and Papias in the second century.  All of the Greek and Latin Church Fathers accepted this Epistle as Johannine.  

The identification of the Apostle John as the author by the Church Fathers is undoubtedly the result of the strongest evidence contained within the text of 1 John itself: This evidence is overwhelming based upon the style of 1 John in comparison to the Gospel of John and the use of antithetical contrasts in expressions (light v darkness; life and death; truth and lies; love and hate.)

Compare phrases and expressions in the two books:  Example of First John 1:1 and the Gospel of John 1:1,14Assignment for next session: Find two more, among many.

Eyewitness Testimony (First John 1: 1-4; 4:14). See “we” (Apostles), “you” (readers), and “they” (false teachers) phraseology.

John’s Background:  Acts 8:14; Galatians 2:9.  Christian tradition indicates uniformly that he left Jerusalem (probably not long before its destruction in A. D. 70) and ministered in and around Ephesus.

Date and Historical Background:  You will find that the precise dating of the book is impossible to determine, which compels us to bring in the scholarly detectives (the orthodox, evangelical scholars) to narrow the field to a reasonable time frame based on the Biblical and historical data available. Here is what can safely be said:  We are looking at a time frame nearing the end of the first century.  Factors to be included in any analysis of this shall include the evidence from early Christian writers (Irenaeus and Clement of Alexandria), an early form of Gnosticism which provides the backdrop of the letter’s denunciations, and the indications of John’s advancing age.  One evangelical source concludes that since I John builds on the themes and concepts found in the 4th Gospel, it would be reasonable to conclude with the other arguments already advanced that a date between A. D. 85-95 is an excellent deduction.  No persecution is mentioned, suggesting a date prior to A. D. 95 when persecution broke out during the end of Emperor Domitian’s reign (A. D. 81-96). I cannot overemphasize the importance of a basic understanding of Gnosticism.  In addition to the one Internet Link already provided, the class will have two background reading assignments on this topic:  One is to read what Dr. Harold O. J. Brown tells us in Heresies about Gnosticism in pages 42-60.  There is a correlation between Gnosticism and Docetism, we are told.  Hint:  Look up Gnosticism in The New Unger’s Bible Dictionary.  You will be told to “See Incarnation (pp. 613-613).” Why?

Christ in I JohnThe Lord is indeed found throughout the book.  My favorite section, if pressed, would be the section marked off as 1:5-2:22.  This section does highlight the present ministry of Christ, especially in the emphasis on His blood continually cleansing the believer from all sin, and the articulation of the idea that He is our righteous Advocate before the Father. Pay special attention to the specific refutations of the Gnostic heresy here (see 2:22 and later 4:2-3).  Jesus comes by “water and blood” (5:6); He is the same indivisible person from the beginning to the end of his life, in an idea later framed by systematic theologians as the Hypostatic Union of the Human and Divine Natures in One Indivisible Person. The Nicene Creed discusses the mystery of the “Word who Became Flesh” (John 1:1,14 with comparison to 1 John 1:1) by discussing the correct verdict of the Council of Nicaea that the Second Person of the Trinity, Jesus Christ, is “of the same substance as God the Father.”

Structure of the Book: Let’s keep this as simple as possible:

I.  Introduction (1:1-4)

II. Fellowship’s Conditions (1:5-2:14)

III. Cautions to the Believer (2:15-27) [Love of the World/Spirit of the Antichrist]

IV.  The Believer’s Walk with God in Fellowship (2:28-5:21) [Characteristics and Positive Consequences of Fellowship]

Key Verses: When I was a boy in Lutheran parochial school in Hawaii, and later a young Lutheran confirmand in Dayton, Ohio, memorization of the Word of God was an absolute emphasis.  I remember so many verses from I John that it seems almost absurd to discuss key verses, except in the context of my own personal preferences and those quoted most often by my teachers and scholars who guided me in my past educational endeavors.

But I will give you a few:  I John 1:5-10; I John 2: 1-2; I John 2: 17; I John 2: 18-19; I John 2:22-23; I John 2:26; I John 3:1b; I John 3:16; I John 3:23; I John 4:1-3; I John 5:5-7; 1 John 5: 11-12; I John 5: 13-15; I John 5:16; I John 5:18-20.

Key Chapter: There is so much key material throughout this Epistle that I find isolating the key chapter to be a bit of a dicey proposition.  Nonetheless, I will post here the majority evangelical consensus that the key chapter is Chapter 1, with the key idea/word being that of fellowship.  In my notes from a D. A. Carson lecture at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in the early 1980s, he made reference to the ” .  .  . two central passages in the New Testament for continued fellowship with God are John 15 and First John 1.  The former relates the positive side of fellowship, namely abiding in Christ.  The latter gives us the opposite side of the equation, that when Christians do not abide in Christ, they must seek forgiveness before fellowship can be restored.” Yes, I have all of my notes and handouts from my entire time in three different seminaries.  I recopied my notes after each lecture, which enables me to read my handwriting decades later.  . . .

Good Commentaries:  I am going to suggest a good possibility.  I use the word possibility because I haven’t used it personally, but the evangelical credentials of the author and the endorsements suggest one would be safe in selecting this one as part of a larger personal Bibliography.  I will reiterate what has been said in this seminar each time I have been invited to teach: For beginners in this minefield, select those who actually believe the Word of God is infallible and divinely inspired; then subdivide that further when it comes to schools graduated from, theological tradition identified with the author, and special expertise in a specific Biblical book or research emphasis.  Once we reach the Gospel of John and the Apocalypse, I will have other suggestions for you. Hint:  A man I once knew is a name you need to remember.  It will come up time and time again:  Leon Morris. Another name for your future interest:  Donald W. Burdick. His The Letters of John the Apostle is something to remember and to consult. Finally, don’t make the mistake of failing to consult the Lutheran tradition when it is out of the orthodox, evangelical wing of that strand.  One of the great ironic shortcomings of Protestant Evangelical publishing houses and schools is the tendency to forget that the Sola Christus, Sola Scriptura, Sola Fide rallying cry of the Reformation stems originally from the Lutheran Reformation, not the later development of what would become known as the Reformed version.  On the issues of forensic declaration and imputation as these concepts relate to the salvation of the believer, they are of one mind, whatever the other significant differences.


