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Pastor Dale Crowley and Faithfulness Unto Death: Mark Dankof for Herman Otten’s Christian News and the American Free Press


The Lord Jesus Christ to the Church in Smyrna:  “Be faithful, even to the point of death, and I will give you the Crown of Life.”

These are the words of Him who is the First and the Last, who died and came to life again.  I know your afflictions and your poverty–yet you are rich!  I know the slander of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a Synagogue of Satan.  Do not be afraid of what you are about to suffer.  I tell you, the devil will put some of you in prison to test you, and you will suffer persecution for ten days.  Be faithful, even to the point of death, and I will give you the Crown of Life.  He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.  He who overcomes will not be hurt at all by the second death.”

Jesus Christ to the Church in Smyrna in John’s Revelation, Chapter 2, Verses 8-11

Sorrow is better than laughter, for by the sadness of the countenance, the heart is made better.”

Ecclesiastes 7:3 quoted by Pastor Dale Crowley in a letter to Mark Dankof about the former’s struggle with old age and the rapid decline in Mrs. Crowley’s health

     The message I knew would arrive came this last Thursday afternoon from Pastor Dale Crowley’s grandson:  “Mark, my Granddad will be with the Lord in the next 24 hours.  You are the only connection I have to his past.”  On Friday night, the prophetic perception of the first message was confirmed: “Granddad went to be with the Lord at 11: 50 pm [Eastern].”


The final chapter together in this life in North Carolina.

     It is difficult putting into words my feelings about a great personal friend and mentor whose life and accomplishments shall continue to resonate in the memories I have of him in our joint broadcasting ventures on my old RBN show after his days at WFAX-Washington, D. C. were cruelly preempted, as well as through our personal conversations and letter exchanges in the last 18 months of his life, and his constant provisions of books and articles that came my way over the years. Prior to the last chapter of his earthly life, he had sold his longtime family home in Virginia outside Washington, D. C., to relocate himself and his beloved wife besieged by dementia, Mary Henderson Crowley, to an assisted living facility in North Carolina. I will always remember calling him one night at his home in Virginia to obtain an update, fortuitously discovering he had sold the place and was departing the next morning for good.  I had reached him in the nick of time. His missionary son was back from Cambodia and answered the phone, putting his father on the line for our usual great conversation about the closing of a chapter in his life, and the opening of what would be the last chapter before eternal glory with Christ.


Mary and Pastor Dale in a joyous moment in North Carolina.

     In thinking about his unwavering faithfulness and confidence in the Triune God in the midst of overwhelming sadness at his wife’s illness, the loss of his Virginia home, and the end of his long saga as a Washington-based radio broadcaster and writer, the Gospel of John, chapter 21, verses 18-19 comes to mind.  The Lord reminds Peter there of the death the latter will suffer, and the reason why:  “‘I tell you the truth, when you were younger you dressed yourself and went where you wanted; but when you are old you will stretch out your hands, and someone else will dress you and lead you where you do not want to go.’  Jesus said this to indicate the kind of death by which Peter would glorify God.  Then he said to him, ‘Follow me.’

     In Dale’s case, one of the letters to follow from North Carolina would underscore how rough the final journey through the final chapter would prove to be along the way. He wrote:

     “Please pardon our silence.  These have been hard times for Dale and Mary.  But we don’t want to let the calamities of the past year and a half prevent us from keeping in touch with our dear friends and family.  (‘Calamity’ is an important Bible word, occuring around 25 times.  Look it up with a good concordance.)

     “Why calamities?  There was a good reason God allowed Satan to visit Job with terrible calamities.  Still, we cry out to God, ‘Why?’

     “Someday . . . sooner or later we’ll understand ‘Why?’  Mary’s Alzheimers/Dementia increased in severity about 18 months ago.  That led to a fall, breaking a leg bone (the femur, near the hip), resulting in permanent confinement to a wheelchair.

     “A year later, a dangerous cancer was found in my colon.  It was healed miraculously through prayer, the healing power of God, essiac, laetrile, essential oils, and 28 radiation treatments. (They all work together.)

     “Only a few weeks later, 9 small strokes hit me, requiring hospitalization and rehabilitation.  Praise God, I am just about back to normal. . . .

          “Please pray for Dale, Jr. and Mary Crowley.  After a lifetime of work for our Lord in His harvest fields at home and abroad, it is not easy coping with the calamities of old age.  We are not alone, of course.  . . . Our Lord promised never to leave us.  We thank God for family and friends.

