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Enjoy the Laughs With Mark Dankof and Kevin Barrett: Biden and the New World Order Lose Their Butts in Kabul!

Mark Dankof to CNN

Dr. Kevin Barrett’s “ Woke Resistance to the Taliban Begins Now! Rainbow Flags Sprout Like Poppies in Hindu Kush” gets into a deeper analysis of the situation surrounding the tragedy of Afghanistan and Hindu Kush not seen in Western and American corporate media up to this point. CNN’s foreign policy team has a chance to obtain the pole position in covering what Dr. Barrett has shared with his own subscribers world wide, to the benefit of your television and Digital audience of millions.

I admit I was a small contributor to his essay, but his work stands on its own merits without any assistance from me.

Sincere best wishes to CNN as it continues to support our troops, sailors, and aviators in making Democracy and Human Rights a possibility around the globe. It is a thankless task for which many have made the ultimate sacrifice for our many freedoms.

Mark Dankof
San Antonio

Dankof Suggests Taliban Eligible for NRA Patron Memberships with Millions in Americans Weaponry Left by Sleepy Joe. 🤠🤠🤠 VIDEO (:31)

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