The Lutheran “Solas” and the Monergistic Action of God in Salvation. Avoid Synergism.  What is Synergism, Class????

Word StudiesAdvocate (Παράκλητον) I John 2:1: Volume 3 of New International Dictionary of New Testament Theology and Exegesis, Moises Silva (Revision Editor), pages 627-633.  BAGD, page 618.

Propitiation (ἱλασμός) I John 2:2: Volume 2 of New International Dictionary of New Testament Theology and Exegesis, Moises Silva (Revision Editor), pages 531-541. Also BAGD on page 375. Detail on page 375: Luther’s Gnadenstuhl and his exegesis of Hebrew 9:5.


Was ist ein Gnadenstuhl? See Luther on Hebrews 9:5. 

Key Ideas for Discussion and Reflection: Dr. Harold O. J. Brown tells us that the entire history of the Church is the constant battle between Heresy and Orthodoxy.  One example is Gnosticism and Docetism.  Does heresy creep into evangelical churches today? What kinds? How does it happen?  Are there patterns in Scripture and history which can be adduced? What false ideas do you see by Biblical definition as mainstream or majority views in American society and culture today?

Mark Dankof on LGBTQ and The Big Picture for RBN Radio

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Mark Dankof was the featured guest on Mark Anderson’s Stop the Presses! show on the Republic Broadcasting Network on July 24th, 2019.

Topic: LGBTQ and the Big Picture, with discussion of Christian Homeschooling as an alternative to the Propaganda for Perversion targeting the young in American Public Schools courtesy of the National Education Association, its fellow travelers, and the agenda of Cultural Marxism, especially in the Democratic Party.

Articles briefly cited included Mark Dankof’s It’s Time for Mass Resistance to the LGBTQ Culture of Death for Russia Insider and An Overview of Jonah as a Prototypical Primer for the Catacomb Church and Homeschool Study as an example of resources available to those who need them.

Listen here.







Where is Mass Resistance to Anything in America? Mark Dankof’s Thoughts after Pride Week and Before the 4th of July


Mark Dankof is obviously in the Middle for a change.  Dr. Adrian Krieg is on the left.  Andrew Carrington Hitchcock on the right.  Join us for “Generations” on Mondays on EuroFolkRadio.

     A fine lady from Idaho Eagle Forum named Jane Lesko Eden has been informing me of the events planned for the National Education Association’s upcoming National Representative Assembly Meeting in Houston at the George R. Brown Convention Center, which ironically enough begins on July 4th, American Independence Day.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what their agenda is.  Have a look at “The NEA Commemorates the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising to Support our LGBTQ Students, Members, and Community at the 2019 NEA Representative Assembly Meeting.”


The National Education Association:  Celebrating LGBTQ Perversion and the Coercive Promotion of Cultural Marxism in American Schools

     I have since received information on a website called Mass Resistance.  Given my age, I remember the days when mass resistance was an idea promoted by far left groups in the 1960s during the Vietnam War, some of them Red dominated.  All were promoters of the sexual and drug revolutions of that decade that has permeated American cultural attitudes and practices ever since. The irony now is that the website with that name is a conservative group of parents, activists, and educators who collectively agree that sexual education of children in schools and public libraries by perverts is not simply a bad idea, but a concept rooted in demonic insanity, not to mention worship of the Central State.  I concur.


Whether it is the Cultural Marxism and the Pride of the New World Order, or the Wars of the American Empire for the New World Order and Israel, Mark Dankof has some sage advice:  Don’t Follow the Herd.

     I remember my interview with Press TV Iran after the Obergefell SCOTUS decision of June 26th, 2015.  I identified the folks disproportionately involved in activism, politics, and media to bring about this ultimate triumph of the Globalist Left in hijacking the cultural and political attitudes of the people of the United States on the issue of gay and lesbian marriage.  Joe Biden and I said exactly the same thing.  But he thought it was a great victory for the Constitution, fairness, and civic and cultural advancement. I, however, spoke in complete antithesis to his celebration of that pivotal event 4 years ago on international television outside the controlled American media consortiums.  The usual suspects in those lofty environs subsequently suggested I was being outrageous by suggesting the provable identity of those who carried the weight of the battle won by the Culturally Marxist Left in the Supreme Court, even though Mr. Biden stated the same thing in Israel.  Perhaps Mr. Biden, every Democratic Presidential Primary Contender for 2020, and every politician in either major party running for anything up or downline on the ballot ought to be asked now about using public schools and libraries to promote the use of Drag Queens and other assorted deviants among us in reaching the youngest and most vulnerable with their poisonous brews with taxpayers money.  But don’t bet on it.


A Most Encapsulating and Enchanting Photo Symbolizing the Merger of International Faggotry, the American Surveillance Police State, and the Supporting of Zionist Wars Against Iran and Putin: Welcome to the Headquarters of the National Security Agency (NSA) in Fort Meade during Pride Week

     Which brings me to another observation.  The Cultural Right, much of it comprised of Christians of various traditions, usually seems to avoid mentioning the connection I did to the real perpetrators of the victories of Cultural Marxism in America embodied in the Roe v Wade decision of 1973, and then in the Obergefell decision 42 years later.  Many of them sadly support Mr. Netanyahu and his gang of thugs with their 5th Column operating so effectively in the United States.  The efforts of MassResistance, Eagle Forum, LifeSiteNews, and others are to be supported in every way possible, but with the full understanding that unless the wider context of the targeting of this country and the West is understood, ultimate victory and reconquest of the Old Republic shall remain impossible. And as far as the Neo-Conservative/Zionist control of the Republican Party is concerned, many of its agents like Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Victoria Nuland, and Sam Brownback support LGBTQ machinations and illegal coup d’etats abroad in the targeting of entire countries for subversive purposes. Discernment in regard to why is the key for American conservatives and Christians to embrace a Culture of Life both domestically and globally.  It will not do to be pro-life and anti-LGBTQ Stateside while supporting the exportation of an international Culture of Death globally, either morally or in terms of political and spiritual credibility.



