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Mark Dankof for Radio Point: The Guantanamo Transfer to Kazakhstan and What It Means

Mark Dankof: America, The Beautiful: Why We're Finished

Mark Dankof: America, The Beautiful: Why We’re Finished

Aliya Mansurbaeva

Radio Point


[Mark Dankof’s Observations on Guantanamo and the 5 Prisoners Sent by the US
Government to Kazakhstan from Guantanamo]

Dankof: My observations about the announcement of the transfer of 5 prisoners from Guantanamo to Kazakhstan simply underscore what I and a handful of other informed Americans on both the political Left and Right in the United States have been saying since the events of September 11, 2001: The Government of the United States is pursuing dangerous policies of militarism and interventionism abroad through the use of illegitimate military invasions and occupations, black operational intelligence programs designed to destablize and replace other people’s governments (“regime change“), economic sanctions and extortion, and the employment of prisons like Guantanamo to subject detainees to procedures clearly a violation of both international law and the American Constitutional tradition. The UK Guardian reports today that the 2 Tunisians and 3 Yemenis transferred to Kazakhstan have never been tried in a court of law; were approved for release 5 or more years ago; and are a part of the total of 28 detainees now transferred out of Guantanamo to third countries. 127 prisoners still remain. The conditions Kazakhstan agreed to in accepting these 5 individuals is still apparently unknown. Until that is publicly clarified, it is impossible for me to know why the Government of Kazakstan agreed to this transfer, or what its motivations are.  I believe it is in their interest to eventually explain this to their own people, and to the global community. I will be available for comment on this point once more is publicly clarified. An issue related to the Guantanamo tragedy is the recent release of the CIA torture report, albeit in redacted, edited form.  Lawrence M. Vance discusses some of the implications of this today at Lew Rockwell.

     Four points are essential to emphasize for your listeners and readers: First, the Government of the United States has been hijacked and stolen from the average citizens of this country. By whom and with what in mind? As I have repeatedly emphasized on radio and TV, and in print articles since 9-11, elections for the American Presidency and Congress, the staffing of the American National Security Establishment, and the ownership and control of the 6 major media consortiums in this country are provably traceable to the Zionist/Israeli lobby, Central Banking, Natural Resource Consortiums, and the Armaments Industry. Once this is understood, everything else falls into place. A good summary of my opinions on this may be found for your audience in a transcript entitled, “Reza Saidi of Iran’s Tasnim News Agency Talks to Mark Dankof on the New World Order.”  Another good summary is available in my essay: “America, the Beautiful.  Why We’re Finished.”

The Hidden Hand Behind the Mask of the Truth

The Hidden Hand Behind the Mask of the Truth

     There is a related second point: Average Americans are just as much prisoners of this criminal cabal as those held at Guantanamo and those subcontracted for incarceration and worse in secret locations. They haven’t figured this out yet.  When they do, it will be too late. Our domestic manufacturing economy has been deliberately exported abroad by our political elite well represented in both of the major American political parties. Our national debt is now at $18 trillion dollars and counting. The overextension of our military commitments for the American Empire promises continued quagmires in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Somalia, and Yemen among many other locations on the globe. And the outrages epitomized by Guantanamo have their domestic counterpart for Americans living in their own country: the USA Patriot Acts, the Military Commissions Act of 2006, the warrantless spying on American citizens by the National Security Agency, the jettisoning of Posse Comitatus laws, and the police state provisions of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) give one a basic roadmap of what is happening to the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights within American borders. It is not an accident that the American National Security apparatus implementing these illegal procedures has a disproportionate number of individuals involved who have dual Israeli-American citizenship, and where Israeli affiliated companies are getting contracts to implement these operations with the full connivance of the last several Chief Executives of the United States, and with a Congress infested with dual Israeli-American citizens and key Congressional committees entrusted with “oversight” of all of this who are provable assets of Israel and its Lobby here. Look at the people who control the House and Senate Committees responsible for Intelligence, Foreign Relations, Armed Services, Appropriations, and Homeland Security. I conclude that Americans have the best Government that people like Sheldon Adelson and Haim Saban can buy.

