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Mark Dankof on We Hold These Truths radio, August 11th and 18th

Mark Dankof will host Chuck Carlson’s one-hour Internet radio Bible Study at We Hold These Truths, on Tuesday, August 11th, and Tuesday, August 18th.  The time each Tuesday will be 6-7 pm Pacific/8-9 pm Central/9-10 pm Eastern time.

The shows will open with news analysis coming from both Mark Dankof and Chuck Carlson, followed by an examination by Pastor Dankof of New Testament texts which undermine the Christian Zionist “gospel” of racial supremacy, Jewish neo-conservatism, militarism, war, and corporatism.  Chuck Carlson’s Unheralded News summaries at We Hold These Truths may be accessed by clicking here

Mark Dankof’s graduate paper on Daniel’s prophecy of 70 weeks, Zionism, and Dispensationalism for Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia may be accessed here.