    As for the Cultural Marxists predominantly but not exclusively found in the Democratic Party, it is taboo to mention what both Joe Biden and I did about the folks behind their successes in my lifetime, even as many of them bathing in the supposed glories of gay marriage and abortion-on-demand have little to no trouble with the pro-War for Empire agenda of most of their Party standard-bearers receiving tons of campaign money from the real source of money and power in the United States. That real source loves the Culture of Death, both the domestic version and its international counterpart, where mass murder through wars, False Flags, economic blackmail and the targeted exportation of corrosive perversion are promoting Greater Israel and the post-Bretton Woods Central Banking System globally premised on the maintenance of the American Dollar as the reserve currency of the planet.


     Charles Bausman’s Russia Insider is an outstanding news and media site which shows how every day how this packaged agenda of the Culture of Death is directed against anyone and anything which stands in the way of the world governmental system perpetrated by the United States and the Zionist Beast which controls it.  One classic example for today from Mr. Bausman’s most informative page is Violence Erupts as West Turns its Sexual Subversion Weapon on Georgia by James George Jatras on that site.  That article contains links to the identical game plan for Ukraine and Moldova among others.  If you’re an American reader, your tax monies are paying for these games in these countries, even as you are also paying taxes to an American educational system targeting your kids with Drag Queens in public libraries and in your local school. Mr. Jatras also has a most revealing piece in Chronicles Magazine entitled, “What’s Really Behind the State Department’s Meddling in Ukraine?” I urge you to read these materials and distribute them to your friends and family members while there is yet time.


Houston MassResistance exposes more horror: 2nd public library “Drag Queen” is convicted child sex offender – and a transgender prostitute specializing in BDSM.

I have spent 18 long years since 9-11 broadcasting and writing on these matters.  In Christian Martyrdom and the American Empire, I inscribed the following:

     My opening premise tonight is this:  The American Empire and its linkage to the Zionist State of Israel is intrinsically evil.  These entities are at the center of the drive to the New World Order, which in turn encompasses the ideology of world government; central banking; a controlled news media; the Culturally Marxist ideologies of radical feminism, abortion-on-demand, the LGBTQ agenda, societal acceptance of pornography, and an inherent opposition to authentic Christianity.  These entities seek to enslave the entire globe with this Satanic ideology, utilizing internal subversion, wartime economic sanctions, a global surveillance police state, and overt threats of military force against nation-states who do not acquiesce to the Beast.  Iran and a post-Communist Russia being revitalized by Russian Orthodox Christian spirituality and culture are but the latest targets. The symbols of the Christian Cross and the American Flag and Constitution shall be those chosen to sell lies to the American public and the American churches as to what this coming battle is about.  Make no mistake about it.  The New World Order is about neither.  It is the avowed enemy of both, no matter how many United States Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Navy recruitment ads appear during NFL games suggesting otherwise.

     So after Pride Month and with another 4th of July celebration only two days away, I will write no more for the evening.  It is time for spiritual reading, searching God’s Word, and prayer in my home sanctuary.

    I reiterate that I sincerely salute Mass Resistance for its fine efforts to reverse the evil tide in American culture and education, even as I observe since 9-11 that the reaction of the American public to the real issues surrounding the Culture of Death both domestically and internationally have resulted thus far in Mass Indifference.  In terms of eschatology, I believe the end of linear history prophesied by our Lord Jesus Christ in the Olivet Discourse (Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21) is drawing ever closer.  That is my ultimate hope, even as I see the America I once knew slipping away with terrifying speed, even as The Empire is ever closer to bringing apocalypse to the planet.

     Finally, I don’t observe the 4th of July anymore in attendance at public gatherings.  I will be seen nowhere near these events in 48 hours. The politically and culturally autistic Americans who attend such are free to do so, but why they would celebrate the current condition of this country and the mass indifference most of these alleged patriots display about its malignant condition is a total mystery to me.  If you want my perspective on Independence Day, my thoughts in “A ‘Communist’s’ Thoughts on the 4th of July” are still available in a variety of places. I’ll repeat my sage advice from one of this article’s photo captions: Don’t Follow the Herd. Do a lot less flag-waving and drinking.  Do a lot more reading, thinking, contemplating, and praying.  The Founding Fathers would salute you as the clock ticks on to Midnight.






Father Joseph Gleason of Russian Faith: Follow Him Out of Dodge If You Can


Polycarp of Smyrna and Christian Martyrdom: One of Mark Dankof’s icons on his studio/library wall.


     It goes without saying that Father Joseph Gleason of Russian Faith is making his mark in the world for the Kingdom of God in Jesus Christ.  His theological journey has finally taken him into the priesthood of the Russian Orthodox Church.  Geographically, the journey he and his family have embarked upon has taken them from the United States to Russia and a place called Rostov-The-Great.  His is a story worth following on an ongoing basis.  I sense his personal odyssey may prove larger in history than he or anyone else imagines right now.

  His most recent entry on the Russian Faith website is entitled, “Homosexuals Persecuting Christians in America:  Do You Feel The Walls Closing In?” This marvelous piece is 5,050 words long.  My succinct initial response to his labors before even reading the essay itself was–and is–a simple “Yes.”

     I do not come to this conclusion quickly or without study and engagement.  Since 9-11, I have set aside most of the rest of my life to attempt to bring the people of America to an awareness of how late the hour is, and the perilous state of both individual souls and a collective people that has turned its back on God in favor of an Empire built on narcissism, militarism, usury, and sodomy.


