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The Ugly Truth: Dankof, Glenn, Tourney, and al-Tayr on Israel’s Criminal Attack on the Freedom Flotilla

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Ex-Republican and Constitution Party activist Mark Dankof joins Mark Glenn, USS Liberty survivor Phil Tourney, and Mantiq al-Tayr to discuss last night’s attack by Israel on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla in international waters. The panelists will also discuss Israel’s coming criminal attack on Iran and how to mobilize opposition to it. 

Click here to listen.

Mark Dankof’s latest op-ed, entitled “Lindsey Graham and Jack Kemp:  Has the Tribe Protected Them?” is now on Al at,%20Has%20the%20Tribe%20Protected%20them%20By%20Mark%20Dankof.htm
Mantiq al-Tayr’s coverage of the attack may be accessed at
Mantiq al-Tayr’s review of “What I Saw That Day,” the new book on Israel’s deliberate attack on the USS Liberty, by Phil Tourney and Mark Glenn, may be accessed at
(Sunday Times of LondonIsrael stations nuclear subs off Iran)
(Times of Londonlatest on Israeli attack on Freedom Flotilla)

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