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Roadmap: The Dankof Report for ACH on November 2nd

On “The Dankof Report” for ACH on November 2nd, Mark is joined by co-host Paul Edward Stevenson of the UK and the Republic Broadcasting Network (RBN) show “Last Man Standing,” heard live on Sundays at 9 p.m. Central Time. News links added right up to Showtime. Listen to the Show here after it airs live. The November 1st Mark Dankof interview with the Tehran Times may be accessed here.

Francesca Resnik for JTA: “When You’re a Mexican Jew, Halloween and ‘Day of the Dead’ Are Complicated.”

The Pope Kisses the Feet of the Moors: Vkontakte Video: Rene Noordzee of South Africa:

AP News: (Pope Kisses Biden’s Feet🤠) “Pope Tells Biden He Should ‘Keep Receiving Communion”


RT: “Russia and Israel are Connected by a ‘Very Deep Bond’ and Putin is a ‘Close and True Friend’ of the Jewish People says Israel PM Bennett”

VIDEO: “‘Crimes Against Humanity: Putin Breaks Down Wokeness and Western PC Culture.”

YouTube: “Russia’s Lavrov and Peskov Declare Red Lines as NATO Eyes Expansion”

Sputnik International: “Russian Fleet Monitoring U.S. Navy Destroyer in Black Sea”

Boyd D. Cathey for Unz: “Examining the Hatred of Vladimir Putin and Russia”

Ted Galen Carpenter for AntiwarDotCom: “Antagonizing Russia: A Biden Administration Specialty”

Lisa Correnti for C-Fam: “Russia Joins Global Pro-Life Initiative.”

RT: “Equating the Soviet Union to Hitler’s Nazi Germany Could Land Russians in Jail Under Plans Put Forward by Ruling Party”

Ryan Saavedra for the Daily Wire: “Putin Warns Wokeness is Destroying the West: ‘It happened in Russia 100 Years Ago, it’s Evil, and it Destroys Values’”

Boyd D. Cathey for Russian Faith: “Putin Scores Direct Hit on Globalist Perverts in Blistering Speech”

Gordon M. Hahn for SOTT: “Reading Putin at Valdai”

Transcript from the Valdai Club: “Vladimir Putin Meets With Members of the Valdai Discussion Club: Transcript of the 18th Plenary Session”

RT on YouTube: “Putin Speaks at Plenary Session of the Valdai Discussion Club”

New World Order Wars and the National Security Circus:

Tara Copp for Defense One: “The Military is Preparing a Space Superhighway Complete With Pit Stops.”

Paul Craig Roberts for LewRockwellDotCom: “The Killing of Gaddafi 10 Years Ago Has Resulted in the Death and Destruction of Libya and the Destruction of its People”

Vladimir Danilov for Near East Outlook: “The Situation in Syria is Heating Up Again”

Vanessa Beeley for OffGuardianDotOrg: “75 Years and Counting: A History of Western Regime Change in Syria: Part One”

Vanessa Beeley for OffGuardianDot Org: “Debunking CIA and MI6 Syria Narratives One by One”

Tehran Times: “Why is Saudi Arabia Escalating Tensions With Lebanon?”

Fars News Agency: “Police Foil Terrorist MKO/MEK Attempted Attack on Iran’s Pavilion at Frankfurt Book Fair”’s-Aemp-Aack-Iran’s-Pavilin-a-Frankfr-Bk-Fair

Jeremy Kuzmarov for Covert Action: “Assassination of U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan Adolph Dubs Set Groundwork for America’s Longest War”

AntiwarDotCom: “Officials Look to Dial Back Biden’s Taiwan Comments”

Peter Van Buren for TAC: “Taiwan is Not About China”

US Sub Struck in Secretive South China Sea Deployment Suffered Damage to Ballast Tanks, Report Finds

Sonja Van den Ende for Covert Action Magazine: “What Fresh Mayhem Does Nuland’s Beirut Visit Portend?”

Robert Parry for Anti Empire Dot Com: “Colin Powell Started War Criminal Career as Staff Officer for the Americal Division Covering Up Its Slaughters.”

Branco Marcetic for Jacobin Magazine: “Colin Powell’s Mindless Obedience to the U.S. War Machine Led to Death and Destruction.”

Jeremy Kuzmarov for Covert Action Magazine: “Was the 1949 Suicide of Defense Secretary James Forrestal the First Major Domestic Assassination of the Emerging U. S. Deep State After World War II?” (Mark: Reference the David Martin book.)

Tate Fegley for Mises/Lew Rockwell: “The Military’s Turn to Wokeness Shows the U.S. Faces No Military Threats.”

Andrew Anglin for Unz: “Bumbling Menace Blinken Says Taiwan Should Join the UN.”

Fars News Agency: “Offline Fuel Delivery Enabled in Multiple Gas Stations in Iran After Cyberattack”

Paul Larudee for Unz: “The Syrian Charity Scam”

COVID-19 and the GloboHomo Medical Police State:

Katherine Eban for Vanity Fair:

“The Lab Leak Theory: Inside the Fight to Uncover COVID-19’s Origins”

Drastic Research: “The ‘Defuse Project” Documents”The DARPA DIFUSE proposal obtained by the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) . . .
Ecohealth Alliance director Peter Draszak made clear in early 2018 that his research would investigate “gain of function” in corona viruses for military value. file)

Jerry Dunleavy for the Washington Examiner: “Fauci Critics Say NIH Letter Debunks ‘Gain of Function’ Denial.”