     But the painful truth is that I have failed.  I have lost 17 years of my life in the process. I admitted as much some years ago in a well publicized essay entitled, “Why We’re Finished.”  Later, I found myself being pilloried by the Jerusalem Post and the international Jewish press for telling Press TV Iran the truth after the infamous Obergefell Supreme Court decision of 2015 about who played a pivotally disproportionate role in bringing this latest advance of Cultural Marxism to pass in the United States, as was the case in the Roe v Wade decision of January of 1973.  Joseph Biden said the same thing I did, only he hailed the development as a new dawning in America.  I didn’t.  Thus, I was in the crosshairs of the usual suspects.  Not one of my Lutheran colleagues in the United States came to my public defense.  I was on my own and I knew it, just as I have been for years in these circles for discussing 9-11, Empire foreign and military policy, the Kennedy Assassination, and the abortion and LGBTQ issues among many others.

     Nothing in the last 4 years has changed the equation.  I said as much in an essay entitled, “A ‘Communist’s’ Thoughts on the 4th of July,” appropriately retitled, “Russia is a Beacon of Promise for a Christian Future” for Russia Faith and Russian Insider readers.  The thousands of hits on those sites revealed I had struck a chord or a raw nerve depending on the perspective of the reader, which is why editors like Charles Bausman and Father Joseph Gleason have increasingly come under attack by MSM rags in the United States like The Daily Beast as agents of the Kremlin, which assaulted me well before it did these fine people.  I wore that as a badge of honor. I still do.


The Ancient of Days (Daniel 7) on Mark Dankof’s radio studio/library wall.

     Which brings me back to Father Gleason’s latest post.  His conclusions about what the LGBTQ movement and the power elite’s goals are in both the United States and globally in regard to authentic Christianity and its adherents are no different than what Rod Dreher wrote in Time Magazine after the Obergefell decision, only sharper in focus in the implications.  This sharpening of focus leads the American Christian who prayerfully contemplates the reality of the homeland advances of the New World Order to examine his or her position very carefully as the Holy Spirit of God leads and directs.

     For the record, after examination over time, I humbly conclude personally that: 1) Father Joseph Gleason has made the right decision for himself and his family in moving to Russia; 2) Recent developments in that country and elsewhere make it clear to me that Orthodoxy is especially being used of God in the proclamation of the Gospel in an age of advancing heresy and apostasy–not declining Lutheranism, Catholicism, or a Protestant Evangelical movement overcome with worship of Zionism and increasing pop accommodation to cancerous American and European cultures headed for absolute shipwreck;  3) For young believers around the world including a couple I have recently read about in Brazil, and young American Christians feeling bewildered and embattled as they Feel the Walls Closing In, examine the Lord’s will very closely in regard to the beckoning of Father Gleason and his migrating minions to the place that the Triune God is restoring at this eschatological hour in history to counter the evil plans of a Western Globalist and Zionist movement bent on using moral and sexual perversion, mass media manipulation, consumerism, economic sanctions, and overt military aggression to achieve Satan’s final victory in this present realm;  4) The latest actions of the United States in the Ukraine in sewing discord in the Orthodox Church only underscore the depths to which the political leadership in America will go on behalf the objectives of the New World Order, along with the entire spectrum of moves being made by The Empire against Iran, Syria, Russia, and Venezuela;  5) When all of this is understood in discernment by the Christian believer in the West in terms of prophetic developments, those of us whose circumstances mandate remaining in our earthly homeland in exile must do so only in the clear understanding that the outcome is not merely an exilic experience of alienation and marginalization, but one which promises martyrdom itself.


     My last public address to a Lutheran group discussed this.  I’m still not sure those in the lecture hall in upstate Wisconsin last year really had the foggiest notion of what I was trying to say in the Lord to them.  But Father Joseph Gleason knows of what I speak, and so do most of his readers at Russian Faith. There are a few Christian homeschoolers in Texas who certainly understand. For those in the United States and the West in a position to make choices for themselves and their families on the basis of their individual circumstances and Christian witness for the truth in history, follow him to higher ground.  Get out of Dodge while you can.

     I believe God has truly raised this man up at this most critical and final hour in world and redemptive history. Consider his witness and his words carefully. That is my best advice to you.  The clock is ticking to midnight.

Written by Mark Dankof

January 31, 2019 at 9:19 pm

Christian Martyrdom and The American Empire: Mark Dankof On The New World Order

(Lutheran Pastor Mark Dankof was invited to a private session of Texas homeschoolers and their parents in a secluded home in San Antonio, to speak on a critically important subject deliberately avoided in American schools, including the Christian academies, and especially in IRS tax exempt 501(c)3 churches drenched in the doctrines of American and Israeli Exceptionalism. Readers of Russia Insider and Russian Faith may find the greatly edited version interesting in revealing serious truths about the present situation in the United States for the Christian believer.)


Have Show, Will Travel:  Press TV Iran, David Duke on Rense, National Bugle Radio on RBN, Andrew Carrington Hitchcock on EuroFolkRadio, CII International’s Global Dynamics, American Free Press Radio.

     It is a Saturday night here in the Alamo City, also known both in this country and outside it as Military Town USA.  It is noteworthy and more than understandable that I have been invited to speak on this topic in a private home, devoid of any advance or subsequent publicity, and without the sponsorship of any educational or church organization in this 7th largest city in the continental United States.  There is ample reason for this.  We unfortunately live in a climate of fear where tonight’s topic is concerned, a climate which produces only occasional furtive glances and whispers in rooms with darkened shades among those who sense as Christian believers that something is deeply wrong in our land, so wrong that our educational and religious leaders have not only maintained sustained silence on a healthy discussion of a topic that shall not go away, but in many cases have served as sycophantic cheerleaders for that which I believe to be evil.  For some, it is the desire to be popular in the community.  For others it is the danger of being libeled and slandered that is paramount.  For yet others, it is the fear of losing a tax exempt status courtesy of the IRS and the Federal Surveillance State which is well represented in this city. Many pastors and teachers sadly confuse Empire Deification and Emperor Worship with Biblical faith and American “patriotism,” which suggests that the core lessons and warnings of the Prophets Jeremiah, Amos, and Daniel, along with John’s writings on Patmos during the reign of Domitian (81-96 A. D. ), continue to be missed, along with the basic teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ about what really constitutes the Kingdom of God and who the Israel of God is really comprised of.