     “Please pray that we will have God’s love and care and grace.  Even the Psalmist prayed,’God, don’t forget me when I am old and grayheaded (Psalm 71:18).’

     “Sincerely, hoping for your love and care in Christ Jesus our Lord, Dale.”


Pat and Shelley Buchanan with Dale and Mary Crowley.

     Christian News readers should be fully acquainted by now with the life of Dale Crowley, his service as a Reformed Baptist missionary in Japan, his past as a member of the Asian Languages department at the University of Hawaii, and most especially the facts and many of the implications to be inferred from what happened to him at WFAX-1220 AM in Washington, D. C in early 2006 .  For those uninitiated, you may access Crowley’s Spotlight on Israel, linked to both of his radio shows, “The King’s Business” and “Focus on Israel” at Another late friend, the legendary Michael Collins Piper, penned the story for the American Free Press of March 20, 2006 in an article entitled, “Thought Cops Tell Evangelist No More Talk of Israel on Air.”  It is available online to this day on the Rense site at under the title, “Christian Radio Host Fired for Criticizing Israel.” That fine and accurate story makes reference to “heavy handed pressure brought to bear on WFAX” to end both of the Pastor’s shows of 20 years standing on the prominent Christian broadcasting outlet in the Nation’s Capitol.


Pastor Dale Crowley and wife Mary with columnist Joseph Sobran (center), another principled victim of the Israeli 5th Column in the United States.

     Piper noted then that: “The un-American thought police operating on American soil have struck once again. This time their victim is veteran Christian evangelist Dale Crowley, Jr., who has been the host of two popular radio programs broadcast over WFAX 1220 AM-radio in the Washington area for the last 20 years.

     “Crowley was told by Doris Newcomb, president and general manager of WFAX, that his Saturday morning broadcast, ‘Focus on Israel,’ was terminated immediately.  He was not even given an opportunity to bid farewell to his longtime listeners.

     “The program was canceled by the WFAX management because supporters of Israel had complained to the radio station about Crowley’s criticisms of Israel.”

     But who were these “supporters of Israel?  And what may be inferred from the identification of some of the key players in the usual Zionist political and media monolith whose tentacles have enshrouded virtually all of “Christian” print and broadcasting outlets in the United States?


Miss Elizabeth Newsome’s Special 6th Grade Class at Hilton Elementary School on Capitol Hill in Washington, D. C., 1939. Dale Crowley second from right.

     Dale Crowley and I had a number of late afternoon and evening conversations in his final days about the WFAX AM-1220 episode.  We both concluded the affair can only be understood in light of eschatological deception and the death of the American Republic. After he provided me with a graph which traced the identification of some of the players in his termination with arrows drawing some links in the spider web, I would write him a letter in April of 2015.  This letter provided him with more dots to connect in both of our lives over many years.The text of that communication was as follows:

April 22nd, 2015

San Antonio, TX 78217

Pastor Dale Crowley
Kernersville, NC 27284

Dear Dale:

It has been a joy to have reached you twice by phone recently, including seven days ago when you reported the miraculous disappearance of the colon cancer. It is especially interesting that your reprieve from this health malady coincides with the Easter 2015 health report of Lutheran pastor Bill Larson up in Tacoma, who introduced me to radio at KGNW AM 82 Seattle in the 1980s with his Mission America show. Bill’s diagnosed case of heart failure in December has now inexplicably disappeared, just like your cancer. The doctors are baffled.

Even more curious to me is another intersection of people, times and circumstances: Your situation with the WFAX-AM/Washington, D. C. termination of your “Focus on Israel” show courtesy of the pressure of the National Religious Broadcasters on WFAX, and the spider web network of interlocking relationships of the Zionist-driven consortiums and players that includes Salem Communications (Epperson), Xulon Press (Freiling), Crosswalk (Salem subsidiary, Falwell, Liberty U.), Tim La Haye, and Olasky’s World magazine, is eerily reminiscent of what happened to Bill Larson and me at KGNW AM 82/Seattle when Mission America lost a pending national syndication agreement and contract right after a sinister political contact with me was made by a man with the usual connections that have plagued both of us over time.


Who comprises the New World Order? Has it infiltrated Christian Media in America?

