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Nov 7th is The Day After: Mark Dankof’s America on The Election and What it Means and Doesn’t Mean

Mark Dankof : Love Him or Hate Him, He’s All Yours on November 7th!!!!

Mark Dankof’s America is joined on Wednesday, November 7th, by Mark Glenn and the entire gang at The Ugly Truth to discuss the results of the American Presidential Election at least as known 24 hours later.  Join us for what you won’t hear on Establishment Corporate Media (ECM) radio!!!!

Warning to Michael Moore:  We’re going to “Cock-Punchboth Romney and Obama, and all those frontal lobotomy patients who voted for either of them.  . . .

Live air time is 1 pm Pacific/3 pm Central/4 pm Eastern/9 pm UTC [+6].

“T’was the night before elections, and all through the house…Jewish interests were scurrying to bring forth their louse…”

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