Exile on Patmos: An Aegean Sunset.

     I pray we shall not miss what I truly believe to be the teachings of the Holy Spirit of God conveyed by these Biblical writers, or what I believe is being conveyed about both Martyrdom and Empire.  So we quite rightly gather on a Saturday night on our own time to examine that which is not being examined elsewhere around San Antonio this evening, as the days and nights continue to unfold before the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.

     My opening premise tonight is this:  The American Empire and its linkage to the Zionist State of Israel is intrinsically evil.  These entities are at the center of the drive to the New World Order, which in turn encompasses the ideology of world government; central banking; a controlled news media; the Culturally Marxist ideologies of radical feminism, abortion-on-demand, the LGBTQ agenda, societal acceptance of pornography, and an inherent opposition to authentic Christianity.  These entities seek to enslave the entire globe with this Satanic ideology, utilizing internal subversion, wartime economic sanctions, a global surveillance police state, and overt threats of military force against nation-states who do not acquiesce to the Beast.  Iran and a post-Communist Russia being revitalized by Russian Orthodox Christian spirituality and culture are but the latest targets. The symbols of the Christian Cross and the American Flag and Constitution shall be those chosen to sell lies to the American public and the American churches as to what this coming battle is about.  Make no mistake about it.  The New World Order is about neither.  It is the avowed enemy of both, no matter how many United States Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Navy recruitment ads appear during NFL games suggesting otherwise.


The Ancient of Days (Daniel 7: 9, 13, and 22) on the Mark Dankof Library and Radio Studio Wall.

     I have not come to this conclusion lightly or without personal study or sacrifice.  I will simply invite you to peruse a recent article of mine, “ACommunist’s Thoughts on the 4th of July,” both because of a young man I discuss in that essay who is a microcosm of the deception of millions of Americans who believe they are following Christ in this arena when in fact I believe the opposite is true, and also because that essay contains many links to presentations and articles I have been preparing since 9-11, often times at considerable risk over these years.  Read these articles; listen to many TV and radio broadcasts since The War on Terror began 17 years ago.  My work will lead you to that of many others of equal or greater importance than I.  Begin this journey in earnest and you will encounter a world deliberately being withheld from you by your schools, your churches, most of your textbooks, as well as the news media most of you encounter when at all. I simply ask all of you to follow the dictum of Francis Bacon:  “Read, not to believe and take for granted, nor to contradict and confute, but to weigh and consider.” Bacon’s prescription, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit of God, is a portion of the Full Armor of God available to the believer in an unprecedented age of evil, deception, and mass communications technology designed to disguise Satan as an Angel of Light ( 2 Corinthians 11: 14) on both a national and global basis.

     After all, how many of us have really examined the historical “truths” in our textbooks and presented on television about the Federal Reserve Board, the World Wars, Pearl Harbor, the Kennedy Assassinations and that of Martin Luther King?  Have you ever heard of Deir Yassin?  The Lavon Affair?  The USS Liberty Attack?  The Pollard Spy Case?  The real story on 9-11?  Or these Gulf Wars which began in earnest with Desert Storm under George Herbert Walker Bush in January of 1991?  What is really the truth about why our government has taken such a bellicose stance on Iran and Russia in recent years? Why has our government supported ISIS and Al-Qaeda affiliates in destroying Syria?  Why are we supporting the genocidal war of Saudi Arabia in Yemen?  Who is really behind the Pussy Riot desecrations of the Russian Orthodox Cathedral in Moscow and why?

 My second premise is this:  The American Empire today is a 21st Century repristination of the empires God has judged throughout history.  If you believe your homework assignment as a homeschooler with parents curious to find out more about about a demonized Christian pastor and commentator named Mark Dankof ended with my own recommended articles, you’re wrong (smile).  I assign you to take a closer look at the conditions mentioned by the Prophet Amos during the reign of Jeroboam II, and his prophesies about the coming judgment of the Northern Kingdom of Israel at the hands of the Assyrians who would sack Samaria in 722 B. C.  I also assign you to read the relevant Old Testament texts about God’s impending judgment upon the Southern Kingdom of Judah (605 B. C. to 586 B. C.) and the reasons for it.  Lastly, take a look at the words of our Lord in the Olivet Discourse (Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21) as they pertain to the pronouncement of judgment upon Judah coming in the form of the destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem by Titus and the Romans in A. D. 70, or the character of the evil Ancient Roman Empire which serves as the backdrop of the martyrdoms of Peter and Paul, and the exile of St. John to Patmos described in Revelation for his refusal to venerate Emperor Domitian as the virtual Incarnation of God on earth.

     Think about itIf my analysis is correct as the Spirit of God has guided me over many years, why drape the American Empire in the Christian Cross and the American Flag?  More importantly, why should Christian parents, pastors, and churches urge the participation of our kids in killing, wounding, and displacing millions of innocent people overseas who threaten neither our faith nor our real homeland security, but whose sole transgression is failing to acquiesce in a New World Order which identically threatens Christianity itself, both in the United States, in Putin’s Russia, and on a global basis generally?  I believe this is a repudiation of the words of the Lord Jesus Christ about the nature of the Kingdom of God, and a repudiation of the Just War Theory of St. Augustine which has guided Western Christian thought for centuries on the issue of when and why a believer in Jesus Christ may take up armaments.  Perhaps even more significantly, an Empire which has become largely Antichrist in its society and in its political leadership and apostate churches, cannot possibly invoke God’s name or His blessed protection in unjustifiable and aggressive conflict and expect righteous victory to come its way.  God Bless America in the current situation in this country presumably carries absolutely no weight with the Holy Trinity, a situation which as already mentioned mirrors the worst conditions of the aforementioned empires in Biblical history recommended for study and examination.