As you will recall, Marvin Stern, the Regional Director of the Anti Defamation League of B’nai Brith in Seattle at the time (1988), invited me to a private luncheon where it was clear to me I was being tested for possible use as a friendly Zionist source in the Pacific Northwest. My placement at KGNW AM 82/Seattle, and my role as the newly elected 36th Legislative District Chairman of the Republican Party in King County/Seattle (courtesy of a deal between Pat Robertson, Jack Kemp, and George H. W. Bush forces in the Washington State Republican Party which included Della Newman, a multi-millionaire real estate magnate in Seattle who later became the U. S. Ambassador to New Zealand), had apparently resulted in a file being opened on me at ADL headquarters in New York as a possibly friendly asset (They had a negative one at that time on Ted Pike and his National Prayer Network which I was shown at the ADL/Seattle meeting, with certain information deleted in my copy. Pike and I discussed all of this many years later).

Marvin Stern and I were joined by a Terry Moore of the pro-Zionist Bridges for Peace organization [Moore and I were both graduates of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois but had never met before], the nefarious Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, Jan Van Der Hoeven of the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem, and a handful of Rabbis whose names I never learned. The entire afternoon was creepy. I sensed demonic influence at work and was extremely guarded, but courteous. That night, I showed up as a quiet observer at a big Pentecostal gathering for Eckstein and Van Der Hoeven at a Holiday Inn in Renton (South Seattle). The whole thing was a combination of propaganda, worship circus, and fund raiser for the State of Israel. It was a terrifying thing to witness. The Satanic deception in this mass audience was apparent. I slipped out the back door. Stern of ADL never contacted me again. I have followed Eckstein’s nefarious career closely but from afar,in all the years since.

It was in this time frame that I learned much about Congressman Jack Kemp, and the forces really behind his career, and in his organization in Seattle. Kemp and his entourage began to keep a healthy distance from me when I didn’t pass the ADL preliminary examination in 1988. As God would have it, this was all in the time frame when I began to read things about the Pollard spy case and the USS Liberty attack of 1967 in Herman Otten’s Christian News. The foundation was being laid for what I would subsequently come to understand in working for the two Buchanan campaigns in Texas in the 1990s, my time with Howard Phillips and his Constitution Party from 1996-2004, and the post 9-11 time frame both in Philadelphia and upon my return to Texas in March of 2006. I kept learning more. I kept reading more. The more I read, the worse the implications became.

The only other gathering of the type I witnessed in Seattle/Renton with Eckstein and Van Der Hoeven was a neo-Pentecostal worship circus at the American Association of Lutheran Churches (AALC) National Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota at Northwestern College in 1990, put on by some Christian Zionist, Neo-Pentecostal types masquerading as Lutherans, and with connections to C. Peter Wagner’s Fuller Seminary/Pasadena Institute for Church Growth. This latter fact has become abundantly more significant to me now. Bedros Hajian of Armenian TV in Los Angeles and I did a recent show on the occultic Pentecostal movement known as the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR), which evolved from the G-12 Movement in Colombia. C. Peter Wagner is a major player in this New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) movement. . . .. It has really infiltrated the Christian Zionist movement and has gotten close to many of the key Neo-Conservative types in the Republican Party like Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin, and Michelle Bachmann. George W. Bush actually appeared at a fundraiser for the NAR-affiliated Messianic Jewish Bible Institute in Dallas. What is the glue that holds all these heretical, occultic threads and actors together? I list extra-Biblical revelation, the attendant notion that the offices of Prophet and Apostle exist today, demonically inspired “signs and wonders”, the Scofield Reference Bible eschatology, apostate conclusions about the Kingdom of God, and who and what truly constitutes the Israel of God for the New Testament believer.

I am absolutely convinced that a most fascinating research project would be comparing the forces behind the end of your radio ministry at WFAX/Washington, mine as a junior broadcaster and guest recruiter at KGNW AM 82/Seattle, and the multiplicity of names, organizations, interlocking networks, and money trails actually at work in both situations. The key is the National Religious Broadcasters and Salem Communications (Salem Media Group): KGNW AM82/Seattle is now owned–you guessed it–by Salem Communications/Salem Media Group. All of this information is right on the KGNW web page. Epperson’s name is prominently splashed there. But it gets worse: I just found out through a search of a Salem Communications/Salem Media Group profile listed by the Securities and Exchange Commissions (SEC), that on January 10, 2014, Salem acquired the Regnery/Eagle publishing consortium, which includes Human Events. The editor of the latter for years was Thomas S. Winter. That once fine newspaper’s direction for a number of years in a Neo-Conservative, pro-Zionist, almost Fox News orientation, had become very clear to me. Apparently, that has now been set in stone with the Salem acquisition.