LewRockwellDotCom: “Boston University’s Silent Coercion”

The Migrant Invasion:

Sputnik International: “Purely Political: “45 GOP Reps Angry Over Reports Biden Wants to Pay Each Separated Migrant Family”

Your Friendly Neighborhood Bank:

UK/EU Scene:

Kit Knightly for OffGuardianDotCom: “David’s Law: How the Amess Attack Will Be Used to Control the Internet “

Daily Mail: “Sadiq Khan Offers Grants to Londoners to Decolonize Street Names”

The Surveillance/Censorship Police State:

Whitney Webb for Unlimited Hangout: “The Military Origins of Facebook”

James Fulford for VDARE: Drone Footage: “The Charlottesville Narrative Collapse”

RT: “Playing with our free speech’: Author of anti-Biden rap ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ CENSORED by You Tube talks to RT after TOPPING U.S. Chart.”

Mark Corbett: “How to Identify Propaganda”

Philip Giraldi for the Unz Review: “Why Not Question the Holocaust in Schools: The Official Narrative Will Not Stand Up to Serious Historical Scrutiny.”

Bitchute Video: “The Forecaster: The Story of Martin Armstrong”

Press TV: “India High Court Orders Probe of Use of Israeli Spyware Pegasus”

Reason: “The Patriot Act’s Poisoned Tree”


RT: “National School Board Association Backtracks After Asking White House to Label Dissident Parents ‘Domestic Terrorists’”

SummitDotNews: “AT&T’s Racial Re-Education Program Asserts ‘White People, You Are the Problem”

Sputnik International: “We Gotta Take These Motherfu—ers Out: Professor Facing Calls for Dismissal Over Viral Anti-White Rant”

CNN Analysis of the Virginia Governor’s Race: “One Number That Should Worry Every Democrat”

Ron Kampeas for JTA: “Biden’s Tree of Life Anniversary Statement used a term that worries parts of both the left and the right.”

Domestic Terrorism” . . .

Sputnik International: “What’s Behind the Spike in Hate Crimes in the U.S. Outlined in Amended FBI Statistical Data?”

Pat Buchanan for Lew Rockwell: “Can Poland Be Poland And Stay in the EU?”

Jeremy Kuzmarov for Covert Action Magazine:

“Was Radical Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone Murdered to Secure Republican Control of the United States Senate?”

Dr. Tomislav Sunic for the Occidental Observer: “The Origins of White Guilt”

Trouble in Military Town USA: Madalyn Mindoza for SADotCom: “Here’s What We Know About the Anti-Semitic Rallies in San Antonio.”

Malak Silmi for the San Antonio Express News: “‘Hagee Preaches Hate’: Annual Cornerstone Event Met With Protestors.”

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was the keynote speaker at the 41st annual “Night to Honor Israel” event at Cornerstone Church in the Stone Oak area on Sunday night.
. . .

Paul Gottfried for Chronicles: “Overlooking Mass Killers: If They’re On the Totalitarian Left.”

Matthew Ehret for Lew Rockwell/Strategic Culture: “Pierre Teilhard de Chardin’s Transhumanism and the Cult of the Fourth Industrial Revolution”

Sadie Gurman for American Freedom News: “Ultra Leftist Merrick Garland Stands Behind Memo On Threats to Educators.”

Christopher Roach for American Freedom News: “What Good is a Republican Victory?”

Sputnik International: “‘Look Elsewhere’: NAACP Urges Pro Athletes Not to Sign With Texas Teams Due to Abortion and Voting Laws”

Texas Tribune: “Texas House Committee to Investigate School Districts’ Books on Race and Sexuality”


Sputnik International: “Section of Biden’s Infrastructure Bill for Fighting Climate Change Reportedly Tops 500 Billion”

David Stockman for LewRockwellDotCom: “Joe Biden’s (Don’t) Caring Economy”

Cultural/Spiritual Cancer:

Russian Faith: “Florida School Board Member Takes Elementary School Students on a Field Trip to a Homosexual Bar”

RT: “Loudoun County VA ‘Boy in a Skirt’ Found GUILTY in Girls Bathroom Assault”

History Gems:

How a Jewish Manhattan Project Scientist Quietly Helped the Soviets Get the Bomb: Times of Israel

Why Hitler Struck Against Soviet Russia
Mark Weber – Video

A History of Zio-Wars: Mark Dankof’s Family and Pearl Harbor:

History DotCom: “My Lai Massacre”

Book Reviews:

Kevin MacDonald for Unz: “Spencer Quinn’s ‘Solzhenitsyn and The Right.”

Dr. Thomislav Sunic for the Occidental Observer:Book Review:Christophe Dolbeau,Les Parias; Fascistes, pseudo-Fascistes et mal-Pensants, p.600, (Akribeia, 2021).

(Books by Tom Sunic:

Charlottesville Survivor for VDARE: A Review of “Charlottesville Untold: Inside ‘Unite the Right’” by Anne Wilson Smith.

Dr. M. Raphael Johnson for Russia Insider:”Yet Another Six Million: The Fable of Pogroms Against Jews in Tsarist Russia.”


“The Connection Between Christianity and Halloween”: Justin Holcomb for Christianity Dot Com

Mark Dankof and Dr David Scaer on Luther’s Concept of Anfechtung:”

Dankof Video: Memorial Service eulogy at Messiah Lutheran Church in Boerne, Texas October 24th, 2021

David Scaer for Concordia Theological Journal: “The Concept of Anfechtung in Luther’s Thought” PDF file

Mark Dankof Asks The Question of The Day

“If the Pope had to choose between kissing the feet of the Moors or the feet (?🤠) of Joe Biden, which would he choose?”

Omen of the Week for The Empire ? CNN: “After Widespread Flooding, No Relief Yet for the DC Metro Area as 14 Million People Remain Under Alerts”

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November 1, 2021 at 8:06 am

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