     I am no pacifist.  I believe in St. Augustine’s Just War Theory.  I come from a lifelong Air Force family.  I am no stranger to weaponry. I would fight for the legitimate defense of the United States against domestic criminals and foreign aggressors as I would for the innocent in our own community in San Antonio whose lives are being threatened and who are defenseless.  As a personal example 3 years ago, I almost had to shoot a criminal malefactor to death who was in the process of beating a woman to death in the parking lot of my apartment complex in San Antonio, even as a 3 month old infant lay injured underneath the couple’s car.  I truly thank God everyday that circumstances that prevented that justifiable development from having to happen did take place.  You may read about it briefly hereThe point is thisWhat the American Empire and the Zionist State of Israel it supports in the Middle East have been doing for years has no such similar Biblical, moral, and legal justification.  Take a close look at the grim reality of this truism in Palestine, Gaza, the Occupied Territories, and East Jerusalem, along with Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Southern Lebanon, or Ukraine.  The coming war with Iran and Putin’s Russia will bring this evil New World Order agenda to an apocalyptic crescendo.  Christians should refuse to take up arms on behalf of this, and protect the rights of their children and church members to tell Caesar he shall not have that which belongs to Christ and Christ alone. Period. This is not Augustine’s Just War Theory operating in what we are examining here.  It is mass murder, past, present, and undoubtedly future, largely for an entity that claims a divine right to Palestine and surrounding territories, even though it rejects the Gospel of Christ in favor of a doctrine of racial supremacy, world government, a kingdom of this world not the next, and a kingdom whose instruments are not love and brotherhood but armaments of mass destruction and mass surveillance in the interest of theft by terror and death. It bears no resemblance to the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, but to Barabbas and the Jewish mob clamoring for his release at the expense of He who knew no sin. This Satanic counterfeit of the Israel of God shall even set the stage for the appearance of Antichrist, and his usurpation of the temple of God to show himself as God (2 Thessalonians 2). St. Paul warns us in this very chapter of Satanic power, signs, and wonders, and God’s sending of a strong delusion upon those who have already rejected His Son for His Son’s very antithesis.  This delusion will lead to the destruction of those who believe the lie.


St. Polycarp of Smyrna, an icon on the wall of Mark Dankof’s Library and Radio Studio.

     Let me add one sobering thought for your long term consideration tonight. My final premise is this:  It may not simply be enough to refuse to kill innocents on behalf of the American Empire and its Emperors.  The Lord may require that we be willing to die a death of Martyrdom Witness by the hand of this Empire at a time of His choosing.  Stephen, Peter, and Paul come to mind instantly as New Testament examples.  Revelation 2: 8-11 and The Cry of the Martyrs found in the 5th Seal of John’s Apocalypse in Revelation 6: 9-11 are verses which accompany these Saints of God in constant reverberations within the heart, the mind, and the soul of those in closest union with Christ.


St. Polycarp of Smyrna, rejecting Emperor Worship and the Synagogue of Satan (Revelation 2:9) for Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ Only, Forever and Ever.

     And unto the angel of the church in Smyrna write; These things saith the first and the last, which was dead, and is alive; I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan. Fear none of those things which thou shalt suffer: behold, the devil shall cast some of you into prison, that ye may be tried; and ye shall have tribulation ten days: be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life. He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; He that overcometh shall not be hurt of the second death.  . . .

     And when he had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held:

     And they cried with a loud voice, saying, How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth?

     And white robes were given unto every one of them; and it was said unto them, that they should rest yet for a little season, until their fellow servants also and their brethren, that should be killed as they were, should be fulfilled.

     I believe these cited verses, among others, provide us with a New Testament doctrine of witness and faithfulness unto death.  It is not an accident in redemptive history that the first example this post-apostolic faithfulness unto death proves to be St. Polycarp of Smyrna.

     Polycarp (A. D. 69-155) is one of the 3 chief Apostolic Fathers, along with Clement of Rome and Ignatius of Antioch.  His name translates into Greek as “much fruit” (Πολύκαρπος).  The two chief works which enable us to have some access to his life and death in Christ are The Martyrdom of Polycarp (Μαρτύριον του Αγίου Πολυκάρπουand his Letter to the Philippians (Επιστολή προς Φιλιππησίους). You are assigned each of these for reading and contemplation, as your parents work these into your homework schedules.  Of the many things that are exciting about homeschooling, the experience of an entire family learning together is chief among them.  So shall it be here also.


The Lord Jesus Christ to the Church of Smyrna and The Israel of God Through the Ages:  “Be Thou Faithful Unto Death, and I Will Give Thee the Crown of Life.”

     Irenaeus indicates that he heard Polycarp in his youth.  Tertullian informs us that Polycarp had been a disciple of John the Apostle, our author of the Gospel of John, 1st-2nd-3rd John, and the Revelation on Patmos.  Jerome later conveys to us the fact that John had ordained Polycarp the Bishop of Smyrna.  Keep in mind that the Church of Smyrna in Revelation 2 was the economically poor but spiritually rich church, the church in Asia Minor warned specifically about the Synagogue of Satan, and the church instructed to be faithful unto death against the backdrop of an evil Roman Empire.  It is the prototype of the remnant Israel of God at the end of history, as the people of Christ watch spiritual darkness and apocalyptic political developments engulf the planet while clinging to the Word of God, the Holy Sacrament, and the testimony of Prophets, Apostles, and Saints.

