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Mark Dankof chats with VT’s Jonas E. Alexis on Trump, America First, and The Lobby



Mark Dankof for Press TV on the Trump Enigma: Which Version of Trump Would Actually Govern?



Trump the Enigma

Trump as the Ultimate Enigma:  America First Visionary or the Trojan Horse of Adelman, Foxman, and The Tribe?: Time tells.


Jonas Alexis on Issue I for Mark Dankof’s response:  I stated in Part One of this segment entitled “To Trump or Not to Trump,” that Donald Trump reminds me of Franklin Delano Roosevelt who promised Americans one thing when he stated he would keep our young people out of foreign wars, and who did exactly the opposite in his actions leading up to Pearl Harbor.  Trump speaks of the need to implement policies rooted in the idea of America First, with the advocacy of some foreign policies and policy changes consistent with that theme.  Yet he simultaneously uses the strongest of rhetoric in supporting Israel and many of the Neo-Conservative themes of the Zionist Lobby which explicitly repudiate the notion of an America First foreign policy. At the end of the day, who is the real Donald Trump? What is the meaning of America First? And why does the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai Brith take such issue with Trump’s employment of the term?

Mark DankofLet me say at the outset how well you have laid the groundwork for the readers with all of the data, quotations, and footnotes contained in your Part One article entitled “To Trump or Not to Trump.”  I basically said the same thing you did in 5 minutes for Press TV recently.  You bring all the evidence of the nature of the problem presented by the Trump Enigma to underscore my off-the-cuff remarks while driving the other day.

As good academics and journalists, you and I understand that the best work we do is: 1) drawing attention to the real issues that matter for our readers and listeners; 2) providing a roadmap for the ongoing research and contemplation of these pivotal considerations; and 3) underscoring that no single source is the final word on a subject like this one, where all of us learn through a lifetime of rigorous dedication to the task of reading, thinking, and analyzing the implications of such matters.  This is especially critical in an age of untruth, censorship, distortion, and diversion as practiced by the political, media, and educational elites of the United States, largely under the direction of the usual suspects.  I discovered the truth of this as a young person in elementary school and high school in Hawaii.  I was 11 years old at Trinity Lutheran School in Wahiawa, when Mark Lane’s Rush to Judgment emerged in 1966 as the genesis of all that would follow in responsible research exposing the deliberate falsehoods of the Warren Commission in its verdict on the Kennedy Assassination.  I read that book without the knowledge of either the school or my parents. That began a lifelong trek for me in decades of reading about that tragedy and its still unfolding meaning in American and world history.  Decades later, my late friend, Michael Collins Piper, would send me his verdict on the ultimate players in the events in Dallas, in a book entitled Final Judgment.  It was at that point that I began to see the hand of God in my life in developing a precocious interest in such matters as a child.  The process is perpetually ongoing.  As a junior in high school at Iolani School in Honolulu, a U. S. history professor interested me in revisiting the issue of FDR and Pearl Harbor, an episode I discussed in my presentation to the National Conference of the Washington-based American Free Press in Austin in August of 2013.  When Kourosh Ziabari of Iran’s Fars News Agency spoke to me about the issue of Israel and 9-11, it hit me that the Pearl Harbor and Kennedy episodes as I had encountered both over many decades, had set the stage for what I learned and came to believe about what really happened on September 11th, 2001, and why.  The point is this: Anyone who relies on the American government, educational system, and news media as the primary source and the last word on core issues and events in history is a tragic aider and abettor of what both Biblical eschatology and the last 100 years in time point to as the development of the most evil and comprehensive system of global governance ever to be seen before the Second Coming of Christ.  We can now more fully appreciate that the military, surveillance, and computer technologies of this age have us near its full emergence in history.  

With this in mind, let me be kindly indulged in adding to our reading list for readers and researchers.  You and I have already discussed John Koster’s Operation Snow, which chronicles Harry Dexter White and Joseph Stalin’s role in steering FDR to policies which guaranteed a Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.  I recently finished the book.


Harry Dexter White: The Lithuanian Jew Whose Operation Snow for FDR and Joseph Stalin Killed Americans at Pearl Harbor. Can You Spell Treason?

I’m presently doing a complete initial read of Pat Buchanan’s Churchill, Stalin, and the Unnecessary War. To this critical background reading in understanding the term America First, and the clash between advocates and detractors, one should absolutely add James P Duffy’s Lindbergh versus Roosevelt:  The Rivalry that Divided America. I’ll stop with two more recommendations for readers:  One is the repository of information gathered over time in the archives of the online data bank of the Institute for Historical Research on both World War II and the America First movement. Mark Weber’s post on Roosevelt’s ‘Secret Map’ Speech is but an example of what is available there at the press of a button.  As far as very recent posts on this controversy emerging in the American presidential campaign of 2016, see Michael Brenden Dougherty’s essay for The Hill.  It is entitled, “In defense of America First.”

FDR and Lindbergh

A Duplicitous American (Left) and an Honorable American (Right)

Now we press on to my brief answer to Issue One.  I find Donald Trump to be both a fascinating phenomenon, and one whose public persona and public statements on a whole host of issues are often baffling and seemingly impenetrable.  Churchill’s famous description of Russia applies to The Donald.  He is a “riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.”