See if you have access to a computer where you are. It is grim.

I have been re-reading your book, “On the Wrong Side of Just About Everything, But Right About it All,” and your letter to me of August 18, 2007 from Berryville (on your 57th wedding anniversary). Your theological analysis of Dispensationalism, the sage advice of Dr. James R. Graham in spring 1952, and the application of the principles in understanding the direction a doomed American Empire is taking us, especially since September 11th, 2001, are spot on. Your analysis, and that of the late Princeton/Westminster sage, O. T. Allis, in “The Church and Prophecy” (1945), tell the tale of the tape. I conclude that the Dispensational heresies on covenants, the nature of the Kingdom of God, the identity of the Israel of God today, and eschatology are absolutely critical in understanding the nature of the eschatological heresy Jesus warned us of in the Olivet Discourse (Matthew 24). I’m convinced the nature of the deception Jesus reiterates throughout that chapter is the modern Dispensationalist-Zionist heresy, and its wedding to the globalist/futurist New World Order articulated by John in the Apocalypse penned on Patmos during the reign of Domitian. Even many non-Dispensationalists do not recognize this. You do, and have, for many more years than I.

So our recent conversations have spurred me to much reflection on the past and presents of our respective lives. I’m beginning the process of writing a book on my own progress over decades in understanding what you grasped before I. It will cover decades. The outline of the key events will be as follows [the outline will enable us to carry on future phone chats on anything along the timeline]. It’s all preliminary in formulation. . . .

[timeline omitted for publication]

Much to discuss and pray about over time, Dale. I’m glad you’re clicking again. You’re the best Biblical mentor and insider I have. I think often of my years in Hawaii and yours, my years in Washington and yours, yet our paths crossed only through Otten’s Christian News and RBN radio show chats in 2007. God is indeed mysterious. . . . By the way, Christian News had the equivalent of their Hall of Fame published in the last 18 months or so. It is entitled, “Soldiers of the Cross.” It is some compendium of God’s special workers and saints. You and I made the list–complete with photos. I’m not kidding!

I’ll call again this coming week. Pray for me. I shall pray for you and Mary. Mark Glenn continues to handle the situation you are aware of. He asked me to ask you to pray for the firewood crisis they are encountering. He has cut firewood to get the family through Idaho winters near the Canadian border year after year. They store the wood in storage sites on his property. Having a full time guest on the property has led to much greater consumption of the reserve. Mark may even have to buy firewood he can’t cut enough of with the increased demand. . . . It is serious, as are a number of other factors you are aware of.

Final thought: If you have access to a good computer and Skype, and would be interested in sharing your witness and wealth of insights to the right audience, I believe Bedros Hajian of Armenian TV and the Armenian-owned International Christian Family Network (IFCN) in Los Angeles would be interested in using you and me occasionally to cover items and subjects of compelling interest. Give it some thought. In the meantime, I’m getting some additional Likes and exposure for your Facebook page around the world. There is terrific potential with this to keep your message in front of a global audience and to add material to the page from time to time. It is the only methodology left to us to counter NRB, Salem, and the monolithic control of information by the demonic forces we understand all too well in the light of Biblical eschatology and personal experience. There will be time to discuss some of these matters when I call again.

In the meantime, we uplift one another and “contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints” (Jude 1:3).

In Christ,



     In our very last conversation in this present life, Dale Crowley and I covered events in my own life in the past year and the way in which these events tied together circumstances in both of our callings and careers over the decades. I sent him a print copy of the Jonas E. Alexis interview with Mark Dankof for VT entitled, “The Closing of the Zionist Mind” at All of my recent articles and presentations cited in that interview with links were also printed and mailed in a package. There was so much to cover, and so little time.  After Mary’s passing on December 3rd, 2015, the speed of time and events seemed to accelerate. When I returned from a Lutheran Conference in New York some weeks ago, it was obvious that the Hands of Time were choosing to wave so long for now, as the late Lowell Thomas used to say.

     But the conversation will be renewed in the Kingdom of God in Christ in Eternity.  There will be so much joy, and so much more understanding and wisdom there.  Well done, Pastor Dale, Thou Good and Faithful Servant.  Romans 10:9.  


John on Patmos Pens The Apocalypse: Exiled Because of Resistance to the Emperor Worship Cultus of Domitian (A. D. 81-96).


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