     Lutheran scholar turned Orthodox, Jaroslav Pelikan notes this backdrop of the execution of Polycarp in Credo:  Historical and Theological Guide to Creeds and Confessions of Faith in the Christian Tradition, page 223:

     When, in the first postbiblical account of a Christian martyrdom, The Martyrdom of Polycarp, the Roman proconsul, Statius Quadratus, the political and spiritual descendant of Pontius Pilate and the representative of Emperor Antoninus Pius, orders the aged Polycarp, “Swear by the fortune of Caesar!” Polycarp instead confesses “with boldness, ‘I am a Christian.  And if you wish to learn what the doctrines of Christianity are, appoint me a day, and you shall hear them.'”  And so he went to his death.  The twentieth century, which saw the rise of both Nazi and Communist totalitarian regimes that were inimical to Christianity, also therefore produced several such confessions that were political acts in this special sense. [see Barmen Declaration of 1934]

     And so we come to the end of the hour with the question of the day being this:  While virtually everyone here will accept at face value the evil character of Nebuchadnezzar’s Babylon, the Ancient Roman Empire, or the Hitler and Stalin regimes, is the American Empire somehow a beacon of light and hope to the world as our educational system, pastors, and churches often insist that it is, or is the verdict of the Activist Post more devastatingly accurate over 7 years ago in its essay, “10 Reasons America Will Be Judged as the Most Brutal Empire in History?”  Put another way, will our young people be doing the will of the Lord in serving in The Empire’s War on Terror, or is the way of Polycarp, the way of Peter and Paul, and the exilic path of John, Solzhenitsyn, Sununu and Assange, His will for the lives of those who gathered here tonight if the situation so requires?


American Christians:  Shall They Support the New World Order’s War on Putin’s Russian Orthodox Christian Renaissance?

     For the Christian living in the United States, that question will not go away.  I hope each person here tonight will avail himself or herself of the links to articles and broadcasts over time necessary to examine the question at hand, and to search the Scriptures prayerfully and diligently.  I am thankful that a remnant of people in this city have sought to examine the evidence for themselves and to allow the Lord to lead them in the truth over time as He wills.  And in these dark days and nights, with the eschatological time clock of God ticking to the end of this present cosmos and the beginning of eternity, let us think tonight not only of our own families and friends, but those around the world already mentioned as among those most presently persecuted and endangered.  The Lord’s admonition of Revelation 2:11 echoes once again in our hearts, our minds, and our souls:  “He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; He that overcometh shall not be hurt of the second death. . . .

     And so we close tonight with that prayer.  May we have ears to hear.  May we hear what the Spirit says to the churches.  May we overcome.  May we be spared the second death in the Lake of Fire.  For the end fast approaches.  Amen.


The Mystery of the Word Who Became Flesh and Dwelt Among Us, The Light Who Permeates The Darkness.


The Jam-e Jam (Iran) Interview with Mark Dankof on the U.S.-Iran Standoff

Jam-e Jam Newspaper

Jam-e Jam newspaper in Iran


Who are the real adversaries of Iran, Russia, Syria, and American Nationalists?  Solzhenitsyn knew.


Alireza Hashemi of Iran’s Jam-e Jam Daily chats with Mark Dankof about the U. S.-Iran standoff and its implications.  

Alireza Hashemi: The 40-year standoff between Tehran and the US has entered a new phase. Washington has just reinstated the remaining part of anti-Iran sanctions suspended under the nuclear deal, with US officials describing anti-Iran punitive measures unprecedented in history.

Apparently, Washington likes Iran to be stuck between two choices: Caving into US demands or starving to death and probably suffering a subsequent US military invasion.  

The Iranian Leader, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, has said Iran will by no means enter into talks with the US and that Washington will never dare to attack the country.

There are calls inside and outside the country that Iranian officials would do well to get real about the US demands and drink the cup of poison sooner rather than later. They say the US “maximum pressure campaign” has already inflicted acute strains on Iran’s economy. What’s your view? What should Iran do? Will Iran prove capable of enduring the sanctions?

Mark Dankof: Let me say at the outset what a privilege it is to speak with you and the people of Iran from my heart about this terrible situation.  Your newspaper, the Fars News Agency, the Tasnim News Agency, IRIB radio, and Press TV have all been most gracious to me and a handful of others in the United States who have spoken out against the Zionist New World Order and the menace it poses to both of our nations.  Quite some time ago, it was my privilege to grant an interview with Reza Saidi of the Tasnim News Agency on a letter to youth written by your Supreme Leader on Western duplicity.

This duplicity has only worsened since the unilateral and illegitimate cancellation of the JCPOA/P5+1 nuclear treaty with Iran and the subsequent wartime sanctions on Iran placed upon it by an American government clearly under the heel of the Zionist Lobby which controls both the Executive and Legislative Branches of the Government of the United States and the 6 Media Consortiums under Zionist control which came together due to the American Communications Act enacted during the Clinton Administration in the 1990s.

Those of us on the Alternative Right in the United States who are anti-Zionist, and unalterably opposed to the New World Order have been most effective since September of 2001 in circumventing Zionist control of the airwaves and print publications by developing our own networks and utilizing social media to get the word out regarding what has happened and is happening in the West generally, and America specifically.  We have been so effective that in the last year, the draconian economic, political, and military actions being taken by the United States against Iran and Russia are now being directed against American dissidents opposed to these policies.  It is now a matter of public record that the Israeli Government, Israeli Intelligence, and Jewish-controlled organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai Brith (ADL) have been working hand-in-glove with Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, and Google to eradicate broadcasts and articles from these entities that expose the Zionist entity’s plans for further war in the Middle East, and the destruction of elements both in the United States and around the world that have stripped them naked for the entire world to see without Mainstream Media Blinders of Deception.