On the one hand, Trump has been charged with “anti-Semitism,” which seems inherently ridiculous given his long time professional, personal, and political history, as your initial segment and Brother Nathanael’s You Tube videos chronicle.  This canard is employed by the ADL and their fellow travelers simply because of the America First theme in the Trump 2016 campaign, The Donald’s suggestion that he would be a neutral broker between Israel and the Palestinians, his statements in support of reasonable diplomacy with Vladimir Putin and Russia, Trump’s stated desire to keep NATO on a short leash or trash it altogether, and Trump’s Buchanan-like positions on immigration and globalist trade treaties.  On the other hand, Trump’s AIPAC speech, his statements of support for ongoing establishment of illegal Israeli settlements in occupied territories, his simian statements on the P5+1 deal with Iran, his recent endorsement by Sheldon Adelson, and his Not Buchanan-like positions on cultural issues, suggest that he is indeed a “riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.”


Investigating FDR’s Duplicity on Pearl Harbor: Mark Dankof at Iolani School in Honolulu in 1972.

Only time tells.  I voted for Trump in the GOP primary in Texas.  Assuming his nomination, I will most certainly vote for him against Hillary Clinton.  Her election to the American Presidency is quite possible.  It would be a cataclysmic catastrophe for the United States and the world were she to be elected.  It might well guarantee World War III.  The best people I know on the American populist Right indicate that a Trump vote must be risked because of the horrendous alternative who has left no ambiguity about what would commence in the event of her election and Inauguration, and the hope that a Trump in office would follow his better instincts and not his worst.  It is a dangerous time.  I admitted to Press TV that I voted for The Donald in the primary and will in the fall. Concurrently, I acknowledged that the decision could well nigh blow up in my face, and the faces of others who made the decision to do so for my stated reasons.  Do I trust Trump absolutely?  Absolutely not.  Some of my colleagues believe Trump is “going along to get along” with his obligatory AIPAC speech and accompanying public statements and alliances, that he will go his own way from January onward if elected.  We shall see if he does.

One other thing:  Joe and Jack Kennedy decided that their alliances in 1960 were necessary to get elected, and that once Jack Kennedy was in power in a second term of office, looking at jettisoning the Fed and bringing The Lobby to heel were doable.  Dallas brought all of that to an eternal end as Piper’s Final Judgment chronicles the context of the event.  Mr. Trump needs to be extremely careful if he is playing a Machiavellian game with the likes of ADL, Netanyahu, and Sheldon Adelman.  It would be a most dangerous endeavor, with the risk of a tragic outcome.

Jonas Alexis and Issue II for Mark Dankof: The second question would be this: Why would they even bring up the issue of anti-Semitism? Aren’t they implicitly admitting that “America First” will have a detrimental effect on Israel?

Mark DankofAs I have already stated in your fine interview with me for Veterans Today on the subject of “anti-Semitism” and the reckless charges directed at me by Katie Zavadski of The Daily Beast last December, the term itself is rarely defined but promiscuously used against anyone at any time who questions literally anything about the Zionist State, its Lobby, and its pervasive tentacles in American society and institutions. Ironically, when we understand the nature of Zionism as a worldview, we discover the provable reality of the Talmudic racial supremacist ideology that undergirds it and motivates its advocates and agents of influence, making such advocates, agents of influence, and provocateurs arguably the most racist constituency on the planet.  At the same time, the global Zionist movement is about much more than merely the ethnic cleansing of Palestine and its occupation.


Pat Buchanan: The Anti-Defamation League Inspired Hit Job of 1996 is Joined by Buckley’s National Review

It is also about World Government and the composition of the elite that seeks to govern this planet after its complete achievement.  It is about Central Banking.  It is about Global Trade Treaties. It is about Marxist cultural subversion of the societies represented in the older European and American cultures that have been deliberately and systematically eradicated.  It is about the subversion of the West that has resulted from adding unrestrained illegal immigration and targeted demographic change into this toxic mix. It is about the control of the National Security establishments, the NGOs, the educational system, the media, and the book publishing houses in nations targeted for destruction as sovereign nation-states.

Anyone that questions anything about the Zionist control of narrative on any of these subjects is to be tagged as an “anti-Semite.”  While Trump has not presented anything even close to the cohesive world view and systematic academic thought that Pat Buchanan has over the years, the mere fact that he has made many public statements on certain subjects has the ADL and The Lobby in a state of apoplexy.  This is especially true in regard to the use of the term America First by The Donald.  Why you ask? First, as your question implies, an America First foreign policy over time would eventually end the pathetic control of the United States government by a foreign power and its unregistered agents in this country, many of whom are dual citizens.

Just as critically, if the utilization of that term by Trump leads average Americans to delve into the history of the term, its historical context, and the nature of the issues that brought it to bear in the run-up to the Second World War, the ADL and its Zionist fellow travelers have a major problem.  People who read Buchanan, James P. Duffy, John Koster, the IHR archive, and the like, will begin to question the real meaning of the most significant events and developments of the 20th and 21st centuries.  They will begin to ask the critical who-what-why-and how questions regarding what really constitutes the governmental, financial, and political elite in the United States that has a vested interest in continuing its absolute control of narrative and the spinning of official mythologies on a whole host of subjects, including both World Wars, the establishment of the Federal Reserve, Pearl Harbor, the Kennedy Assassination, and 9-11 ad infinitum.  

They cannot allow this.  The charge of “anti-Semitism” is their Trump Card against Trump and anyone else who displays less than total commitment to the Zionist line on the total package of issues that constitutes the entire reality of World Government as well as the destruction of Palestine and any dissenters in America, Europe, or elsewhere who have figured out partially or totally what the gameplan is for this evil monolith in history.

If Trump ends up deceiving them, getting elected, and being the captain of his own ship as President of the United States, I will salute him.  I will also be in fear for his literal life.

If he is elected and proves to be an absolute fraud and tool in the hands of our enemies, I will not be unduly shocked and surprised.  Only God and time possess the final verdict on this man and his real reasons for pursuing the American Presidency.  He is truly a “riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.”


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