     There is a third point to underscore for Radio Point listeners and readers: Loyal Americans who love their Constitution and Bill of Rights, and have risked their lives and livelihoods to speak out on what has been happening in the last 13 years, are being quietly marginalized and demonized professionally, economically, and personally. I wish I could tell you more about my own experiences and those of the best people in the American populist movement I’ve worked with. I believe this is only the beginning of what we will experience here, and what the world will experience at the hands of these evil perpetrators driven by a truly demonic power lust. As one example, I knew that when I gave the interview on 9-11 posted on the Internet as “Kourosh Ziabari and Fars News Agency of Iran: A Conversation with Mark Dankof on Israel and 9-11,” my future life in my own country would be forever altered. I accept this fact, knowing that it would happen to me, and to the best of those I work with. It is my conviction that all of this will intensify during, or after the American Presidential Election of 2016. Dr. Philip Giraldi of the Council of the National Interest agrees with my assessment. Those who follow Radio Point will be interested in his essay today entitled, “There Are None So Blind.”

Mark Dankof in 2013:  After a TV Debate

Mark Dankof in 2013: After a TV Debate

     I must be honest about this: Despite the best efforts I’ve made in the last 13 years, and those of my best colleagues, our message has not resonated with a comatose, distracted, intellectually numb, decadent, passive American public. Why? I will leave that to Henry A. Giroux and his Truthout essay entitled, “Data Storms and the Tyranny of Manufactured Forgetting,” to explain. I do enjoy the Yosef Hayim Yerushalmi quote he begins his article with. It summarizes my own conclusions about the metastasizing cancer in the collective American consciousness in the 21st century:

“For in the world in which we live it is no longer merely a question of the decay of collective memory and declining consciousness of the past, but of the aggressive [assault on] whatever memory remains, the deliberate distortion of the historical record, the invention of mythological pasts in the service of the powers of darkness.”

     And Giroux himself adds:

The reign of ignorance now produces a flood of discourse that clouds understanding and offers up disingenuous politicians and anti-public intellectuals who constantly interview themselves as they move through diverse media sites. Under such circumstances, evil becomes banal or commonplace, as Arendt pointed out, setting the stage for fascism when it becomes difficult ‘to imagine what the other person is experiencing.’ That is, a society of ignorance that idealizes obedience and embraces a culture of cruelty and oppression has moved dangerously close to the kind of total moral collapse that gives rise to authoritarian regimes. [Dankof emphasis]

Mark Dankof on the International Christian Family Network of California With Bedros Hajian

Mark Dankof on the International Christian Family Network of California With Bedros Hajian

     Fourthly and finally: As I have already indicated, it is my belief that the catastrophe of which the Guantanamo tragedy is but a microcosm, will intensify in 2016 or shortly thereafter. The turning point will be the global confrontation developing between President Putin and Russia on the one hand, and the Zionist/Globalist elite occupying the Government of the United States on the other. This Zionist Occupied Government (ZOG), as Pat Buchanan terms it, is driving the American policies which led to an illegitimate overthrow of the Yanukovich regime in Ukraine, the persecution and murder of Russian ethnics in Eastern Ukraine, the shootdown of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH70, the prosecution of economic sanctions against Russia, and the ongoing NATO encirclement of Russia which has broken every promise made by George Herbert Walker Bush to Mikhail Gorbachev and Edward Shevardnadze after the collapse of the former Soviet Union.

The Man the Zionist/Banking Cabal Will Push Too Far?

The Man the Zionist/Banking Cabal Will Push Too Far?

     I hope that perhaps God will enable me to resume my radio and print commentary abroad as an American expatriate after 2016. Time tells. In the meantime, it is my privilege and pleasure to come out of my chosen sabbatical leave of absence from such endeavors to assist Aliya Mansurbaeva and Radio Point of Kazakhstan today. I hope to have such a privilege again when it proves helpful.

John on Patmos Pens The Apocalypse:  Exiled Because of Resistance to the Emperor Worship Cultus of Domitian  (A. D. 81-96).

John on Patmos Pens The Apocalypse: Exiled Because of Resistance to the Emperor Worship Cultus of Domitian
(A. D. 81-96).

[Mark Dankof is the radio voice of “Mark Dankof’s America” and the former 3rd party U. S. Senate Candidate of 2000 in Delaware. He is a Lutheran clergyman and maintains a Yearbook of Experts profile in Washington.]

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