A classic example of this is a recent broadcast I did with Dr. Patrick Slattery of National Bugle Radio on the Republic Broadcasting Network that was subsequently uploaded to You Tube.  It is entitled, “Saraqib as Sarajevo?: Constellis and the Olive Group in the False Flag Shadows in Syria.”  Using mainstream publicly available sources, that radio show underscored the identity of these organizations working with the so-called White Helmets in Syria to pull off a chemical weapons incident that would falsely be blamed on the Assad regime.  Within 24 hours of the posting of that broadcast, YouTube banned it from something like 40 countries in the world with no explanation of why.  You and your readers will know why.  Another broadcast undertaken by us for the Republic Broadcasting Network told the truth about the real John McCain right after his death, along with the plans of Zionist John Bolton to ignite a war with both Russia and Iran.  That broadcast suffered the same YouTube censorship.  This week, Dr. Slattery and I discussed the implications of the fine video by Alison Weir of If Americans Knew entitled, “Israel’s Censorship War.”  I suspect it will also be negated by Israeli censors working obviously and publicly in the United States and globally.

I go into this detail with you and the readers of Jam-e Jam to explain what it is that I and others are up against in getting the word out about what is going on and what is being planned.  There are other things I cannot discuss openly, which you may imagine.  It is bad enough that I am actually writing about the grave possibility of eventual martyrdom of Christians in the United States who oppose the New World Order for Russia Insider and Russian Faith.

Alireza HashemiUS officials have openly talked about the need for regime change in Iran. It seems they currently hope that the Iranian people will distance themselves from their government and enact pressure for change from within the country that will yield the results desired in Washington. Are such hopes realistic? Will the US see the end of the Islamic Republic without shooting even a single bullet?

Mark Dankof:  Iran can defeat the New World Order.  There are a number of reasons I say this.  First, the attempt to declare war on Iran by covertly backing acts of terror in your country by the Mujahedeen-e-Khalq (MEK/MKO) and the Sunni Wahhabic terror groups operating in Syria courtesy of the United States, Israel, and Saudi Arabia, shall only strengthen the resolve of Iranians across the political spectrum to oppose these obviously criminal acts and conspiracies being directed from abroad.  Secondly, the American military is obviously floundering in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria.  The public in the United States is getting increasingly restive about these miserable wars and the seemingly endless character of them.  Iran has a much stronger military capability than any of these countries.  I believe Iran does possess the will and the means to block the Strait of Hormuz in the event of an American-Israeli war of aggression.  That would tank the global economy, cause a skyrocketing price in oil per barrel, and send the American Petrodollar into the proverbial dumper.

Last but not least, it is Putin’s Russia and China who are the wild cards in this entire matter.  They both understand that what is targeting Iran illegally, illegitimately, and immorally is yet to be aimed at them.  Look at these outrageous NATO military exercises in the Black Sea, the Baltic, on Mr. Putin’s borders, and the CIA-coup launched in Ukraine.  Look at the American Navy’s popup cruises in the South China Sea.

I feel that President Putin will call Washington’s military bluff if there is an attack on Iran.  American aircraft carriers and their task forces might be blown out of the water by the new and highly touted Russian hypersonic missile assets.  The actions of BRICS to marginalize the American Petrodollar as the Reserve Currency of the World will be intensified by Russia and China for the sheer survival of countries resisting the Zionist-Globalist game plan.  At that point, a United States Government which will have a $40 trillion dollar national debt by the end of the decade, and a deeply divided country politically, culturally, economically, and demographically, will begin to come apart like a cheap suit.  And last but not least, as Paul Craig Roberts has hinted, the real American Right which is as much of a Zionist target as Iran and Russia are, will take up arms to attempt a Second American Revolution and the restoration of the Old American Republic.  The Zionist Bully will get its comeuppance at the hands of both international resistance and the rising up of the phenomenon Dr. Roberts referred to in a recent article.

Alireza Hashemi: Many members of the international community oppose the US withdrawal from the nuclear accord and its restoration of anti-Iran sanctions. Europeans seem to be serious about keeping JCPOA in place. Some other countries, notably Turkey, have openly censured the US sanctions and seem to be ready to defy them. The US government was forced to exempt 8 countries from oil sanctions, despite earlier announcements that no country will get such exemptions.

Will other countries heed to US demands? Is Washington still the sheriff in the town?

Mark Dankof:  Washington is still the Sheriff in Town but not for long. It is obvious that Europeans and others under the thumb of the Zionist New World Order being directed from Washington up to now have begun to figure out how deeply they and their people will lose it all if this lunacy planned by a Zionist Occupied Government, as Pat Buchanan so aptly puts it, is put into its final phases of operation.  When domestic American political opinion finally turns on their Zionist leadership, these guys are finished.  Properly speaking, those who love the Old American Republic and want to destroy the 5th Column in their own country, recognize that Putin’s Russia, Iran, and Syria are their partners and their friends.  Together we can put this Beast out of business once and for all, but at an admittedly terrible price.  That price, however, is nothing compared to the price and the blood to be exacted by appeasement of an evil entity that will stop at nothing short of its own annihilation in history.

Alireza Hashemi:  Some believe Iran and its allies will be able to shape the New World Order in case they manage to resist the US pressure and pass the current stage of crisis. What’s your take on that?

Mark Dankof: Iran will manage to resist the Zionist New World Order as it has no choice but to do so.  A post-Communist Vladimir Putin led Russia, experiencing a pre-Communist renaissance of nationalism guided by a return to Russian Orthodox Christian Culture, has no other choice.  Mr. Assad and the Syrian people have already paid an awful price in lives and destruction in resisting these demonic people and their global plan for a World Government they control.  They are not about to quit now. And the anti-Zionist, anti-New World Order American Right that wants its country back understands what is at stake as well.  Together, we must unite in complete resolve to defeat a Global Zionist Beast which has as its foundation a cancerous Culturally Marxist, fascist Multi-National Corporate Conglomeration held together by its coercive Central Banks, accompanied by a desire to destroy anyone and anything in its path. With our unequivocal resolve, we can and will annihilate them.