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Mark Dankof on Queers in the ELCA: Subversion and Incrementalism Lead to Open Apostasy‏


Letter to the Editor
Christian News
New Haven, Missouri
Dear Pastor Otten:
I have a few brief observations about yesterday’s news story that the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) has legitimized the participation of practicing homosexuals and lesbians in ordained “Lutheran” ministry.
Ever since witnessing the gay agenda being promulgated at Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary (PLTS) in Berkeley, California by then seminary president Walter Stuhr and the “Lutherans Concerned” constituency of the San Francisco Bay area in school year 1979-80, I knew what the endgame would be over a quarter of a century later.
The queer infiltration of the ELCA mirrors that in American society generally.  First, the infiltration begins by stealth concealment of the network of gays and lesbians permeating any targeted organization.  Second, participation in the target organization proceeds on a “don’t ask, don’t tell” basis, as it has in the American military since the Clinton years.  The “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy is followed by the acceptance of the inclusion of “celibate” homosexuals and lesbians.  The endgame is the placing of an official imprimatur on openly queer practices, within the context of “committed” relationships, in conjunction with the utilization of a legal and governmental establishment to threaten the careers and livelihoods of moral traditionalists who do not bend the knee to Baal.  How long will it be before churches and non-profit organizations who cling to Biblical teachings have their 501c3 tax exempt statuses revoked?  The clock is ticking.
It is also important to see that the ELCA’s legitimization of queerdom only underscores that church body’s general jettisoning of sound Biblical principles and hermeneutics for Bultmannianism many years ago.  Circumventing Paul’s clear teachings in Romans chapter 1 on queer perversion, and the implications of the acceptance of such perversion for any society in question, is accompanied in the ELCA by other clear deviations from orthodox Christian teaching.  How many ELCA clergy deny the historicity of the virgin birth of Christ, the time-space character of His resurrection from the dead, the clear Biblical teaching that one is saved through faith in Jesus Christ alone, and the inspired character of Holy Scripture?  As for the sacred character of human life, during its Philadelphia national convention earlier in this decade, the ELCA not only publicly proclaimed its adherence to the pro-death ideology of the abortion-on-demand cancer legitimized by Roe v Wade in January of 1973, but proudly told the world in its official convention news release in the City of Brotherly Love that abortion privileges were included in its group health insurance plan for rostered clergy.
Let us speak clearly.  The ELCA is an officially apostate church body, in conjunction with the American Episcopal Church and every other ecclesiastical structure in America that has followed Rudolph Bultmann and Paul Tillich down the pathway of moral relativism and the “demythologizing” of God’s Word.
And let us speak clearly once again.  When we ask ourselves who it is that has provided more money and political support than any constituency in America for queerdom and death of the unborn, Incog Man and Ted Pike’s National Prayer Network, among others, provide the answer:  the Jewish Lobby.  

Christian Zionists, and Mr. John Hagee, please take note.
Pastor Mark Dankof
Immanuel Lutheran Church/San Antonio
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Written by Mark Dankof

August 22, 2009 at 7:25 pm

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